Peppa Pig Characters Names, Height, Age, & Birthday

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Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children’s cartoon shows today, but it is also very popular with adults as well because of the subtle hints of humor that older people will actually find funny. That said, there are plenty of different characters in Peppa Pig, and all of them are unique in their own way. That’s why we are here to give you everything you need to know about the most important Peppa Pig characters the show has to offer.

Peppa PigUnknown43 feet
George PigUnknown2Around 2 feet
Mummy PigUnknown30 to 40Around 5 feet
Daddy PigUnknown52Around 5 to 6 feet
Grandpa PigUnknown70Around the same as Daddy Pig
Granny PigUnknown70Around the same as Mummy Pig
Suzie SheepUnknown4Around the same as Peppa
Rebecca RabbitUnknown6Around the same as Peppa
Emily ElephantUnknown4Around the same as Peppa
Mummy SheepUnknown35Around the same as Mummy Pig
Zoe ZebraUnknown4Around the same as Peppa
Doctor Brown BearUnknown45Around the same as Daddy Pig
Danny DogUnknown5Around the same as Peppa
Candy CatUnknown4Around the same as Peppa
Pedro PonyUnknown7Around the same as Peppa
Madame GazelleUnknown50 to 60Around the same as Mummy Pig
Gerald GiraffeUnknown4Taller than most kids
Chloe PigUnknown9Slightly taller than Peppa

1. Peppa Pig

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 4

Height: 3 feet

Character Information: Peppa Pig is the titular character of the series. She lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig. Her hobbies include playing with her friends and having fun with the rest of the other kids and her family. Peppa is also known to be a loud, vocal, and energetic pig that is quite curious and playful to the point that she is often the one who leads her friends in their adventures.

Peppa Pig became the subject of internet humor because, according to the internet, she stands 7’1”, and that means that she is taller than any regular human and is just as tall as an NBA center. While it has been confirmed that she is actually three feet tall, the initial mistake in her height has made Peppa Pig more and more popular, especially among adults that like to joke around.

2. George Pig

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 2

Height: estimated around 2 feet

Character Information: George is the little brother of Peppa Pig and is one of the main characters of the series. He is often seen together with Peppa, as they are virtually inseparable throughout the entire series unless his big sister is at school. If Peppa is around, George and his sister often play with one another. Like the other members of the pig family, he is also fond of jumping in muddy puddles.

Unlike most of the other characters on the show, George hardly says a word and is prone to crying whenever he doesn’t get his way. This may make him somewhat of a spoiled brat because he is somewhat timid and disobedient. Still, he looks up to Peppa and truly cares for his sister.

3. Mummy Pig


Birthday: Unknown

Age: 30 to 40

Height: Estimated around 5 feet

Character Information: Mummy Pig is the matriarch of the pig family and is the mother of both Peppa and George. She is also the daughter of Grandpa and Mummy Pig, who are also regulars on the show. While she looks like Peppa, she stands out with her orange dress and three eyelashes. Mummy Pig is shown to be a caring and responsible mother who also loves to have fun with her entire family but is also mature enough to teach valuable lessons to Peppa and George.


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Like Peppa, Mummy Pig may also have an overblown height that was estimated based on her daughter’s listed height, but she is actually around 5 feet tall. That means that she and her entire family became the subject of internet humor as well, considering that her height is quite unrealistic compared to normal pig standards. 

4. Daddy Pig


Birthday: Unknown

Age: 52

Height: Estimated around 5 to 6 feet

Character Information: Daddy Pig’s real name is actually Snuffle Kins Pig. He is the patriarch of the pig family and has always been portrayed as a responsible and hardworking father that will always find ways to provide for his family. And while he may be quite old compared to the other members of the pig family, he is actually quite fun-loving and isn’t shy about playing with both of his children whenever he has the time.

Another one of the recurring themes regarding Daddy Pig is that he is quite clumsy, particularly due to his massive size. He isn’t very proud of his clumsiness, but there are a few moments where he would actually laugh about being clumsy. Like Peppa and George, he can be quite stubborn. Still, he accepts being the butt of jokes most of the time and tries to take the humor with good nature.

5. Grandpa Pig

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 71

Height: Around the same as Daddy Pig

Character Information: Grandpa Pig is the grandfather of both Peppa and George and is the father of Mummy Pig. He is a supporting character on the show and, despite being as old as he is, he is someone who is fond of sailing. That is why he is often portrayed wearing a sailor’s hat that he is quite proud of because he really loves spending time out on the sea with his boat.

One of the things that Grandpa Pig is very good at is fixing things. He can fix almost anything and, even though he doesn’t know how to use a computer, he can even fix one. On top of that, he is also good at making things as well because he did make a racing car for his grandson, George.

6. Granny Pig

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 70

Height: Around the same as Mummy Pig

Character Information: Granny Pig is the grandmother of both Peppa and George and is the mother of Mummy Pig. She is portrayed to be someone who is quite similar to Mummy Pig in the sense that she is a caring and responsible mother. That is why she is fond of making homemade chocolate cake that both Peppa and George love. Peppa and George also love coming over to Granny Pig’s house so that they can play.

Granny Pig is also the spitting image of Mummy Pig. Except for the fact that she wears a pink dress and has white eyelashes, she looks almost the same as her daughter. 

7. Suzy Sheep

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 4

Height: Around the same as Peppa

Character Information: Suzy Sheep is Peppa Pig’s best friend and is one of the main supporting characters on the show. That’s why she is often seen together with Peppa and is almost always playing around with her and their other friends. She prefers to play feminine games but is not too shy about playing the mud together with the other kids in the series.

One of the things that Suzy Sheep loves doing is playing dress-up. This is her favorite game to play with Peppa, and it is even implied that she actually loves caring for other people and is looking to pursue a future career as a nurse. But the problem with Suzy is that she can be chatty and bossy, which has led to a few fights between her and Peppa.

8. Rebecca Rabbit

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 6

Height: Around the same as Peppa

Character Information: Rebecca Rabbit is one of the friends that Peppa is most often seen hanging around with but is actually two years older than her. Despite that, she is one of Peppa’s good friends and is quite playful in her own right as well. However, there are instances wherein Peppa and Rebecca fight because of how different their personalities can be.

Rebecca is actually quite a sweet character but can also be quite stern and bossy. She is one of the most outspoken characters when it comes to immorality but can sometimes be bossy to her brother, Richard Rabbit. This stern personality is what led her to a few small fights with Peppa during the series.

9. Emily Elephant

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 4

Height: Around the same as Peppa

Character Information: Emily Elephant is one of the newer characters in Peppa Pig’s play group. She was introduced later in the series and was actually quite shy at first. However, she eventually became an outgoing member of the playgroup and can be often seen together with Candy Cat, with who she became best friends as she began to open herself up.

One of the most defining characteristics about Emily is that, like all elephants, she can be very loud with her trunk. The fact that her trunk is quite loud is a bit of an irony because she is one of the most reserved characters on the show and is quite shy. Emily Elephant, due to the fact that she’s just a child, doesn’t have any tusks.

10. Mummy Sheep

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 35

Height: Around the same as Mummy Pig

Character Information: Mummy Sheep is the mother of Suzy Sheep, and that makes her one of the most prominent parents in the series, considering that Suzy is Peppa Pig’s best friend. She greatly resembles Suzy, except for the fact that she has eyelashes. Mummy Sheep is also one of the few mothers that actually wear the same dress color as her daughter.

One of the things that will make Mummy Sheep stand out is that, even though she isn’t shown to have a husband, she doesn’t work. Instead, she mostly spends her time in the gym because she loves sports. If she isn’t bonding with Suzy, she can be seen at the gym. However, she is still a responsible and caring mother that loves being around her daughter.

11. Zoe Zebra

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 4

Height: Around the same as Peppa

Character Information: Zoe Zebra is one of the kids that form part of Peppa Pig’s play group. Like all of the other kids on the show, she is generally nice but has problems paying attention to other people and can actually misbehave from time to time. She is also a bit quieter compared to the other kids, as she tends to stay reserved.

One of the things that make Zoe Zebra unique is that she treats her stuffed monkey as a real pet, but she doesn’t mind admitting that it isn’t a real monkey. And while she may misbehave from time to time, she seems to get along well with the other characters on the show and is a very good sister to her younger siblings.

12. Doctor Brown Bear

doctor brown bear.jpg

Birthday: Unknown

Age: 45

Height: Around the same as Daddy Pig

Character Information: Doctor Brown Bear is one of the recurring adult characters on the show and is one of the few doctors on Peppa Pig. He is one of the jolliest doctors on the show, and that allows him to get along well with the kids that he tends to take care of whenever they are sick. However, there are also instances wherein he doesn’t mind being serious, especially when the matter calls for it.

Nevertheless, Doctor Brown Bear is one of the most caring doctors on the show and is very great at handling children, especially whenever they have a booboo. This is why children don’t mind going to him whenever they need to visit the doctor.

13. Danny Dog

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 5

Height: Around the same as Peppa

Character Information: Danny Dog is another one of the recurring supporting characters that you will often see playing with Peppa and George in their play group. He is portrayed to be a jolly and fun-loving dog that is quite cheerful whenever he is with other children. Danny Dog loves football and enjoys pretending to be a pirate as well.

Danny Dog is also the grandson of Grandad Dog, who is the best friend of Grandpa Pig. That is why Danny and Peppa hang out and play with one another from time to time. Also, both his grandpa and his father are sailors, and that’s why Danny Dog wants to continue the family legacy by aiming to be a sailor as well.

14. Candy Cat

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 4

Height: Around the same as Peppa

Character Information: Candy Cat is one of the most prominent members of Peppa Pig’s play group and is also revealed to be one of the first members of that group as well. She immediately became best friends with Emily Elephant after the new kid was introduced to the show. Of course, Candy Cat is also very friendly and kind to others, just like all of the other children on the show.


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Candy Cat is known to be great at pretending to be a tiger and is actually quite fond of fish. She is sportier than the other kids on the show because she is talented at skipping. Candy is also fond of exploring new things but isn’t shy about doing the regular things that most kids do, such as playing tea parties with her friends.

15. Pedro Pony

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 7

Height: Around the same as Peppa

Character Information: Pedro Pony is one of the older members of Peppa’s play group, and it was actually revealed that he is somewhat of a heartthrob because most of the kids on the show have a crush on him. In fact, in one episode, Peppa kissed Pedro on the cheek. However, he usually acts like any ordinary boy in the sense that he likes having fun like any other child but is one of the laziest characters on the show because he likes sleeping.

Pedro Pony is the son of an optician and actually struggles to see without his glasses. In one episode, he lost his glasses while he was playing with his friends and ended up struggling to see things. And he is also quite clumsy, which leads to him losing his glasses.

16. Madame Gazelle


Birthday: Unknown

Age: 50 to 60

Height: Around the same as Mummy Pig

Character Information: Madame Gazelle is one of the few characters that don’t speak in the usual English accent because she speaks English using a French accent. She is the teacher of Peppa Pig’s play group, and that means that the children look up to her as a parent figure whenever they are at school. And when she was younger, she was also the teacher of the parents of the current generation of Peppa Pig children.

While Madame Gazelle looks like a refined lady, she was actually a member of a rock band when she was younger. On top of that, she can be quite extreme as well because she has been fond of swimming in freezing water ever since she was a child.

17. Gerald Giraffe

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 4

Height: Taller than most children

Character Information: Owing to the fact that he is a giraffe, Gerald Giraffe is the tallest child on the show and is actually quite proud of the fact that he is a lot taller than all of the other kids. In fact, because of his height, Peppa thought that he was already old. He often uses his height to help other people because it allows him to reach things that other kids aren’t able to reach.

While he may be taller than the other kids, that doesn’t get into his head because Gerald Giraffe is a nice friend and can be quite shy at times. However, he does hate playing hide and seek because his height gives him a natural disadvantage against the other children who are a lot shorter than he is.

18. Chloe Pig

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Birthday: Unknown

Age: 9

Height: Slightly bigger than Peppa

Character Information: Chloe Pig is another member of the pig family and is the daughter of Uncle and Aunt Pig and is the older sister of Baby Alexander. She is also older than Peppa by five years, and that means that both Peppa and George tend to look up to their older cousin. However, Chloe also has friends that are around her age, even though she is also fond of playing with her younger cousins.

Chloe Pig looks almost the same as Peppa but can be distinguished due to her yellow dress. She is also slightly bigger than her younger cousin because she is older than her by five years. And because she is older, she acts like a more mature version of Peppa and may even act more like a grown-up than a child.