‘Oshi no Ko’: Who Is the Stalker? & Why Did He Kill Gorou and Ai?


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One of the biggest events in the early part of Oshi no Ko was the death of Gorou Amamiya, the doctor attending to a pregnant Ai Hoshino. Gorou was reborn as one of the children of Ai, as he grew up as Aqua Hoshino under the care of his new mother. But one of the things that Gorou found out was the fact that the same stalker that killed him was the one that also killed Ai, and that forced him to live a life fueled by vengeance. So, who is the stalker in Oshi no Ko, and why did he kill Gorou and Ai?

The stalker in Oshi no Ko is a disgruntled man named Ryosuke, obsessed with Ai. He was a mentally unstable man that couldn’t handle his feelings. Ryosuke learned from a source that Ai got pregnant, which was why he decided to kill her and Gorou, who found out about the stalker.

We all know that there are a lot of different fans of idols and girl groups around the world, and some of them are obsessed with their idols. In that regard, Ryosuke represents the darker side of this part of the entertainment industry as he was willing to kill his idols for his shattered feelings. So, with that said, let’s talk more about the stalker that killed Gorou and Ai.

Who Murdered Ai Hoshino?

The early part of Oshi no Ko explored the foundation of the entire storyline as it focused on Ai Hoshino’s pregnancy. We know that Ai was one of Japan’s most popular young idols because of her innate beauty and talent. However, she went on hiatus without telling any of her fans why, as it was revealed that she was secretly pregnant. And a big fan, Gorou Amamiya, was the physician that attended to her in his remote hospital in a rural town.

In that regard, Gorou became close to Ai and promised him that he would safely deliver her babies. But what happened was that, just before Ai was about to give birth, a stalker waited for Gorou outside of the hospital. When the doctor found out, he tried following the stalker into the forest, only for the man to push him down a cliff, causing him to suffer fatal injuries. Due to his dedication to Ai, Gorou was reborn as the male half of Ai’s twin babies.


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Gorou started living a new life as a young baby boy with his memories of the past intact. But the problem was that the same stalker killed Ai. This broke Gorou, who was dedicated to Ai and was quite attached to her because she was his mother in his new life. That was why Gorou, as Aqua Hoshino, dedicated his life to discovering the truth behind Ai Hoshino’s death.

The truth, however, was that the stalker that killed Ai was an obsessed man named Ryosuke. What happened was that a secret source told him about what happened to Ai and why she went on hiatus. As such, this obsessed stalker’s first reaction was to kill Ai.


Nevertheless, when Ryosuke realized that Ai was truly dedicated to her fans, as she even remembered one of the gifts that Ryosuke gave her, that was when his conscience overcame him. As a result, he committed suicide, ending the investigation behind Ai’s death.

But because Aqua was smart enough to know that someone like Ryosuke couldn’t have had the means to find Ai, he knew that there was a bigger conspiracy. Even when he was still Gorou, he already knew that Ai’s pregnancy was a hidden secret. But the fact that the stalker knew Ai’s family name (secret) and where she was hiding prompted Gorou’s suspicions. That was when he dedicated his life as Aqua to solving the mystery behind Ai’s death.

Why Did Ryosuke Kill Gorou and Ai?

As mentioned, Ryosuke was a fan that was obsessed with Ai. He was one of Ai’s biggest fans before her pregnancy. Because he was mentally and emotionally unstable, he tried to find love from his idols. As such, when he found out that Ai got pregnant, he felt she had betrayed him and her other fans.

The betrayal he felt in his heart prompted him to follow Ai all the way to the rural hospital where Gorou was working. Of course, Gorou was immediately suspicious of this stalker, which was why Ryosuke decided to kill him to ensure that Ai wouldn’t know that someone was stalking her.

With Gorou out of the way, Ryosuke could kill Ai, as he did so while Aqua and Ruby were still young. He was unable to control his emotions well enough, as he thought that Ai was having babies was a betrayal of the trust and support that her fans gave her throughout her entire career.

ai hoshino death

Ryosuke mirrors the many fans that worship pop idols and different music groups worldwide, as fans are quick to lash out at them whenever their idols start dating other people. As such, Ryosuke’s reaction to Ai’s pregnancy isn’t too far off from what real-life fans would react to news regarding their idols.

Who Got Ai Hoshino Pregnant?

Gorou was right to suspect that there should have been no way for Ryosuke to find out that Ai was pregnant and that she was in a rural hospital far away from Tokyo. That’s because the truth was that the man that got Ai Hoshino pregnant was the very same person that leaked the information to Ryosuke, as he understood that this disgruntled fan would react violently.


‘Oshi no Ko’ Watch Order

Of course, Ai didn’t want to tell anyone the identity of the man that got her pregnant, as she even told her CEO that it was a secret. But the truth is that she had a secret romantic relationship with Hikaru Kamiki, an aspiring actor then. This relationship led to Ai’s pregnancy. And because Aqua knew that only he, Ai, and Ichigo Saitou could have known about the pregnancy, he assumed that Hikaru tracked down Ai’s location and leaked it to Ryosuke.

In that sense, while it was Ryosuke that plunged the knife that killed Ai, it was Hikaru Kamiki that killed her by leaking her information. He may have never wanted Ai to give birth, or they didn’t break up on good terms. As such, he wanted Ryosuke to kill Ai, which was why he told him where to find her.

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