20 Strongest ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ Characters (Ranked)

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is certainly not the most appealing isekai anime title you’ll encounter, but the show’s been up and running for three years now, and its weirdness has attracted a lot of fans around the world. Based on a series of light novels, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has been adapted into a manga and an ongoing anime series that also includes several OVA episodes and a spin-off series. This article is going to bring you a list of the 20 That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime‘s strongest characters.

The characters are going to be ranked from 20th to 1st based on their skills and powers. To illustrate why we have listed the characters as we did, we’ll bring you some basic biographical information as well as their basic skills, which will show why these characters are ranked as they are.

20. Shuna

Shuna Kijin Anime 1

Shuna, initially the princess of the ogre tribe, evolved into a kijin and became one of Rimuru’s subordinate monsters. She resides in Rimuru City, the capital of the Jura Tempest Federation. Shuna possesses a variety of skills, including Battle Goddess, Chaotic Fate, Spiritual Being Incarnation, Cooking, Certain Outcome, Optimal Action, Ultraspeed Regeneration, Perfect Memory, Ogre Berserker to Battle God transformation, All-Seeing Eye, Magic Sense, Multilayer Barrier, Spatial Travel, and Haki. These abilities showcase her diverse talents and contributions to Rimuru’s growing community.

19. Shion

Shion Kijin Anime 1

Shion, a key member of Rimuru’s third group of subordinates, serves as his main secretary and bodyguard in Rimuru City, the capital of the Jura Tempest Federation. As the leader of the Yomigaeri, she stands out as one of Rimuru’s most formidable fighters. Shion underwent a transformation into an Evil Oni during the Harvest Festival, elevating her strength to that of a Disaster-class monster. Her diverse skills, including Battle Goddess, Chaotic Fate, Spiritual Being Incarnation, Cooking, Certain Outcome, Optimal Action, Ultraspeed Regeneration, Perfect Memory, Ogre Berserker to Battle God transformation, All-Seeing Eye, Magic Sense, Multilayer Barrier, Spatial Travel, and Haki, highlight her prowess and significance within Rimuru’s growing community.


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18. Hakurō

Hakurou Kijin Anime 1

Hakurō, a member of Rimuru’s third group of subordinates, resides in Rimuru City, the capital of the Jura Tempest Federation. Despite being an elderly swordmaster with legendary abilities as a nameless ogre, his strength further increases after being named by Rimuru. Hakurō possesses skills such as Martial Master, Heaven Gaze, Thought Acceleration, Ultra Acceleration, Foresight, Mystery, Magic Sense, Multilayer Barrier, Steel Strength, and Coercion, showcasing his exceptional martial prowess and strategic capabilities.

17. Souei

Souei Kijin Anime 1

Souei, an ogre and a member of Rimuru’s third group of underlings, serves as Rimuru’s loyal shadow and leads the Jura Tempest Federation’s shadow squad in Rimuru City. His skills include Shadow Striker, Thought Acceleration, Ultra Acceleration, Insta-Kill, Espionage, Magic Sense, Multilayer Barrier, Spatial Travel, Body Double, Sticky Steel Thread, Coercion, Apply Poison/Paralysis/Rot, and Thought Communication. These abilities highlight Souei’s role as a stealthy and versatile asset within the federation.

16. Benimaru

Benimaru Before26After Anime

Benimaru, a member of Rimuru’s third group of subordinate monsters, started as an ogre uncertain about his servitude. Upon being named by Rimuru, he evolved into a kijin, becoming Rimuru’s most powerful and choosing to serve permanently. Benimaru possesses skills like Generalissimo, Thought Acceleration, Thought Domination, Predictive Calculation, Inspire Forces, Magic Sense, Heat Sense, Multilayer Barrier, Spatial Travel, Fire Domination, Black Flame, Magic Burn, Haki, and Steel Strength. These skills highlight his exceptional abilities, making him a formidable and loyal asset to Rimuru.

15. Ramiris

EP40 Preview3

Ramiris is a first-generation demon lord, part of the elite group alongside Guy Crimson and Milim Nava. She holds the third seat of the Octagram and serves as the steward of the Labyrinth. Additionally, Ramiris is the leader of the heroes, providing them with divine protection and maintaining balance in the world. She currently resides in Tempest. Ramiris possesses a diverse set of skills, including Labyrinth Creation (Small World), Telepathy, Aspectual Magic, Mind/Mental Magic, Illusion Magic, Instant Death Magic, Elemental Magic (All Types), Space Magic, Fire Magic, Explosion Magic, Wind Magic, Lightning Magic, Water Magic, Ice Magic, Earth Magic, and Spirit Magic. These skills showcase her formidable magical abilities and strategic importance in the story.


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14. Frey

Frey Anime

Frey, self-proclaimed Demon Lord and one of the youngest among the Ten Great Demon Lords, attained this status around the same time as Clayman and Carrion. Like them, Frey adopted the title of Demon Lord to actively boost her personal power base. She possesses skills such as Magic Jamming, enabling her to disrupt the flow of Magicules around herself, rendering her highly resistant to magic and interfering with external uses of Magicules within her skill’s effective range. Additionally, Frey possesses Magic Sense.

13. Carrion

Royal Beast Form Anime

Carrion, the Beast Master, is the former demon lord of the Ten Great Demon Lords and the current king of the Beast Kingdom of Eurazania. Serving as an aide to Milim Nava alongside Frey, Carrion possesses powerful skills such as Royal Beast, enabling a transformation into a chimera-like beast form. His abilities include Demon Lord’s Haki, amplifying his aura to coerce submission, Ultraspeed Regeneration for rapid healing, and Multilayer Barrier to deploy multiple resistive barriers draining magicules. These skills highlight Carrion’s formidable presence and versatility.

12. Hinata Sakaguchi

Hinata Anime1OP

Hinata Sakaguchi, leader of the Ten Great Saints of the Western Holy Church and a Japanese Dissenter, holds the second-highest authority within the Church after the Holy Emperor. Her notable skills include Usurpation, allowing her to seize and control targets of equal or greater strength, Seize to take away opponents’ skills, Copy to learn those skills herself, and a unique ability called Mathematician/Unchanging One. Additionally, Hinata possesses Thought Acceleration, enabling a significant increase in her thought process, and Compute Prediction, which predicts and visualizes opponents’ attacks. Her skills reflect a formidable and strategic prowess in combat.

11. Diablo

DIablo Smile

Diablo, or Noir, is a leader in the Jura Tempest Federation, holding the position of Second Secretary to Rimuru Tempest. As one of the Seven Primordial Demons, Diablo possesses a range of formidable skills including Tempter, Thought Domination, Charm, Solicitation, World of Temptation, Reality Exchange, Great Wiseman, Thought Acceleration, Chant Annulment, All of Creation, Law Manipulation, Universal Sense, Multilayer Barrier, Spatial Travel, and Demon Lord’s Haki. These abilities showcase Diablo’s influential and powerful role in the federation, serving Rimuru with a diverse set of skills.

10. Dagruel

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Dagruel, a demon lord of the giant race, holds the fourth seat of the Octagram and governs the Wastelands in the westernmost part of the Central Continent. His notable skills include Hardened Defense, Weapon Destruction, Existence Destruction, Magic Immunity, Neutralize Attribute, and Ignore Defense. These skills highlight Dagruel’s formidable presence in both physical and magical combat, making him a powerful force within his territory and among the Octagram.


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9. Velgrynd

Velgrynd LN

Velgrynd, also known as the Scorch Dragon, is the third oldest among the four True Dragons. Her deep affection for Emperor Rudra fuels her determination to assist him in realizing his wishes. While specific skills are not detailed, Velgrynd’s commitment and love suggest her potential significance in supporting Emperor Rudra, showcasing her loyalty within the narrative.

8. Velzard


Velzard, the White Ice Dragon and the second oldest among the four True Dragons, serves as the partner to Guy Crimson. While specific skills are not provided, Velzard’s role as a True Dragon and association with Guy Crimson imply her importance and formidable abilities in the narrative, contributing to the dynamic of their partnership.

7. Veldora Tempest

Tensura 02 01

Veldora Tempest, known as the Storm Dragon, is one of the four True Dragons who was sealed by a hero before encountering Rimuru, a slime. Together, they adopted the common name Tempest. Following his release, Veldora opted to reside in the Jura Tempest Federation as a patron deity. His skills include Faust, Lord of Investigation, Thought Acceleration, Appraisal, All of Creation, Probability Manipulation, Pursuit of Truth, and Investigator (Evolved into Faust). These abilities highlight Veldora’s unique role and contributions within the narrative.

6. Chloe Aubert

Chloe CrystalBall

Chloe, summoned by one of the Western Nations, faced a grim fate due to her inability to manifest a unique ability as a child. Despite her high innate Magicules, she was sent to the Freedom Academy due to her expected short life. Her skills include Yog-Sothoth, Lord of Space-Time, with abilities like Unlimited Imprisonment and Absolute Severance, powerful enough to challenge even True Dragons. Chloe’s arsenal also features Time Travel, Usurper for copying and stealing skills, and skills like Mathematician and Magic Sense, showcasing her diverse and potent abilities.

5. Milim Nava


Milim Nava, the second-ranked demon lord of the Octagram, is one of the oldest and most powerful Demon Lords, known as the Destroyer with a Catastrophe threat level. Despite her formidable strength, Milim is a carefree individual driven by a desire to alleviate boredom. Her skills include Milim Eye, Dragon Eye, Lie Detection, Analyze and Assess, Magic Measurement, Milim Ear, Gossip Detection, Ultra Hearing, and Spatial Motion, reflecting a diverse set of abilities.

4. Yuuki Kagurazaka

Yuuki Slime

Yuuki Kagurazaka, a Japanese Otherworlder and former Grandmaster of the Free Guild, is now the commander of the Eastern Empire’s Mixed Corps and a key figure in the Imperial Military. Connected to Shizue and Rimuru, he possesses skills such as Mammon and Greed, which evolved into Mammon. His abilities include Desire Domination, manipulating and amplifying desires, and Death Wish, turning the target’s desire to live into a desire to die. Additionally, Yuuki has skills like Greed Flare, Creator with Skill Creation and Analysis, and Anti-Skill, allowing him to manipulate soul energy, analyze and create skills, and invalidate others’ abilities.


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3. Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson, also known as Rouge, holds the title of the oldest Primordial and occupies the first seat of the Octagram. Residing on the continent of ice, his notable skill is Time Stop, showcasing a powerful ability to manipulate time.

2. Veldanava


Veldanava, the father of Milim Nava, transferred most of his powers to her when his human wife was pregnant. This act, considered taboo among powerful monsters, left him weakened, prompting him to create a pet dragon as a gift for Milim before discarding his destabilized body. Reincarnating as a human, Veldanava possesses skills such as TenSura, Omnipotence, and Omniscience, showcasing his formidable abilities and unique role in the story.

1. Rimiru Tempest

Opening 1 Rimuru27s Human Form First Appearance

Rimuru Tempest, formerly Satoru Mikami, is the protagonist of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.” As the founder and king of the Jura Tempest Federation, he is also a demon lord of the Octagram and resides in Rimuru City. Rimuru possesses a range of powerful skills, including Mind Accelerate for extended thoughts, Analyze and Assess for target evaluation, and Future Attack Prediction, enabling him to see and predict certain outcomes with a 100% chance of occurrence.

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