‘Muted’ Ending Explained: Does Sergio Find His Sister Noa?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Muted, a new mystery thriller coming straight from Spain directly to Netflix. In the last couple of years, Spaniard productions have increased considerably, proving that Spain is where quality film and television can be made. Of course, not every production will have the same cultural impact as something like Money Heist, yet they keep providing good quality entertainment. Sadly, this might not be the case for Muted, a show that rides on a flimsy premise and ends unsatisfyingly. Muted is now available on Netflix.

Muted is a mystery show with only six episodes, around 45 minutes each. This seems like a small-time commitment show, but in retrospect, it is quite a big one. Why? Because as the story progresses, you realize that the middle of the show is just moving in circles, paying attention to annoying and pointless characters, and trying to make twists happen out of nowhere. It fails, and you realize that this could have been better as a 90-minute movie instead of 5 hours or pretty much just running in circles. This is an issue that has been plaguing streaming TV as of late.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Muted. Read at your own risk.

Does Sergio Find His Sister Noa?

The first thing that the show does is establish its setting and main characters. We are in Spain, and we see a young woman riding her bicycle at night when suddenly, a corpse lands beside her, and then another: a woman and a man. When the camera sees where they fell from, we meet Sergio, a young man who then runs to meet her little sister Noah, who is hiding in her room. Sergio embraces Noa and waits until we hear the police arriving. Later, we learn that Sergio has chosen not to speak to anyone and has been found guilty of his parents’ deaths.


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Six years later, Sergio goes out of jail. He was a minor when his parents died, so he mostly lived in a juvenile center. He has been behaving quite well, and so the judge deems it correct that Sergio can be released earlier by several months. Sergio is given the apartment where he lived as an inheritance and went to live there. He starts cleaning the place and receives help from his tutor, a priest who runs a farm. Sergio will start working there as a way to keep his mind preoccupied. However, the only thing on Sergio’s mind is finding his little sister Noa.

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However, there is so much more happening. We see a woman named Ana getting into an empty apartment. Following her, an entire team of people has set up a sort of control center. They placed in packed with monitors, telephones, and tons of more surveillance equipment. This team’s mission is to monitor Sergio. Ana is the leader, and she explains all about Sergio. She knows him deeply, even if he doesn’t know her. Ana explains that by the end of this experiment, they should prove if Sergio can go back to a normal life or if he still has violent impulses.

Sergio receives a cell phone from the priest and soon gets into trouble when one of his coworkers at the farm doesn’t like him. It is here when the series starts doubting Sergio as a character. We don’t really know what happened that night when his parents died. Did he really do it? Or was it something else? Ana seems obsessed with Sergio in every way, and when a young woman named Marta starts meeting with Sergio, she intervenes. Ana makes Marta an accomplice by saying that they only want to help Sergio, nothing more. Marta accepts.

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As the series progresses, Marta becomes closer and closer to Sergio. This gets her in trouble with her boyfriend, Eneko. However, it seems that the relationship was already in trouble. Ana explains that Marta has a fixation with criminals, something called Hybristophilia. Ana is not only talking about Marta’s fixation with Sergio but about hers as well. It becomes apparent that Ana is in love with Sergio. She loves him deeply for some twisted reason. She even gets jealous of Marta as she and Sergio share intimate moments.

Ultimately, everything falls apart when Ana contacts Sergio and starts giving him what he wants: a way to meet his little sister, Noa. It is revealed that Ana is actually Noa’s new mother. She and her husband adopted her just after her parents’ deaths, and now she is under her care. We see Noa for the first time, and she seems to be doing fine. She has a close relationship with her adoptive father, who greatly cares for her. When she is told that Sergio is out of prison and wants to meet her, she accepts, but her father prohibits the encounter between the siblings.

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Back at Sergio’s place, Ana tries to get close to Sergio mentally and physically. It is quite awkward because her husband and daughter watch them through the cameras still in the apartment. Marta arrives and tells Sergio about Ana’s true identity. However, Ana makes Sergio open to her for the first time. He tells his version of what happened that night, a terrible night. It is revealed that Sergio’s mother medicated and experimented on him, and when she started doing the same to Noa, he knew he had to stop her. Sergio says their parents discussed it violently until his father pushed his mother over the balcony and then jumped himself.


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Noa decides to go to Sergio’s while Marta leaves with Eneko, and she leaves for real this time, outside in the rain. Noa arrives, and the two siblings embrace. However, Noa says that Sergio has lied about what really happened. Noa reveals that Sergio killed both of their parents. She leaves, but Ana decides to stay with Sergio. She loves him too much. It is implied that Noa stays with her adoptive father, and both choose to escape Ana. Having also lost his sister, Sergio approaches the balcony and offers his hand to Ana, who accepts.

The series ends by showing us, through the hidden cameras, someone falling to their death while another person remains looking down from the balcony. It is unclear who jumped and who remained alive, but the show ends just as it started, with death.

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