‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Review: Decent But Forgettable Experience

Mr. Mrs. Smith Review Decent But Forgettable

‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith‘ is an eagerly anticipated American spy comedy television series set to make its debut on February 2, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video. Crafted by the creative minds of Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, the show draws inspiration from the 2005 film and stars the talented Glover alongside Maya Erskine. In this television adaptation, the story centers around two new spies, portrayed by Glover and Erskine, thrust into the roles of a make-believe married couple named John and Jane Smith. However, as the series progresses, inevitable comparisons arise between the show and its cinematic predecessor, revealing a noticeable disparity in their execution.

The whole focus of the show are John and Jane Smith who are undertaking espionage assignments for a mysterious organization, and the preferred arrangement is that they are supposed to pose as a married couple. As the story progresses, the protagonists gradually uncover the hidden complexities behind their seemingly straightforward “job.” Despite the potential for intrigue in the espionage domain, the series falls short of delivering a realistic and compelling portrayal, even considering the characters’ supposed amateur status.

Action sequences, a hallmark of spy dramas, also disappoint with their lackluster execution, offering only a scant number of noteworthy high-octane moments. Nevertheless, the series does manage to subvert some established spy tropes, injecting a positive element into its overall presentation.

The character dynamics within the show prove unexpectedly flat. The chemistry between Glover and Erskine feels underdeveloped and basically non-existent, and their characters, John and Jane, often leave an unlikable impression. While the leading duo delivers great performances, the rushed and unrealistic nature of their on-screen relationship detracts from the overall viewing experience.


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The story itself is highly engaging, the mysteries were clever and I actually noticed that I enjoyed their work and scenes that involved their missions more than I’ve enjoyed watching their relationship advance. The side characters are entertaining despite the comedic aspect of the show being a bit dry.

If you’re expecting ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ to be a retelling of the 2005 movie in television series format, don’t. The show feels completely different and only draws inspiration from the concept. It’s not as flashy, high-octane, or tense as the original movie, but it does offer a somewhat more realistic insight into what would that type of assignment actually look like. If you’re aiming to watch the show due to its espionage aspect, you will be extremely disappointed, if you’re watching it due to its rom-com potential, you might feel disappointed. Glover and Erskine certainly fail to emulate the chemistry that Pitt and Jolie had on-screen, and they also fail to emulate their push-and-pull dynamic. If you’re a fan of entertaining but easily forgettable spy flicks, this is a binge-worthy show in every aspect, but don’t expect anything deeper.

Score: 5/10

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