Oshi no Ko: 10 Most Popular Characters, Ranked

Oshi no Ko: 10 Most Popular Characters, Ranked

Oshi no ko is a seinen manga written by Aka Akasaka and drawn by Mengo Yokoyari. It has been published in the Weekly Young Jump since April 23, 2020, then in bound volumes by the Japanese publisher Shūeisha. Ten volumes have been released since April 2020. An anime adaptation produced by the Doga Kobo studio was announced for April 12, 2023, premiere. Oshi no Ko is filled with some amazing and memorable characters, and in this article, we have decided to talk about them a bit.

Namely, this article is going to present you with a list of the ten most popular Oshi no Ko characters as they have appeared in the manga and the anime. They are going to be ranked by their popularity, starting from 10th to 1st place. We will not just list the characters for you but also tell you a bit about each of them so you know who they are and why they are so popular in the story.

10. Ichigo Saitō


Ichigo is the president of Strawberry Productions. He is Miyako Saitou’s husband. Ichigo was responsible for recruiting Ai Hoshino into the B-Komachi. He acts as Aqua and Ruby’s guardian after Ai’s death. He is known for having a very competitive personality.

9. Hikaru Kamiki


Aquamarine and Ruby’s father and Ai Hoshino’s ex-boyfriend. After breaking up with Ai, he had a relationship with Airi Himekawa as her lover, resulting in Taiki Himekawa’s birth. He was introduced much later into the storyline, explaining why he was absent during Aqua’s and Ruby’s childhood.


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8. Miyako Saitō


After Ai’s passing, Miyako, Ichigo Saitō‘s wife, became Aqua and Ruby’s main caregiver. After the original B-Komachi split up, she became the manager of Strawberry Productions and maintained the company afloat. She was initially portrayed as a shallow and temperamental person, but as the story progressed, she became more responsible and mature.

7. Director Taishi Gotanda


Director Gotanda is a very well-known multiple award-winning directors who scouted Aqua when he was still a child and convinced him to become an actor. In that capacity, he intensively collaborated with Aquamarine Hoshino since he was still a child, which, in turn, enabled Aqua to become a successful actor later in life. Being without a father, Aqua sees Gotanda as a mentor figure to him.

6. MEM-cho

Mem Cho32

She is a former Tik-Toker and Youtuber who took part in the dating reality series My Love with a Star Begins Now, also known as LoveNow. She was a young girl who aspired to become an idol, but because of her family circumstances, she made sacrifices that ultimately led to her becoming too old to do so. One of her competitors, Aquamarine Hoshino, introduced her to the resurrected band B-Komachi after LoveNow was over. She currently serves as one of the group’s three influencers and one of its three current members.

5. Ruby Hoshino / Sarina Tendōji

Ruby Hoshino child

In a previous life, she was a terminally ill patient named Sarina Tendōji who developed an idolatrous obsession. She is the sister of Aquamarine Hoshino, who was formerly known as Goro in a previous incarnation, and the daughter of former B-Komachi member Ai Hoshino, who is now deceased. She wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in the same field, but only if her brother stops being overly protective in the wake of her mother’s passing. She is currently collaborating with Strawberry Productions to bring B-Komachi back to life so that she can pursue her goals with the help of her friends.

4. Ai Hoshino


She served as the focal point of the now-defunct B-Komachi idol troupe, which was connected to Strawberry Productions. She was a troublemaker before she became an icon, lacking professionalism and trying to fit in. She was able to join the Lalalie Theater Company with the aid of Kaburagi Masaya, and it was there that she fell in love with it and started to pay attention to herself. She changed into the well-known idol she was. Her life changed when she unexpectedly fell pregnant with twins.

She and her team decide to conceal this information so as not to jeopardize their good name, forcing her to assume the mother and idol roles. Unfortunately, one of her supporters kills her for “betraying her admirers” after learning of her secret (presumably through a leak from Aqua and Ruby’s biological father). Her offspring, who was formerly her followers before reincarnating, used her life and death as inspiration, making her a potentially crucial character. Both Ruby Hoshino, her daughter, wants to emulate her success, and Aquamarine Hoshino, her son, is driven to do everything it takes to discover who was responsible for his mother’s passing.

3. Akane Kurokawa

Akane Kurokawa

In the teen reality show, My Love with a Star Begins Now (LoveNow), where Akane, an actress, enrolls, she meets Aqua. Akane was a minor character in the play, but she needed to stand out to draw attention to the theater she was now employed at. She unintentionally scratches the cheek of another female character in a LoveNow episode. She received death threats on social media as the show’s viewers went crazy.

She intends to kill herself after reading the death threats, but Aqua stops her after helping her to calm down. Her picture becomes clearer toward the end of the series, and Aqua kisses her in the final episode. In order to further develop their relationship after the show, the couple decides to stay together. She learns of Aqua’s ambitions to avenge her mother a few months into their relationship and makes a commitment to help him in any way she can.

2. Kana Arima


As a young child, Kana was regarded as an acting genius. She first met Aqua when she filled in for a needed extra on the show she was working on. In order to thrive in the performing business as a teen, Kana decided to hide her acting talent from her because she would always grab the spotlight from her friends. At high school, she reconnected with Aqua and Ruby and began feeling something for the former. Ruby, who is trying to break through in the acting world, persuades Kana to join her idol group, B-Komachi. She joins and develops the group and becomes its primary idol.


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1. Aquamarine Hoshino / Aqua / Gorō Amemiya 


He is the show’s titular lead character. In his previous life, he worked as a doctor and went by the name Gorō Amemiya, who was killed because he knew about Ai Hoshino’s pregnancy. After meeting Sarina, who was one of his patients at the time and who shared his fascination, he started to become obsessed with idols (more specifically, Ai Hoshino, an idol from the departed band B-Komachi).

He and his twin sister Ruby Hoshino, who was once known as Sarina, were both reincarnated, and he is now Ai Hoshino’s son. Once his mother passed away, he vowed in his new life that he would do anything—unlike his sister—to uncover whoever was responsible for his death. This goal is what motivates a lot of his activities. This is why, to find out what happened, he will do everything.

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