Peacemaker Butterfly Cow: What Is It, Why Is It Important, and What Does It Look Like?

The previous episodes of Peacemaker told us about something called the cow, which is what the butterflies use to sustain themselves because they can’t eat anything else other than the “milk” it produces. Episode 7 gave us a look at this butterfly cow, as killing it is the team’s ultimate mission. In that regard, what is the butterfly cow, why is it important, and what does it look like?

Peacemaker’s butterfly cow is the creature that the butterflies most likely brought from their planet because it’s the only thing that produces the amber fluid that sustains the butterflies and keeps them alive. And you’ll be surprised to know that the butterfly cow doesn’t look like a cow at all.

Fans of this show should always remember that this is a James Gunn series, and that means that it should be just as ridiculous as the Suicide Squad, which also featured Peacemaker. That said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the show brought in a cow that is udderly (pun intended) ridiculous and literally and figuratively out of this world.

What Is A Butterfly Cow In Peacemaker?

Throughout the entire Peacemaker series, the one thing that was made clear at the start was that they had an enemy that was related to something called Project Butterfly, which is unsurprisingly related to butterflies that have extraterrestrial origins. These butterflies are known to take over people’s bodies as hosts by entering them through orifices (most likely the mouth, although the butthole is also possible).

In that regard, one of the things about the butterflies that the Peacemaker team wanted to find was what they call a cow. This butterfly cow is the most important part of the mission because of how everything about Project Butterfly hinges on this thing.

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The butterfly cow was finally revealed in episode 7 of Peacemaker, as the butterflies were looking to safeguard it by teleporting it because they figured out that the Peacemaker team was searching for it to try to possibly kill it. Of course, like the butterflies, the cow is of extraterrestrial origins.

Why Is The Cow Important To Butterflies?

As mentioned, the butterfly cow is the most important part of Project Butterfly, as the Peacemaker team needs to look for it and possibly exterminate it because everything about the butterflies’ survival hinges on it. But why is it that important?

In Peacemaker, there could be no telling how many hosts the butterflies have taken over. It would be very difficult for them to take on these butterflies one by one or even come up with a huge large-scale strategy against them because they could be anyone and due to the fact that the butterflies have also taken over high government positions that allow them to protect their interests (such as Royland Goff).

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As such, the goal of the team was to look for the cow because this was the one thing that kept the butterflies alive. The butterflies may be inhabiting human hosts, but they also need to survive as well. Their hosts should survive on normal human food and on water, but the butterflies need to sustain themselves by drinking some sort of an amber fluid.

This amber fluid is distributed all over the country through a bottling company called Glan Tai. And the Peacemaker team found out that there is only one source of this amber fluid, and that is the butterfly cow. 

Considering that the cow is the only thing that produces the amber fluid that the butterflies need to drink to survive, killing or securing it will stop the production of the fluid and will essentially kill the butterflies all over the country. 

That is why, instead of looking for the butterflies one by one to exterminate them steadily, it was better for the Peacemaker team to cut the head of the snake by stopping everything at the source, which is the butterfly cow. As long as the cow is gone and won’t be able to provide the butterflies with the sustenance that they need, their numbers will steadily decline.

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What Does The Butterfly Cow Look Like?

As mentioned, episode 7 of Peacemaker revealed the cow. Of course, because of its extraterrestrial origin, it would have been crazy for anyone to expect that the cow would look like a regular cow. And it’s not even close to what a cow looks like, even though the butterfly aliens actually resemble real butterflies.

The butterfly cow actually looks like a giant wrinkly udder with a set of small legs and a head. But it also has a face with six eyes (two large ones on each side of the face and four smaller ones beside the larger eyes). It also has a mouth with one single tooth in the middle.

Before you comment about how ridiculous this cow looks, you have to remember that this is a James Gunn project, and that means that you should already expect a lot of different ridiculous things about Peacemaker. Remember Starro back in The Suicide Squad (also a James Gunn film)? Yes, that’s the kind of ridiculousness that we are talking about.Like Starro, it seemed as if the cow didn’t enjoy being held captive by the butterflies. There might be an angle here, as the Peacemaker team might hold out on killing it because someone might feel sorry for it. Then again, that’s something we will see in the upcoming season finale.

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