‘Outlast’ Ending Explained: Who Wins the Survivalist Competition?

outlast ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Outlast, a new survival show that comes to Netflix this weekend. The show takes the standard structure of a survival show and puts 16 participants, divided into four groups, and throws them into the cold and brutal environment of Alaska. The survivors, far from any sort of civilization, will need to survive for at least 45 days or until the moment when everyone else is out, and only two teams remain. The show also lacks any sort of voting from the public, so the destiny of every participant is chosen among themselves.

The show offers some very good reality TV energy and will certainly attract a big audience. Survival shows have been quite popular throughout the decades since Survivor popularized the formula, so we can expect that the show will find an audience no matter what. However, the show feels a bit archaic at points, and it uses too many tools overused over the years. Netflix’s own, Physical 100 was released a couple of weeks ago, and it showed that the formula could be streamlined for maximum enjoyment.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Outlast. Read at your own risk.

What Happens To Justin After He Leaves Team Alpha?

The last episode of the competition begins by showing us the last surviving members. We have Jill and Amber on Team Alpha and Nick, Paul, and Seth on Team Charlie. However, the situation in team Alpha has become so uncomfortable that Justin has decided to leave Team Alpha and join Team Charlie. Justin is welcomed, and he is quite happy with his decision. Justin and Jill didn’t get along very well and always had heavy discussions about how to do things.

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Justin decides to leave and sees that Charlie’s camp is just so much better than theirs. Jill is unhappy about what happened and sends a message to Charlie Team on the other side of the river. She uses an arrow to send it. Seth and Nick discover the message. It says that Justin has raided their camp, stolen some of their personal property and gear, and destroyed their camp. Meanwhile, Justin is with Paul, trying to hunt for something for dinner. When they go back to the camp, Justin is confronted with the message.

Charlie Team doesn’t believe in the message. They think this is only one tactic coming from Jill that will try to divide them. However, when Justin reads the message, he speaks honestly. He denies having stolen their personal property or taking any gear, only the hatchet, which they also have, but he confesses to having destroyed their tarp, which was part of Jill and Amber’s shelter. Charlie Team has a meeting to decide what to do with Justin. There were very serious and basic rules between the teams, and Justin broke one.

Who Wins The Survivalist Competition?

The two teams are now completely defined. There are five competitors, and the production team decides the final test is approaching. The teams are briefed on the final test, which is basically just a long walk through difficult terrain. The production team has set a final location, and the first team to arrive wins. Both teams start preparing their routes. Both teams will leave at sunrise and hope the opposite team is not as fast as them. The route seems to take several hours and will be the final physical test for both teams. They cannot break down.


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Snow has begun falling, and the temperatures are even lower than before. It is a beautiful sight but also a very harsh one. Thankfully, this will be their last day in the competition. Nick, Paul, and Seth share one last meal together, and they all declare their loyalty to each other. They have worked as a team and overcome every single challenge to this day. The same goes for Amber and Jill, who became extremely close during the competition. No matter what happens, they have won a very strong friendship.

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The race begins. Because of their locations, Charlie Team has a longer route than Alpha. The difference is not really big, but when it comes to arriving first, it might be a big obstacle. Charlie also has other obstacles; they have some water crossing sections in their route. They have decided this route is the fastest, but they will need to put their all into overcoming it. With the lowering temperatures being another element in their calculation, they believe they can go as fast as possible and reach before Alpha Team.

Alpha Team has a shorter route, and their route is mostly dry. However, Amber and Jill commit a huge mistake and walk on a different route, so for at least an hour, they are walking in the wrong direction. This mistake is terrible. They correct their direction and keep on walking. Alpha believes they really have the advantage. Charlie, on the other hand, is wet and cold but keeps going. Paul is having a hard time; he is the oldest in the group but manages to keep going.

In the end, Charlie arrives first, and Alpha arrives second. The boys are extremely happy with their teamwork and know they deserve the price. Alpha also did an amazing job, but their mistake cost them the win. In the end, Charlie Team cries over their win, and Alpha cries as well over their loss. Charlie goes away with the money, and Alpha only with their friendship at hand, but both teams leave the experience as different people.

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