Naruto: Strongest Sage Mode Users Ranked (All 13 of Them)

Naruto: Strongest Sage Mode Users Ranked

In the world of Naruto, Sage Mode is the result of the harmonic union between natural energy, physical energy and spiritual energy. Thanks to this, the user is able to increase their chakra levels, is able to strengthen their physical abilities and has the ability to use jutsus with an increase in power, obtaining results superior to the usual ones in the fields of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu. In this article, we have ranked 13 known Sage Mode users from weakest to strongest.

13. Gamamaru

Le Grand Crapaud Ermite

Being the oldest toad on Mount Myōboku, Gammamaru has great intelligence and knowledge. Gammamaru is shown to have incredible longevity, in the anime, he was shown to have lived even before the birth of Hagoromo and Hamura. Gammamaru also possesses the ability to see the future, but to a limited degree, as shown by having made prophecies to various people such as Hagoromo, Jiraiya, and Naruto.

In the anime, even when he was very young, Gammamaru understood Natural Energy and how to control it. Thanks to her, he was able to raise a large stone statue. His knowledge and control in the area was such that he taught Hagoromo to use it so that he could face Kaguya.

12. Gamakichi


Although his abilities weren’t greatly exhibited in the manga, in the anime Gamakichi demonstrated a variety of techniques. He was shown to be able to shrink in size for infiltration purposes. In the manga, he showed the ability to use Reverse Summon and summon Naruto no matter where he is.

In the anime, Gamakichi demonstrated the ability to use Katon techniques, which include the “Katon – Fireball” technique and collaboration techniques with his brother and Naruto. He showed that he is adept at using Suiton techniques.

11. White Snake Sage

Snake Sage

The White Snake Sage uses its fangs to bite and inject Natural Energy into a person. According to legend, if the person’s body withstands the transformation into a snake, the Sage will accept it. Otherwise, he would devour it. As a Sage, he possesses great knowledge of Senjutsu, being able to teach Kabuto how to use it along with Sage Mode.

In the anime, just like his subordinates in charge of the cave tests, the Sage is able to use the Yin Release to employ genjutsu. She is capable of causing others to experience visions, which she can use to convey the thoughts of other snakes and disguise her true appearance.

10. Shima


She has control over at least two elements, which she uses frequently in battle. However, his greatest weapon is his mastery of Senjutsu. She uses this technique to increase the power and range of her attacks and to push her body to the limit, such as extending her tongue until it is over ten meters long. Shima is known for her acute analyzes of the situation and the circumstances of the battle she is participating in.

She can quickly determine the best plan and will look to the control center to make sure the plan is executed. She also has excellent detection skills, apparently due to her tongue, which allow her to detect and stop her enemy with ease. The warts on his tongue can release very corrosive mucus.

9. Fukasaku

Fukusaku 1

When duos with his wife, Fukasaku is a terrible opponent. Both are capable of performing powerful Ninjutsu and Genjutsu techniques as well as combinations of their respective powers. Being extremely intelligent and savvy, they can spot the flaw in a very complex technique like the Rinnegan in no time.

Shima and Fukasaku know how to use senjutsu, allowing them to gather and use natural energy. They can thus achieve considerable strength and speed while increasing their endurance. This was shown during the fight against Pain, when Fukasaku threw Gamabunta at Chikūshodo and Naruto to break the Rinnegan’s bond.

8. Koji Kashin

Koji Kashin

As a clone of one of the Sannin and being an Intern of Kara, Koji is considered a power monster with superhuman abilities. He was able to easily defeat one of Konoha’s best jōnin. In the anime, he was considered a very troublesome opponent by Kakashi Hatake.

He appears to be among the strongest internals, as he easily defeated and killed Victor and was confident he could defeat Delta. Even Isshiki Ōtsutsuki himself recognized Koji as a competent man being able to kill the latter’s vessel after being severely weakened and even stood up to Isshiki himself.

7. Jūgo

Jugo preparing to attack Sasuke

Jūgo, like other members of his clan, has the Sage Transformation ability, which allows him to absorb natural energy and use it to transform his body. He can change what form he takes almost instantly, and can isolate the transformation to certain parts of his body. Because of this, Jūgo has huge reserves of powerful chakra. However, as he constantly absorbs natural energy, he and his clans fall prey to sporadic and involuntary surges of anger.

6. Mitsuki

Mitsuki Senninka HD

Mitsuki possesses the ability to use the Sage Transformation, using it to achieve Sage Mode. However, he is able to access her subconsciously, in the anime he can access her at will. Upon entering this state, he gains ethereal Chakra snakes around her body that allow it to increase his attack range, as well as growing a horn in the center of his forehead.

His hair begins to wave constantly and he gains heavy black pigmentation around his nose and eyes, which turn yellow. His strength increases, as does his speed, being able to snatch a scroll from Orochimaru’s hands without Orochimaru even noticing hi. In the anime, he uses a version of this mode that lacks the horn and pigmentation.

In the anime, however, it is stated that using Sage Transformation to achieve Sage Mode is dangerous if sustained for too long. Mitsuki’s body cannot withstand the energy released, causing complications, to the point that Orochimaru needs to grow new organs for himself.

5. Jiraiya

Modo Sabio Anime HD

Due to Jiraiya possessing large reserves of chakra, he was able to be trained in Senjutsu, giving him the ability to enter Sage Mode, a transformation that allowed him to use natural energy to greatly enhance all of his abilities. Before entering this state, Jiraiya summoned the Two Great Toad Sages: Shima and Fukasaku, which were in charge of gathering the natural energy that Jiraiya needed to enter Sage Mode and acting as battle companions.

Thanks to this transformation, he obtained greater physical power, being able to attack and send one of the Pain flying with a kick; he can also perform combo attacks with the pair of Toads like Sage Art: Boiling Oil Bath. He can even perform enhanced versions of his techniques, such as the Super Big Ball Rasengan, a massive variant of the Rasengan, which is much larger than his own body.

Since Jiraiya was not proficient with genjutsu, he relied on Shima and Fukasaku to help him in that regard. Jiraiya disliked using Sage Mode because it gave him a toad-like appearance, with markings along the sides of his face, a beard, a larger nose, warts, and webbed hands and feet, because it did not make him attractive to women. This is because Jiraiya did not fully master the technique.

4. Kabuto Yakushi

Modo Sabio de Serpiente

Kabuto learned Senjutsu from the White Serpent Sage in Ryūchi Cave, allowing him to use Sage Mode, which he can use indefinitely due to his research on Jūgo’s ability to absorb natural energy. Upon entering the mode, his snake skin changes to that of a dragon to enhance his perceptive ability, thus surpassing Orochimaru, who never managed to become a true Sage.

Physically, the markings around his eyes darken and then these dark markings spread to his back and he grows what appears to be four horns, two on each side of his head. Kabuto being in this form was no longer a snake, but a dragon. While the pros and cons of this snake version of Senjutsu have yet to be fully explored, this one does seem to greatly increase Kabuto’s speed and reflexes to the point where he can dodge one of Susanoo’s arrows.

Sasuke, who was noted to be extremely fast. In addition, he has shown to be proficient with jutsus that involve the energy gained during his Sage Mode, such as the ability to blind and immobilize his opponents with a large dragon that can cast a beam of blinding light, and also the ability to bring enemies to life. inanimate objects.

3. Minato Namikaze

Minato en Modo Sabio

During his life, Minato learned to use Senjutsu directly from Mount Myōboku, teaching him to collect Natural Energy and concentrate it to improve his techniques. Demonstrating being able to enter Sage Mode by gathering said energy in his body, gaining an increase in all of his abilities, although he only demonstrated it once in the Fourth Shinobi World War, he said that the time it takes to gather the energy was not enough for the situation he was in.

However, as stated by Minato himself, he is not very good at controlling Senjutsu and not very good at maintaining it, plus he has never used it in actual combat. This was due to the time it took him to gather Natural Energy, something that went against his normal fighting style of quickly hitting his enemy. Making use of Senjutsu, Minato was shown to be able to add it to the Rasengan and use it to attack.

2. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama en Modo Sabio

Hashirama, at some point, was training in the art of Senjutsu, so he was able to use Sage Mode. His dominance over him was shown by being able to enter this form instantly, when normally, for Senjutsu users, it is almost impossible to use it in the middle of a battle. This transformation granted him enhanced physical abilities, such as speed, stamina, etc. Likewise, his Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and perhaps his Genjutsu were greatly increased.

A proof of this, is the magnitude of his Sage Art: Wood Release: Several Thousand True Hands, which towered in size, even surpassing Kurama. Upon entering it, a series of red marks (black in the anime) are formed on his face: a circle appears on his forehead surrounded by a ring, the characteristic dark circles of Sage Mode and two lines that reach his eyes, which they turn yellow and then go down diagonally.

In this mode, Hashirama is also a powerful Fūinjutsu user, even using a sealing technique strong enough to momentarily immobilize the Ten-Tails. Also, he is a user of Barrier Ninjutsu by creating, along with three other Hokage, an incredibly large and sturdy barrier to withstand the Ten-Tails’ large-scale attacks.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Modo Sabio de Naruto2C impartido por los sapos

Naruto learned senjutsu from one of Mount Myōboku’s hermits. If he does not manage to distribute these three energies fairly, he will not be able to use the senjutsu chakra. So if Naruto does not accumulate enough natural energy (less than a third), he will not be able to use the senjutsu chakra and too much (more than a third), he turns into a frog, then into a stone statue.


When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

Following this training, Naruto could pass as Jiraiya in Hermit Mode by using the chakra senjutsu (perfectly balanced mixture of classic chakra and natural energy). He managed to master it completely, better and faster than Jiraiya. When Naruto enters this mode, he has no partial transformation into a frog; his eyes turn yellow with a pupil having the shape of a horizontal rod.

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