‘Overlord’ Season 4, Episode 1 Review: Can A Salary Man Rule An Entire Country?

Overlord Season 4

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When Overlord made its debut in 2015, the isekai anime quickly became one of the most popular anime series around the world. The isekai concept, of someone getting trapped inside a computer game, isn’t very new. Shows like Sword Art Online, and the classic Hack. Sign series have done it before. However, it was the main character, Momonga, now known as Lord Ainz it is one of the most compelling characters ever to lead this type of story. He’s equal parts funny, and serious. The way he tackles problems is always a delight.

The series adapted from the light novel series of the same name, written by Kugane Maruyama, has been able to distinguish itself by being a strange mixture. The show is parts intrigue, politics, magic, comedy, and also quite a bit of a horny element. This all makes the show quite different from other series that are more standard and don’t dwell on these more adult subjects as much. The formula has been proven successful, as people have been waiting for this fourth season quite a bit. The wait seems to have been worthy.

Overlord Season 4

Season 4 begins what the light novels call “The Holy Kingdom” arc, and the story takes a turn into a very compelling side of things. Ainz is now the ruler of the Sorcerer Kingdom, and as such he has to take care of many of the important details that need to be care of in the day to day. Sadly, Ainz doesn’t really know a lot about running city. His experience as a normal salary man has not really prepared him for this kind of responsibility.

However, Ainz loves the game so much that he has the initiative and the energy to make things happen no matter what. He would love to spend more time as an equal with the NPCs, but they are not really capable of seeing him as any less than a supreme being. It is quite sad. But the scenes where this happens really makes us remember that outside of the whole fantasy setting, and all the magic and magical creatures in display, Ainz is really just a normal person trapped in a fantastic situation.


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In this episode, the story is mostly focused on Ainz going about his days. But the episode does break from his point of view at times to see what is happening with Albedo, the loyal, eccentric, and lusty servant of Ainz. Albedo dreams about Ainz on a daily basis. Our time with Albedo is just for the laughs, her character doesn’t bring anything here other than fan service, which is not bad, but not excellent either. More time should be spent on Ainz or telling stories with a lot more substance.

In terms of animation, Madhouse is really not going to blown anyone away with this level of quality. The story this episode focus on don’t really need showy animation, but the presentation really lacks something. It could be so much better. The setting is supposed to feel empty, but the background is just too boring. Thankfully, Ainz and his search for dominion is compelling, without it, Overlord would be a difficult series to watch.

Overlord Season 4

Ainz aims to transform the Sorcerer Kingdom in the best realm in the game. To do it he does something unexpected he starts making reforms to the laws of his kingdom, and while some of his ideas are quite sound, some others are not received as well by the NPCs. For example, he takes Pandora’s Actor and starts establishing a father and son relationship with him, and he also starts getting closer to Albedo in ways that might be dangerous later on.

The biggest moment of the episodes comes at the end when Ainz goes inside the Adventurer’s Guild and proposes the master of the guild to absorb the Guild into the country. This is something no country or guild has ever done. Ainz’ argument is quite compelling though, he wants to make adventures more than just exterminators, he wants to send them out there to be explorers, help people but also carry the name of the Sorcerer Kingdom with them. The guild master is convinced with the offer.

Ainz’ main goals since to be to rule by showing how prosperous his kingdom can be. Of course, this will not be an easy task, but it makes for a fantastic premise for this season. Will Ainz really be able to create the country he wants to create? His enemies will come for him sooner or later, he is just too powerful now. Will the power that he now possesses go to Ainz’ head? There are many possibilities and the show is interested in exploring all of them for sure.

Overlord, season 4 begins with a very cool premise for the season, and one that is easy to root for, anyone who has been a gamer knows exactly what Ainz is going through in his head. If he manages to do it is another tale, we’ll have to wait and see how the season progresses.

SCORE: 8/10

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