25 Most Famous Peaky Blinders Quotes

Peaky Blinders Quotes

There are some TV shows that are not only popular for their story, characters, or excellent acting. We remember them for the sentences uttered and the unforgettable quotes that many of our favorite characters used once or even many times. 

Peaky Blinders is one of these shows since the Shelby brothers and their associates, friends, or enemies are constantly delivering very memorable, sometimes pretty vulnerable and often even beautiful words. They will definitely be mentioned almost every time we talk about this show with someone. Some quotes stay longer than the show itself. And tell us so much about the characters themselves.

The most memorable ones come from Tommy, Arthur and Polly Shelby and some of their biggest allies and enemies. These are the 25 most famous Peaky Blinders quotes.

“This place is under new management, by the order of the Peaky f****** Blinders!” – Arthur Shelby


Maybe the most famous quote from the whole series, one which is quoted by everyone who’s seen it, being the biggest fan or not. It happens at one of the most important moments in the series, when Peaky Blinders decide to branch out of Birmingham and take London. They enter the bar and through this announcement by the most hotheaded brother, Arthur Shelby, they make one of the most iconic takeovers ever. 

“Whisky’s good proofing water. Tells you who’s real and who isn’t.” – Tommy Shelby

Tommy Shelby, the leader of the Birmingham gang, the cool and down to earth guy has many moments where he shares his wisdom with the audience. It is a custom to welcome his guests at their pub and offer them Irish whiskey. He values honesty and although a criminal and essentially a bad guy, Tommy is a character who gets under our skill due to his love for truth and justice, at least the very beginning. He wants to know who’s on his side and who is better not to trust.

“Don’t fuck with the Peaky Blinders!” – Polly Shelby

There hasn’t been a character at the same time so strong and independent and vulnerable and fragile as Polly Shelby, boys’ aunt who is always the first one to give advice and simply be there for them. She is aware of the family she was born into, is very often on the verge of leaving everything, but is also proud and too stubborn to give away everything she sacrificed her own happiness for. She is also famous for one of the most memorable quotes in the show.

“It was fucking biblical, mate” – Alfie Solomons

Although a supporting role which didn’t get so many minutes in the show, Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons is one of those characters that make the greatest impact on everyone. He is simply unforgettable, with his accent, gestures and his whole presence and one of the characters we love to laugh at. He is responsible for some of the most important quotes in the show, very often very funny. With this sentence he describes his own form of stigmata.

“My suits are on the house, or the house burns down.” –  Tommy Shelby

The show is full of short, but memorable quotes by Tommy Shelby, the most charismatic character which all the time proves his importance in front of the ones who surround him. His decision and word is final and if he is not satisfied with what he gets, everyone will learn the consequences.

“They killed him. My son. They shot him and they put him on a f****** cross and he’s f***** dead.” – Aberama Gold

aberama gold

This is undoubtedly one of the most heartbreaking quotes and scenes in the whole show. Uttered by a character we are not very fond of makes it even more memorable and difficult to forget. Aberama Gold’s son has been killed by the members of the opposite gang and we can feel his pain and despair, definitely thanks to Aiden Gillen’s masterful acting and ability to perfectly convey every possible emotion on screen.

May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you’re dead.” – Grace Shelby

Oh, what a powerful and strong quote, coming from one of the most important female characters in the show. The one and only Grace, Tommy’s biggest and in fact only true love interest. This concern of hers shows both fear from and for her beloved Tommy, since she has gotten to know him better than the rest of the ones around him. At least his most vulnerable and emotional side.

“Men like us, Mr. Shelby, will always be alone. And what love we get, we will have to pay for.” – Chester Campbell

Chester Campbell 1

One of Tommy’s greatest opponents, inspector Campbell, played by brilliant Sam Neill wanted to face Tommy with the fact that he is going to end up alone, without love of his Grace. Jealous and sad, Campbell meant to hurt Tommy with these words, but is not very far from the truth, given the type of people he and Tommy are. On two different sides of the law, but personally very similar.

“He’ll wake up. Granted, he won’t have any teeth left, but he’ll be a wiser man for it.” – Alfie Solomons

Once again, we recognise the true face of Alfie Solomons, a funny, but bizarre and frightening character who is always ready for punishing the ones that get in his way. Very often, he has a smile on his face, accompanied by those lines that make him such a memorable individual here. And we can’t help but start laughing at him, even though he is just cruel most of the time.

“I’m just an extreme example of what a working class man can achieve.” – Tommy Shelby

If not the best, definitely one of the most accurate quotes from the show. It’s facing us with the fact what tenacity, bravery and a bit of luck can bring an ordinary man who knows how to behave in a world full of lies, schemes and false promises. A working class man is by himself and needs to behave accordingly if he wants to achieve something.

“Everyone’s a w****, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves.” – Tommy Shelby

tommy grace

Once again, such an accurate line which depicts and describes people in general. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger and in a way tries to get there, choosing various means of accomplishing it. Tommy explained it to Grace after she discovered what his secret agenda was.

“It’s not a good idea to look at Tommy Shelby in the wrong way.” – Tommy Shelby

Before madly falling in love with her, but on the verge of doing it, Tommy showed his true self to Grace many times. Trying to hide his vulnerability, he often snapped at her and overreacted to some of her accusations or simple questions. They were of course made to provoke him and reveal things that he shouldn’t have.

“Men and their c**** never seize to amaze me.” – Polly Shelby

This sentence perfectly depicts Polly and her view of the situation at the time, especially men and their relationship to women. They are spending a lot of time with prostitutes and undermining women in general. Polly doesn’t want to be perceived in that manner and defiantly tries to find her place among those weak and relentless men, which makes her one the most powerful characters in the show.

“Who wants to be in heaven when you can be sending men to f****** hell.” – Arthur Shelby

The most aggressive of the Shelby brothers, the one who always wants to fight, Arthur Shelby became famous for numerous lines connected to violence. He is too honest for his own good and along with his temper, this is very often a deadly combination for their endeavours. Along with his facial expressions, his lines are some of the most unforgettable ones.

“Sometimes the women have to take over. Like in the war.” – Polly Shelby

polly shelby

Cold as ice, cool as a cucumber, Polly Shelby with her cigarette and piercing look is responsible for one more feministic quote in the show. She never stops fighting for women rights and isn’t afraid of saying what’s on her mind. Because of that, many wanted to keep her quiet and instructed Tommy to get rid of her. 

“Already broken.” – Tommy Shelby

One more strong and such powerful quote which shows Tommy’s immense love towards Grace. Sometimes it really looks as if he won’t be able to go on without her. But gradually we realise that the loss of her only made him more resolute and determined to achieve everything he set himself to. 

“Good taste is for people who can’t afford sapphires.” – Tommy Shelby

When you are as powerful and rich as Peaky Blinders become through ages, it is said that you are not required to have good taste anymore. You can afford absolutely everything and everyone will admire you. When Tommy gives Grace a sapphire necklace, these are the words he uses to stop her from questioning the appropriateness of wearing it at the charity event.

“I just put a bullet in his head. He looked at me wrongly.” – Tommy Shelby

Although we try not to perceive him as the bad guy, Tommy Shelby is more a villain than anything else here. We follow him from his war days, we know he suffers from PTSD and we try to give him credit for his actions. But, to our disappointment, we must accept that he is too ambitious, very often egocentric and selfish.

He might seem fragile and quiet at first, but he has a complicated personality, fights his inner demons and is a type of a person people should be afraid of. Tommy used this line as an explanation when he was asked why he’d killed a horse. But this should be translated into the way he behaves with people, too. 

“Intelligence is a very valuable thing, my friend, innit. And usually, it comes far too f***** late.” – Alfie Solomons

alfie solomons

Alfie Solomons is such a complex character that he could be discussed for hours. He is a type of a supporting role which steals the show. He is quoted, mentioned and analysed in detail. We are often questioning his actions since he can be very cruel and diabolic. Still, we cannot deny his intelligence and ability to adapt and always save himself.

“No fighting. No f***** fighting. No fighting. No f****** fighting.” – Tommy Shelby

Before Tommy gets married to Grace, he talks to his family privately. Since he knows what he and his relatives are like, he warns them to behave properly in front of Grace’s family. Along with warnings about drugs and alcohol, Tommy doesn’t forget the most important issue. His brothers are famous for their brawls and fights and therefore he needs to seriously threaten them. This became one of the most quotable lines from the show.

“Men always tell their troubles to a barmaid.” – Grace Shelby

This is a very significant quote since Grace worked in Tommy’s bar at the beginning of the show. It’s how they met and eventually fell in love. It’s only after a few episodes that we find out she’s spying on Tommy and needs to find out as much as possible about him. She refers to the way he confesses to her after a few drinks of whisky. There are many references to women’s strength in this show and Grace is definitely one of the strongest female characters here.

“Oh. And there’s a woman. Yeah. A woman. I love. And I got close. I nearly got f****** everything” – Tommy Shelby

tommy shelby

So many memorable moments and lines from the show are definitely thanks to Cillian Murphy. He is so good at portraying Tommy that we forget he’s not really him. This is one of his most famous lines and iconic moments in the show. Tommy’s biggest weakness was Grace and when at a certain moment realised that he can’t have her, he showed us his most vulnerable self. And thanks to Murphy, a scene which will not be easily forgotten.

“In all the world, violent men are easiest to deal with.” – Irene O’ Donnell

Such a great and true quote and really referable to the show. All male characters have different qualities. Although some of them are more peaceful than others, all of them often choose violence as the answer. And then they are the weakest. It is shown here in many situations and that’s why this is one of the quotes which should be always mentioned. Especially with Arthut Shelby. He gets played so many times, due to his lack of self – control and violent actions.

“When you’re dead already, you’re free.” – Polly Shelby

We already said that Polly is one of the strongest characters in the show. But she is also very insightful, vulnerable and unhappy. She is well aware of what they got themselves into and is afraid for her nephews, son and herself. Many times she wanted to get out and warned them about the consequences of their deeds. But she knows that they’ll be free only when dead.

“In the end, it’s God who pulls that f****** trigger anyway. We don’t get to decide who lives and who dies, Finn. Not us. You just have to flick a switch.” – Arthur Shelby

This quote shows how many believers justify their actions by mentioning God. It’s easier for them to behave badly because they comfort themselves in that way. Nothing is up to them. They are not responsible for what happens after their bad deeds. And there are so many criminals in many shows and movies who live by that rule and are convinced that they are not in control.

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