Noragami Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Race & More

Noragami Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity & More

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In this article, we are going to present the main characters from Noragami. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, of different affiliations, that have appeared in the manga and are set to appear in the anime. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their dates of birth, their exact heights, and, of course, some of their main attributes. The main goal of this article is to provide you with a principal source of information about the main characters of Noragami. The anime series is currently airing and the manga is being published, so we thought it opportune to provide you with basic information about the principal characters, so you know your way around the intricate social aspects of this series.

YatoMale~1,050UnknownGod173 cm
Hiyori IkiFemale15June 28Half-human,
170 cm
YukineMale14November 29Shinki147.4 cm
(formerly human)
BishamonFemale1000+UnknownGod174 cm

Yato yato noragami aragoto cute 1235354

Yato (Yaboku) is a little-known god of calamity who dreams of fame and his own shrine. Although in the past he had a bad reputation, being called “God of calamity”, he currently does all kinds of jobs to make himself known. He also calls himself “Delivery God” and often posts his own cell phone number in various public places as well as on internet sites, in case anyone needs his help.

Usually, he charges only 5 yen (5 cents), which Japanese people usually give when praying at a shrine. He gets offended when someone mentions that no one knows him or hasn’t heard of him. When his divine treasure resigns, he is totally disarmed until he meets Hiyori and Yukine, his new shinki. His real name is ‘Yaboku’, which was given to him by his father, but he doesn’t use it because he doesn’t want to have anything to do with him or his past.

Yato stopped being a god of calamity because he didn’t like to be violent, so humans don’t usually notice him. He is afraid of being forgotten, so he cherishes the existence of Hiyori, who is the only one who remembers him. Since he accepts Hiyori’s assignment to return her to normal, the girl becomes more and more involved in Yato and Yukine’s affairs, and comes to save both of them from Yukine’s own actions.

Hiyori Iki


Initially a normal and quiet student with very high grades and a passion for wrestling, after being involved in an accident while trying to save the life of a boy who was about to be run over, namely Yato, she becomes a half ayakashi, that is a human with the ability to “detach” his soul from the body, leaving the latter in a phase of deep sleep, and able to interact with those who are in the cleft, like the gods.

In this state, Hiyori pokes a purplish tail, which she later discovers is the thread that connects her soul to her earthly body; if she were to break, she would die. Furthermore, in her otherworldly form of her, her physical abilities increase and she is able to distinguish the smell of the various gods.

Although she initially seeks a cure for her condition, she soon becomes attached not only to Yato and Yukine, but also to all the other gods and tools she encounters, investing more time with them than in school activities. . In the course of her story she falls in love with Yato, who reciprocates her; despite this, she continues to consider him a lazy and idle person and when she gets angry with him she doesn’t hesitate to hit him with the “jungle savate”, a technique of her favorite wrestler.

She comes from a wealthy medical family and has an older brother who lives abroad. At school, she has two best friends with whom she spends time, Aimi Tabata and Akira Yamashita, who, however, are unaware of the world of gods and ayakashi.


Feature image of Yukine

Yukine is the human name of the Divine Instrument of Yato, a fourteen-year-old boy, found by Yato at the beginning of the series. His pure name is Yuki, while Shinki’s name is Sekki; the moment Yato calls him back, he transforms into a sharp katana. His real name in his life was Haruki Tajima and he was killed by his father at the age of fourteen.

As soon as Yato welcomes him as an Instrument, he defines his age as “difficult”, since, having died as a pre-adolescent, his spirit will remain forever at that age; because of this, Yukine is particularly impulsive and envies the world of the living, so he begins to commit petty crimes, which will almost lead him to kill Yato and turn into a Ghost, but saved from an Ablution by Daikoku, Mayu and Kazuma.

After the episode and the suffering of Ablution, he begins to get along very well with Yato (despite continuing to scold him) and vows to become a divine tool capable of guiding and protecting his master, while always maintaining a good relationship with Hiyori and the other characters. Yukine quickly becomes very fond of Hiyori as he maintains a troubled relationship with Yato, seeing him as a father figure.

Yukine is quite a cynical guy and gets angry easily (especially with Yato) but he is kindhearted and refuses to kill people. He later decides to get Hiyori to help him study to recover what he couldn’t do in life, plus he moves from Kofuku as Yato had nowhere to stay. After sacrificing himself for Yato and becoming a Blessed Instrument, his form changes into two smaller but identical katanas.

Fujisaki is interested in his potential and decides to make him his Shinki, revealing his past to him. Yukine thus becomes a Nora, becoming Fujisaki’s Instrument with the name Hagusa, Yuu as a pure name and Yuuki as an Instrument name.


Noragami Aragoto 07 Large 05

God of Wisdom and Wisdom, he presents himself as an elegant elderly gentleman, always dressed in the traditional kimono, which he also wears his Instruments. He is a god with thousands of faithful in tow and many shrines on Japanese territory, making him one of the most powerful and richest gods. His clan is “Yu” and has exclusively female Divine Instruments, including Tsuyu, Mayu, Ayu, Nayu, Moyu and Miyu. His real name is ‘Sugawara no Michizane’.



She is a goddess of Poverty and Misfortune and has a very lively and carefree character. Her clan is “Dai” and her only Divine Instrument and life partner is Daikoku. Her “real” name is Ebisu Kofuku, given to her by Daikoku, as she, being a binbōgami, and therefore having no temples or faithful, at the time of her birth she was not given a proper name; she also uses this name to deceive humans and sound like a goddess of Fortune.

Also, being a goddess of misfortune she was never allowed to have a shinki. However, when she met Daikoku she called him “love at first sight” and he remains her only instrument ever since.



Bishamonten, whose name is sometimes shortened to Bishamon, also nicknamed Veena, is the goddess of combat, taking the form of a woman with long blonde hair. She has many shinki due to her inability to let go of spirits that have been attacked by ghosts (ayakashi), and forms a large group over time, which causes her problems as she cannot treat everyone properly.

She has a great hatred for Yato, as he killed all of her Shinki in the past. Later in the manga, it is revealed that Yato did this at Kazuma’s request so that the goddess’ life could be saved. An argument that stung Bishamon resulted in a massive fight between all of the goddess’s other Shinki, causing them to transform into a huge ghost. She stops hunting Yato after discovering the truth. Despite this, they still maintain a stormy relationship.



Rabō is an enigmatic character who appears only in the anime, although he also appears in the special manga Awase Kagami. he is often seen talking to Nora and has been known to control ghosts. He is also known as the god of calamity, as is Yato, having worked with him in the past. For him, seeing the god Yato has become makes him want to bring the old Yato back. After dying at the hands of Yato, it is suggested that he simply wanted his old companion to kill him. He is known to kill humans, Shinki, other gods, and ghosts, no matter what job he is given as long as they wish him to.



The Divine Instrument initially used by Yato, with the pure name Tome from human Tomone, and the name from Instrument Hanki; with him, it turned into a stiletto. After staying three months with Yato, she quits, and is hired by Tenjin, becoming Makoto as a pure name and Shinki as an Instrument name; during her transformation, she takes the form of a pipe.

Although she is often irritated by Yato’s presence, she takes part in Yukine’s Ablution to help the god. She served numerous gods before Yato and Tenjin. It has been revealed that her death was caused by a fire in her palace during World War II in an attempt to save her daughter’s life.



He is one of Bishamonten’s Shinki, as well as a Divine Instrument and his faithful Guide. His pure name is Kazu while from Instrument he is Chōki. His real name in his life was Kiyotsugu Hirano, and he was killed by his brother, jealous that he had been chosen to inherit the family business despite the fact that he was his youngest son at the age of nineteen.

He transforms into a cherry-colored earring, compared to when he was still a Divine Instrument, which transformed into a nail. He is indirectly the leader of the tools of the goddess, with which he is in love, as he is the only survivor of his old clan “but”. He has very high strategy and control skills, with which he guides all the other Shinkis during the fights.

After being called by Hiyori, he takes part in the Ablution ritual, being very grateful to Yato for saving Bishamon’s life. Later, to help the goddess, he becomes a Shinki of Yato, becoming Kazu as a pure, Kazune as a human name, and Rekki as an Instrument name.



A divine instrument and the companion of Koufuku, it turns into a fan capable of opening a gap between the world of the living and the dead. His pure name is Kuro and his instrument name is Kokki. A recurring joke is his calling Koufuku Kami-san, whose pronunciation is identical to the word Kami-san which means “wife”. He has a gruff and scary appearance, but is actually very kind and particularly attached to children.

When Hiyori rushes to Koufuku asking her to save Yato from contamination, Daikoku is the first to propose to practice the ablution ritual, aware of the risks, and to run to find two other tools to help him. Daikoku has always been the only Instrument in Koufuku, and it was he who chose her name. Together they had adopted a child Shinki named Daigo, at the behest of Daikoku. It is likely that his attachment to children is due to the fact that he was a father in his life.

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