One Piece: Dracule Mihawk Is Not a Vampire, but Here’s Why Fans Think He Is!

One Piece: Dracule Mihawk Is Not A Vampire, But Here’s Why Fans Think He Is!

Dracule Mihawk is undoubtedly one of the most popular secondary characters from One Piece, so fans want to know as much about him as possible, and we at Fiction Horizon are here to deliver. Of course, this article will be dedicated to Dracule Mihawk, as you will find out whether he is a vampire or not, i.e., why do people think he could actually be a vampire in One Piece? We promise you an exciting text!

Dracule Mihawk is not a vampire in One Piece, despite the pronounced symbolism seen in the series. Yes, he has pale skin, he has a coffin-like ship, and his name is obviously a play on the name Dracula, but since there are no vampires in the One Piece canon, there is no way for Mihawk to actually be one. A lot of characters in One Piece are based on fictional or real persons, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Oda decided to model Mihawk after Bram Stoker’s famous literary vampire, but this does not mean that Mihawk is actually a vampire in the first place. Many vampire-related symbols simply represent him.

The rest of this article will focus solely on the character of Dracule Mihawk in One Piece, as we bring you everything you need to know about him and his nature that will help you properly understand who and what he is in the One Piece franchise. We will tell you some information about the theories related to the fact that Mihawk could be a vampire in the series, as well as why he isn’t one. This means that the article won’t be filled with too many spoilers, but some will still be present, so if you’re not acquainted with the whole story, be careful how you approach it.

No, Mihawk is not a vampire, but we can understand why some fans might think that he could be one

We all know that Dracule Mihawk is quite a popular character, and we on Fiction Horizon have discussed him a lot. Recently, we have talked about whether he is a villain or not, but there are plenty of articles on Mihawk you’ll find here.

He is the world’s best swordsman and the ultimate obstacle that Zoro has on his way to becoming the best swordsman in the world. Will Zoro surpass Mihawk? It remains to be seen, but this article won’t be about that anyhow, as we are actually going to address a relatively popular fan theory that Dracule Mihawk is a vampire.

Now, yours truly doesn’t personally endorse this theory, which is why we are going to bring you the theory as it has been presented by Reddit user woong_eng, who seems to have some solid arguments for his opinion. Here is what he says:

What if it’s right dead smack in our faces? Dracule mihawk is a vampire. It would explain his obvious name, his coffin boat, and perhaps his eyes. I know this theory is kinda “ohhhh brother 🤦‍♂️” but idk I feel like this could be it. So you know how that guy in the beginning of wano said that he believes swords get stronger when the draw human blood? What if mihawk is a weird version of a vampire that gets better every time he draws blood. I feel like we haven’t really had any vampires in one piece an it would make sense if vampires are swordsman or maybe swordsman sell their souls to the devil and become vampires in order to become better. Idk how this would link into zoros missing eye but maybe mihawk told him he would turn him into a vampire if he returned to him one day with a blood swords. You know when mihawk cuts zoro on the chest early on? Maybe since he survived mihawk knew that he has the power to become a vampire. I think this theory would kinda explain why cavendish has the same eyes in that monster mode. His vampire alter ego comes out when he sleeps to feed blood to his swords. Please, I know this theory is pretty cliché but I would love to hear y’all strengthen this theory with facts that I missed, if for nothing else, just for fun. And maybe we might be onto something. Thank you


As you can see, this is quite a solid theory, and it has received a lot of support on Reddit, but we don’t really think it’s true, and even the author states in the end that he did the theory just for fun. In all honesty, though, we cannot deny that a lot of vampire-related symbolism is associated with Mihawk.


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First of all, his name is certainly a pun on the name Dracula. However, there have been debates about the name itself, i.e., whether Dracule is the correct translation or not, and what Oda initially had in mind since his name in Japanese is written (in Katakana) as ジュラキュール (Jurakyuuru).

In contrast, Dracula’s name is written as ドラキュラ (Dorakyura), which is a significant difference. But, in Japanese, the Katakana ジュ can both be “Ju” or “Du” since this is most certainly a foreign name, so the standard rules of the Japanese language do not apply, as we’re dealing with a phonetic rendering of a foreign name. This is why people most often refer to him as simply Mihawk, as it makes things easier.

Secondly, his appearance also looks a bit vampiric, with his pale skin and strange eyes, all of which are reminiscent of how vampires are usually portrayed in Western fiction, which makes the Reddit theory even better. Ultimately, Dracule Mihawk has a coffin boat, which is as vampiric as you can get, and when he rises from it, he actually looks like a vampire rising from his coffin. And while all of this makes sense, this theory has some major issues.

First, Mihawk doesn’t actually drink blood, which is why the Reddit theory suggests that his swords are the source of his power and that he has to “feed” them the blood of his opponents, which he does when he slashes them.

Also, the fact that Mihawk was seen during the day, and we all know that sunlight is harmful to vampires, has to be addressed here, but this is where the theory becomes a bit shaky and is supported by the “he’s not a true vampire” argument, which is a bit far-fetched.


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So, no, we don’t think that Mihawk is a vampire, although the theories are quite solid, including the one we quoted. Oda wanted Mihawk to have a significant amount of vampire-related symbolism, but seeing how there aren’t any vampires in One Piece (so far!) and how nothing in the canon actually hints at the possibility of Mihawk being a vampire, we don’t think that Oda intended for him to be one, but you never know with Oda – he might surprise us in the end.

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