Percy Hynes White Officially Won’t Be Back for ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 After Sexual Assault Allegations

Percy Hynes White Officially Won't Be Back for 'Wednesday' Season 2 After Sexual Assault Allegations

Wednesday was one of Netflix’s biggest hits last year, as the supernatural teen drama starring Jenna Ortega in the titular role became a global hit. Of course, a second season was ordered, and with production beginning later this year, the official cast list for the season has finally been announced, and we know who will be returning to the second season, as well as who won’t be returning. The rumors of Percy Hynes White being dropped from the series have been circulating since the sexual assault allegations from last year, but we can now officially confirm that the actor won’t be back for the second season of the series.

White played Xavier Thorpe, a student of Nevermore Academy in Season 1. Xavier’s ability was to make art come to life and he was also a psychic with a fairly important role in the season, especially due to his connection to Wednesday, so it remains to be seen how the writers will tackle his absence in the second season.

And while it hasn’t been confirmed as the official reason, it is more than clear that last year’s sexual assault allegations made by him are the reason for his being dropped from the series. In short, a Twitter user posted messages in which White was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, which – in short – claimed that “He would pursue, have sex with, abuse and get my friend high who was 13/14 at the time. Last time I knew they had sex she was 16 and he was 20. He assaulted me at one of those parties awhile I was too drunk, and he had cornered and pressured and assaulted multiple of my friends.” You can check the original Tweet here:

As you can see, the accusations are quite serious, and they resulted in many fans calling for Netflix to drop White from the series. The actor immediately responded to the messages, calling them lies and misinformation:

“Earlier this year, somebody I’ve never met started a campaign of misinformation about me online. Because of this, my family has been doxxed, and my friends have received death threats. Underage photos of me were used, and examples of me acting in character were presented as hateful. My friend Jane was falsely portrayed as a victim, and her attempts to set the record straight have been ignored. She gave me permission to include her in this message.

The rumors are false. I can’t accept the portrayal of me as someone bigoted, or criminally negligent of people’s safety. These are the kind of baseless, harmful claims that can create mistrust toward victims. It’s very distressing to know that this misinformation has upset people. I’m really thankful for everyone who’s stood by me and helped share the facts. Harassment of my family, friends and coworkers needs to stop please. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

Source: Variety

Whether or not there were any criminal elements to this story (which is something for the authorities to determine), the behavior was quickly labeled as being completely inappropriate, and rumors broke in September 2023 that White’s character was being written out of Wednesday, despite the actor’s claims. Since then, no official statements have been made, but with the official cast listing out now, we can confirm that the rumors were indeed true and that White is definitely out of the series, which made a lot of fans happy.

We at Fiction Horizon firmly stand by all victims of sexual assault, as well as any other form of abuse, and praise any and all actions that lead to exposing abusers and their acts, as well as sanctioning them.

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