My Hero Academia: Chapter 335 Of The Manga Finally Revealed The Traitor

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My Hero Academia – a popular manga series written by Kōhei Horikoshi finally revealed something that most fans were making a lot of theories about. Now, some might say they never saw it coming, and some that they knew it all along. Chapter 335 of the manga was released on November 28 worldwide, and fans can read it now on Viz Media and Manga Plus

You all know what My Hero Academia is all about. The manga is centered on Izuku Midoriya, a young lad who wants to become a hero despite the fact that he’s Quirkless. But, Izuku will eventually get the Quirk, his superhero potential, when All Might, the world’s greatest hero, who Izuku idolizes, passes his Quirk known as One For All to Izuku, which makes Izuku the ninth holder One for All. Izuku will soon attend U.A. High School, where he will learn about the existence of All For One, All Might’s arch-enemy, and the overarching antagonist of the whole series.

That was some basic info. But fans of the manga know, considering how the villains have been working in the series, that there’s a traitor inside U.A. High School’s walls. Fans have launched numerous theories on social media about who this traitor might be, and they finally know which of those theories were right.


The most recent Chapter showed that All for One’s plans were foiled by the loss of New Order, a Quirk that self-destructed in the previous chapter. But All for One won’t let that stop him from reaching his final victory. One thing is for sure, the huge war between heroes and villains is coming. All for One said Dabi that, although they’re very alike, there is one key difference between them – Dabi has only one way to reach his goal, while All for One reveals that he planned many backup plans and different routes to make sure he’ll win. Also, he says to Dabi that one he does not have are “friends to spare”, and that was said right when the final page showed Toru Hagakure, also known as the Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl standing in the shadows.

Looks like All for One has put one of his contingency plans into motion. We’ll see in the next chapters how will this huge reveal affect the final act and the final conflict which is being set up.

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