Only 1 Marvel Movie & 5 Shows on the 2024 Release Date Calendar for MCU

mcu projects coming 2024

The MCU’s performance in 2023 fell short of expectations, marked by a string of releases, where only ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ and ‘Loki’ Season 2 achieved success. Other projects faced setbacks, with ‘Secret Invasion’ emerging as one of the least well-received MCU shows to date. ‘The Marvels’ claimed undesirable records such as the lowest domestic box office and the sharpest second-weekend drop in revenue.

Despite these challenges, the MCU perseveres. Bob Iger emphasized the importance of prioritizing quality over quantity for Marvel. Surprisingly, despite numerous project announcements in recent months, the slated releases for 2024 include just one movie and five shows.

Speculation circulated previously that ‘Deadpool 3’ would be the sole 2024 movie, aiming to rejuvenate the MCU. Given the heightened anticipation for ‘Deadpool 3,’ this revelation isn’t entirely unexpected.

In the realm of TV series, ‘Echo’ stands as the sole show with a confirmed release date, slated for January 9th, 2024. ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries’ is anticipated in the Fall of 2024. Recently announced, the animated project ‘Eyes of Wakanda,’ featuring Wakandan warriors, is also on the 2024 lineup, alongside ‘X-Men 97’ and ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.’ It appears that 2024 will be a year dominated by animated content as things presently stand.


‘Avengers: Kang Dynasty’ Is Referred to as ‘Avengers 5’ Following Majors’ Departure From the MCU

Fans observed the absence of ‘Zombies’ and ‘Iron Heart,’ noting concerns about the significant gap between these shows and the release of ‘Black Panther 2.’ Riri’s potential inclusion in the Young Avengers, a point raised for other potential members, seems implausible due to this timing issue. This dilemma surfaced amid reshuffling of release dates caused by the SAG-AFTRA strikes and internal challenges within the MCU, leading to diminishing success with each new release.

Shifting the focus to the Marvel division, Star Wars enthusiasts can anticipate ‘The Acolyte,’ ‘Bad Batch’ Season 3, ‘Skeleton Crew,’ and ‘Tales of the Jedi’ in 2024, though release dates remain pending.

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