Netflix Revealed ‘Squid Game’ Funko Pops

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Toy Company Funko is known worldwide for its Funko Pops based on popular franchises like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc. Now, fans of the global Netflix drama squid Game will also have the chance to add something new to their collections.


‘Squid Game’ Viewership Goes Beyond Netflix’s Wildest Expectations

Squid Game characters that will have their Funko Pops will be Gi-hun, Sae-byeok, Il-nam, Ali, and Sang-woo. There will also be one additional figure presenting the random masked character from the show.

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Squid Game premiered on Netflix last month and it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The show was watched by 142 million households, which makes it the most-watched show in the history of Netflix. Fans are expecting news about Season 2, but there’s still no word on it, although the creator of the show said he has ideas if Season 2 happens.

Source: Collider

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