One Piece: Here’s What Mellorine Means & How It’s Connected to Sanji!

One Piece: Here’s What Mellorine Means & How It’s Connected to Sanji!

One Piece’s Sanji is a prime example of a simp character who, thanks to his exceptionally fondness for beautiful women, always makes a fool of himself, which is a source of many laughs. When around a beautiful woman, Sanji will often behave like a cross between a perfect gentleman and a complete idiot, which is a great way of making us laugh. In light of that fact, we have decided to explain one of his simping methods, which has to do with the phrase “Mellorine,” so stick around to find out what it all means.

Mellorine is a frozen dessert used as a substitute for ice cream. It is somewhat tasty and sweet, although it is not as effective as the real thing; still, it helps those who do not want to or cannot eat real ice cream. In a metaphorical sense, it is used to signify something sweet, and that is why Sanji keeps using it in the presence of beautiful women, most often around Nami and Robin. There is no precise reason for his use of the term, and it is probably a term of endearment, although it most often just makes him look like an idiot and makes us laugh.

The rest of this article will explain one aspect of the relationship between Sanji and most of the beautiful women he meets in the story. As we’ve said, Sanji is a simp character, and he is quite intriguing in that aspect. His simping manifests in a lot of strange ways, and most of them are quite interesting. And that is what inspired our article and why we wrote it. The number of spoilers won’t be that vast, but be careful around some parts of the article.

Why does Sanji say “Mellorine”? What does it mean?

Sanji is known as one of the biggest simp characters in the world of anime; arguably, he is the biggest and is certainly (alongside Pokemon‘s Brock and Demon Slayer‘s Zenitsu Agatsuma) the most famous simp character in the anime world. Sanji has a big weak point: women. If his attitude may seem chivalrous when he protects pretty girls, the latter totally turns his head and never fails to court them, regardless of the circumstances. If a girl is pretty, Sanji will definitely simp for her.

Now, Sanji’s simping takes on a lot of shapes and sizes, and in this article, we are going to discuss one way it manifests, which has to do with how he reacts around girls and what he is saying. Ever heard of the word “mellorine”? Well, if you haven’t, you are going to! First of all, let us tell you what mellorine is:

“Imitation ice cream, known as mellorine, is made in some parts of the United States and other countries. It is made with less expensive vegetable oils instead of butterfat but utilizes dairy ingredients for the milk protein part. Mellorines are intended to compete with ice cream in places where butterfat prices are high.”


As you can see, mellorine is quite a specific type of food that people use as a replacement for ice cream. It is not like the real thing, but it does the trick for some people, so we guess it’s okay. The gist of mellorine is that it is sweet, which is why it is relevant in Sanji’s case.


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Namely, Sanji often behaves chaotic around beautiful girls, which is a known fact. But, his behavior manifests itself in different ways, one of which involves him going into a love-struck frenzy and simply repeating the word “mellorine” over and over until the moment passes. There is absolutely no meaning to this, and he keeps repeating the same word repeatedly. He often does that around Nami and Robin, although he has specific nicknames for the two of them.

So, what does this mean? Oda has not provided us with a proper explanation, and based on the whole context, it probably means nothing. It is just a way of saying “sweet” in a more poetic way, as Sanji is a cook, so food-related phrases and metaphors make sense in terms of his personality and occupation. His way of behaving around girls is well-known, so Sanji behaving like a nut and simply saying his version of “sweet, sweet, sweet, …” makes absolute sense, as that is Sanji for you.

And that is actually the whole story. As far as we know, there is nothing deeper in there, and Sanji is simply Sanji. Oda never explained it further, and we honestly think that this is the whole story, which brings us to this article’s final section.

How does Sanji call girls?

While the answer to this question is not straightforward, we can say that Sanji has a habit of addressing beautiful girls in the strangest ways. All of these terms are used to show his affection and respect for them, so they are never vulgar or disrespectful. Sanji is a gentleman, and although he behaves like a love-struck idiot from time to time, he always shows a lot of respect for women, and he would never disrespect them in any way.


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As stated, there is no one term that he uses. “Mellorine” is a commonly used example, but that is not a way to call girls, just a way of manifesting his fondness for them. He calls Nami “Nami-san” (and sometimes “Nami-swan”), and he calls Robin “Robin-chan,” but these are just individual examples focused on specific girls. In any case, when Sanji is concerned, you can expect anything that is sweet and somewhat funny but in the best way possible.

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