‘One Punch Man’ Watch Order: Episodes & OVAs in 2023

One Punch Man Watch Order: Episodes & OVAs

Navigating the world of anime can sometimes feel as daunting as facing off against a monstrous villain, especially when it comes to understanding the right viewing order of a series. If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the multitude of episodes, OVAs, and specials, you’re not alone. In my quest to simplify things, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the ‘One Punch Man‘ watch order, ensuring you get the most out of Saitama’s powerhouse punches and comedic escapades. Let’s dive right in!

One Punch Man watch order (at a glance)

One Punch Man has a pretty straightforward watch order with only its two seasons (24 episodes) and without fillers (plus 13 OVAs). You should be watching it by the episode release date:

  1. One Punch Man Season 1 (all 12 episodes)
  2. One Punch Man Season 1 Specials (6 episodes)
  3. One Punch Man Season 1 OVA: Road to Hero
  4. One Punch Man Season 2 (all 12 episodes)
  5. One Punch Man Season 2 Specials (6 episodes)

One Punch Man watch order (fully explained)

We are listing below all the One Punch Man episodes, with their titles and dates of airing.

No.Episode TitleTypeAired
1The Strongest ManCANON10/04/2015
2The Lone CyborgCANON10/11/2015
3The Obsessive ScientistCANON10/18/2015
4The Modern NinjaCANON10/25/2015
5The Ultimate MasterCANON11/01/2015
6The Terrifying CityCANON11/08/2015
7The Ultimate DiscipleCANON11/15/2015
8The Deep Sea KingCANON11/22/2015
9Unyielding JusticeCANON11/29/2015
10Unparalleled PerilCANON12/06/2015
11The Dominator of the UniverseCANON12/13/2015
12The Strongest HeroCANON12/20/2015
13Return of the HeroCANON04/09/2018
14The Human MonsterCANON04/16/2019
15The Hunt BeginsCANON04/23/2019
16The Metal BatCANON04/30/2019
17The Martial Arts TournamentCANON05/07/2019
18The Monster UprisingCANON05/14/2019
19The Class S HeroesCANON05/21/2019
20The Resistance of the StrongCANON05/28/2019
21The Troubles of the StrongestCANON06/11/2019
22Justice Under SiegeCANON06/18/2019
23The Varieties of PrideCANON06/25/2019
24The Wiping of the DiscipleCANON07/02/2019

Still, even though the One Punch Man watch order is pretty simple to follow, there are OVAs and specials not included on this list, so you can find them below.

One Punch Man OVAs

We are bringing you below all One Punch Man OVAs, their names and release dates, by seasons.

Season 1

NoEpisode TitleTypeAired
1Road to HeroOVA12/04/2015
2The Shadow That Snuck Up Too CloseSPECIAL12/24/2015
3The Pupil Who is an Extremely Poor TalkerSPECIAL01/28/2016
4The Ninja Who is Too ComplicatedSPECIAL02/25/2016
5Bang, Who is Too OverbearingSPECIAL03/29/2016
6The Sisters Who Have Too Much Going OnSPECIAL04/23/2016
7The Murder Case That Was Too ImpossibleSPECIAL05/31/2016

Season 2

NoEpisode TitleTypeAired
1Saitama and Those With Reasonable AbilitiesSPECIAL10/25/2019
2Old Dudes and FishingSPECIAL11/26/2019
3Genos and Memory LossSPECIAL12/25/2019
4Games and RivalsSPECIAL01/28/2020
5Puri Puri Prisoner and the Escaped PrisonersSPECIAL02/27/2020
6The Zombieman Murder Case 2 ~A Chalet Amid the Blizzard, and the Ones Bothered by the Cold~SPECIAL03/27/2020

Are One Punch Man OVA Worth Watching?

One Punch Man OVAs are worth watching! One Punch Man OVAs develop characters even more by following events that occur between episodes. It even has a special that chronicles how Saitama became that cape-wearing bald superhero we know and love (it really tells the story about how Saitama became this superhero).

Are One Punch Man OVAs Cannon?

One Punch Man OVAs are canon. The entirety of One Punch Man can be seen as canon, as it is written by ONE (Yusuke Murata), they fit nicely into the story, and don’t conflict with anything that we already know.

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