Peacemaker TV Show: First Exclusive Clip Unveiled!

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He’s back! After making his debut in The Suicide Squad this year, John Cena returns as Peacemaker in his own show on HBOMax! James Gunn is the creator and he wrote all eight episodes of the show!

Peacemaker wasn’t really in fan’s good graces after killing Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad, and although Idris Elba’s Bloodsport presumably killed him, the post-credit scene of the movie showed us he’s alive after all, and no matter how vile he is, he’ll be needed again to conquer a bigger threat.

Peacemaker’s show will explore him more as a character, showing his origin story, but at the same time follow him on missions set after the events of The Suicide Squad. HBOMax today unveiled an exclusive clip from the show!

James Gunn wrote all eight episodes of the show and directed five of them. John Cena reprises the titular role. The show will premiere in January next year.

Source: HBOMax YouTube Channel

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