‘Ozark Season 4 Part 2’ Ending, Explained: What Happened With Marty And Wendy?

Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Since its inception, Ozark has been a show about surprises, about getting trapped in the unexpected and about how our actions will always have consequences. The last season of Ozark cements the show as one of the best Netflix has ever produced, and it also makes a case that Netflix can actually make some quality content for change.

Marty, Wendy, and Ruth are still our main characters to the very end, their fates crossing from the moment they set eyes on each other. While other characters faded or basically died on the journey, these three remained there until the very end. What happened to Marty, Wendy, and Ruth? Let’s find out. The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the ending of Ozark’s final season. So be careful.

For seasons of storylines culminate into a finale that feels very subdued and relaxed even when we as audiences know that something bad is about to happen. There are several storylines that needed resolutions, and most of them got concluded in a satisfactory way. Let’s go through some of them.

What Happens At The End of Ozark?

First, Wendy’s storyline with his father comes to a conclusion that feels predictable, but it couldn’t be done in any other way. Wendy’s father is looking to take Charlotte and Jonah away from Wendy and Marty and move with them to North Carolina. This, of course, doesn’t sit well with Wendy. The kids don’t want anything to do with her, so in desperation she gets herself inside a mental facility with the objective to make her kids worry, and get them to come to her by their own volition. The plan fails.

To fix things, Marty goes to Ruth and blackmails her into making his kids go back with Wendy, as they might listen to Ruth more than their own parents. Ruth is forced to do it and goes to Wendy’s dad and threatens him. Wendy’s dad reveals to the kids that he’s taking them only to screw with Wendy, and they leave. Going to Wendy once again.

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Ruth on the other hand has finally taken position over the Belle, after Darlene’s death. She wants to run a clean business and takes over Marty in a very hostile way. The issue is that Navarro wants his money to be cleaned through the casino, and not in any other way. Marty warns Ruth that they need to do it, or they are all dead.

Ruth is finally building a life that she is proud of, and after killing Javi, Camilla’s son, she is ready to leave the bad things in life behind. Sadly, a series of deadly threats come close to her and Rachel. Navarro wants his money. Ruth speaks with Marty, but he doesn’t know anything about the assassins coming for Ruth. Rachel even has to kill Nelson in order to survive. It’s very sad.

Meanwhile, Marty is jumping between all these storylines trying to be a husband, and father. His loyalty to Wendy is unshakable, even when his own kids put it to the test. Marty and Wendy come to a solution. They are prepared to give Navarro to the FBI and come to an agreement with Camilla, so she can take over the Cartel. After doing that, they plan to move to Chicago and leave the Ozarks behind.


‘Ozark Season 4’ Review: Business Is Over For The Byrde Family

The deal takes place and Navarro is killed in the process, but Camilla is being suspicious about who killed her son. During a party, Clare reveals under threat that it was Ruth who killed Javi. Camilla confronts Ruth and kills her right outside Ruth’s backyard. Giving Ruth an ending that, while expected, fits the themes of the show, no matter how bitter it is.

Marty and Ruth are worried that everything will just spin out of control, and that Camilla finds out they knew who killed her son but never told her. They arrive home after the party, to find that Mel, the private investigator, was waiting for them. He was looking for the goat cookie jar that has Ben’s ashes in it, and he is ready to spill the beans and incriminate the Byrdes.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2

However, right at that moment Johan appears with his rifle, and aims it at Mel. Mel didn’t expect this at all, but both Marty and Wendy look at Johan with proud eyes. As the scene cuts to black, we hear the sound of the gun going off. This ending is certainly ambiguous and seems to paint a picture where the Byrde Family has fully transitioned into villains, no matter what they say or do differently.

Could There Be A Sequel To Ozark?

The ending leaves things open-ended, and in that way it also leaves the character’s fate open to discussion. We don’t really find out if the Byrde family finally goes back to Chicago, or if they will decide to stay in the Ozarks. Both possibilities are a strong argument as to where the story would go after the show cuts to black and credits roll.

Because the show ends on such an open-ended note, it is very much a certainty that the producers and creators of the series are leaving things this way with the possibility of making a comeback of sorts in the future. How would this continuation take form? It could be in the form of a limited series season or maybe a full length film. The fact is that the story of Ozark finishes with a bang. And while this ending can be taken as a good ending for the show, it doesn’t mean that this is the last time we will see these characters on the screen.