Peacemaker vs Batman: Who Would Win and Why?

eacemaker vs Batman: Who Would Win and Why?

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Batman would easily defeat Peacemaker. Sure, Peacemaker has some tricks up his sleeve and he is a solid marksman, but Batman has so much more and he has fought and defeated, sometimes even with ease, opponents who are much stronger than Peacemaker. This is why Batman would easily defeat Peacemaker.

Speaking of Peacemaker vs Batman, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers in more detail and see how the fight between Peacemaker and Batman would play out.  

Peacemaker and His Powers

Peacemaker, at least the first iteration of the character, is Christopher Smith, a pacifist diplomat so committed to peace that he was willing to use force as a superhero to further the cause. He first appeared in Fightin’ 5 #40 (1966), created by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette.

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He believes that the spirit of his father continually haunts him and criticizes his every move, even when he tries to live out his past.

By becoming a particularly deadly vigilante who would kill at the slightest warning, he begins to believe that the ghosts of the people he killed, or who were killed in his vicinity, are gathered inside his helmet and can offer him advice and comments.

His soul appears in the kingdom of Purgatory in the Day of Judgment series. A team of heroes has appeared to recruit the soul of Hal Jordan. The guardians of Purgatory don’t like this and Peacemaker, along with other dead vigilantes, rallies and provides enough distraction for the group to be able to return to Earth.


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Peacemaker later appears in the Watchmen sequel, Doomsday Clock, participating in the battle on Mars against Doctor Manhattan.

Peacemaker later returns as a member of the Suicide Squad, breaking into Arkham Asylum to bring in The Talon a few minutes before the Joker Incident.

Weaponry and Style

He uses a variety of non-lethal special weapons and also founds the Pax Institute. Most of the villains he faces are dictators and warlords. Smith later learns that his efforts for peace through violence were the result of a serious mental illness caused by the shame of having a Nazi death camp commander for his father.

For a time, Peacemaker served as an agent of the United States government under the auspices of Checkmate, a special forces unit, who hunts down terrorists until his own behavior becomes too extreme. He finally crashes a helicopter to destroy the tanks controlled by the supervillain Eclipso and is reported dead.

Batman and His Powers

Batman is probably one of the most famous (if not the most famous) comic book characters in history. The stories about Gotham City’s Dark Knight have been popular for decades now and have created a multimedia franchise consisting of movies, TV shows, video games and a lot of other merchandise.


Physical abilities

Batman has no superpowers; he relies on his scientific knowledge, investigative skills and athletic skills. Having undergone extremely intense physical training, incredibly rigorous specialized diets and special treatments from a very young age, he has managed to develop a perfect body from every point of view.

Now he is endowed with strength, stamina, speed, agility, immune system, healing processes, senses, reflexes and mental processes at the limits of human possibility; his athletic abilities are superior to even those of the greatest Olympic champions.

Batman is highly disciplined and has the ability to act under great physical pain and resist most forms of telepathy and mind control.

Athletic abilities

According to official DC Comics ratings, he is often described as one of the individuals considered to be at the pinnacle of human possibility (the human peak), i.e. those athletes who can lift while standing, up above their head and all arms, over double their body weight, up to a maximum of 800 pounds (about 363 kg).

In terms of physical condition, he is easily able to run Parkour-style rooftops.

His reflexes allow him to deflect and dodge bullets, arrows and even Superman’s heat rays. He proved to be much more agile and faster even than the athletes who boast Olympic gold in these categories, outclassed only by Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Selina Kyle and Harleen Quinzel.

In Batman #50, exposure to the chemical compound Dionysium made him even stronger and faster than he was in the past.

Peacemaker vs Batman: Who Would Win?

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This comparison is absolutely easy in every aspect and there is absolutely no doubt as to the winner. Sure, Peacemaker can get unpredictable, he’s a solid fighter and a slightly better marksman, but that is not nearly enough to counter a character much weaker than Batman, let alone the Dark Knight himself.

Batman, on the other hand, is one of DC’s best heroes, despite having no superpowers. His sheer experience would be enough to defeat Peacemaker, let alone his gadgets and his skills. In comparison to the Dark Knight, the Peacemaker doesn’t really have much to offer.

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And that is why Batman is the clear winner here. The Dark Knight is superior in absolutely every category and the Peacemaker would easily be defeated if the two of them to clash.

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