‘My Hero Academia: Memories’ Post-Credits Scene Teases All Might’s Big Iron Man Moment for Season 7

'My Hero Academia: Memories' Teases All Might's Big Iron Man Moment for Season 7

We have already reported that My Hero Academia Season 7 is premiering in May this year, but we also know that there is a recap series, My Hero Academia: Memories, currently airing in Japan on a weekly basis. And while Memories has been announced as a recap series that will bring the best moments from the earlier seasons, the most recent episode has provided us with a brand new post-credits scene that foreshadows a very important moment from the Final War Arc, which is related to All Might, one of the series’ most popular and most important characters overall.

This was just a tease and those who have not read the manga might not know why this scene is so important, but those who have been following the manga will know exactly what this scene was referring to. We are not going to spoil too much for you here, but we are going to explain the scene to you so that you can understand what actually happened.

We all know that My Hero Academia is a manga based on Western superhero comics. While it is an original take that combines Japanese influences with Western tropes, it is nevertheless heavily influenced by some of the most popular superhero stories and characters from the West. This is why this scene is so important because it foreshadows an important Iron Man moment for All Might.

Namely, in short, All Might will at a later date get a very special suit and will appear as a version of himself known as Armored All Might. This is a special iteration of the character from the Final War Saga, as All Might needed additional powers to fight since he had lost his Quirk a while ago. As we’ve promised you, we won’t be spoiling too much here, but this is truly an important moment in the evolution of All Might’s story, which is why this brand-new post-credits scene is so important.

Of course, the suit was not shown in the scene, but it has been foreshadowed and fans are hopeful that they will get to see it in action during Season 7. We don’t really know if it is going to happen like that, as we don’t really know how much of the manga Season 7 plans on adapting, but this is certainly a good scene that will see fans happy and excited.

Season 7 promises to be one of the best and most exciting seasons yet, and it is only a couple of weeks away. We are very excited to see what the authors have in store for us, and we are going to update you regularly on the happenings, so be sure to keep following us for more!

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