Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Vs. Miles Morales: Who Would Win and Why?

peter parker vs miles morales

Peter Parker is the original and the most popular version of Spider-Man ever created by Marvel comics. However, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse opened up a whole new world of Spideys for Marvel movie fans with Miles Morales (those who read the comics were already familiar with him before). The question is, if Parker and Morales fought, who would win?

Although Parker is the most popular Spider-Man, Miles Morales is superior in powers and abilities. They have the same attributes, but Miles has additional powers that Peter doesn’t. However, when you account for experience and intellect, Peter wins.

Still, it wouldn’t be a clear-cut battle every time. Parker’s will and determination helped him edge out a victory against much stronger opponents. Therefore, Morales would have a tough time even with his superior abilities. Let’s dive deeper into the two Spider-Men’s powers to see who would eventually win the fight and why.

Peter Parker and His Powers

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Spider Physiology

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker started to experience physical and mental changes to his body. The newfound powers give Parker superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and durability. He can lift a truck over his head and take a punch from the Hulk without much damage.

However, he’s not invincible – it’s possible to harm him physically, but Peter is a lot more resilient than your average human. Also, his quickness and fantastic reflexes always put him at an advantage when fighting his opponents, as he is quite great at reading the enemy and reacting accordingly.

But, what makes Spider-Man so incredible are his agility, balance, and wall-crawling abilities. He can find the center of balance on any object instinctively, no matter how thin or small it is. Being able to cling to any surface with his hands and feet certainly helps with that, too.


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Healing Factor

Another superhuman power Peter Parker has is his quick healing factor. While Spidey can get hurt, he can heal from injury a lot quicker than other human beings. He can also heal from certain injuries that a normal human couldn’t. 

For instance, Spidey was completely blinded in a fight against the Masked Marauder in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #25-29 but recovered perfect vision within two to three hours. Also, when he broke an arm in the New Avengers #2, Peter completely healed it the next morning.

Not only can Peter heal fast from injury, but illness as well. He has a boosted immune system and metabolism, allowing him to recover from viruses and other influences more quickly and tolerate larger amounts of drugs or opioids.


Last but not least, Peter Parker has what MCU fans know as the “Peter tingle,” as his Aunt May called it. The Spider-Sense allows Parker to sense imminent danger before it happens, allowing him to react and respond not only quickly but virtually in advance.

The precognitive sense is so quick it allows his reflexes to react in milliseconds, enough to avoid even a bullet. But, the best thing about it is that it’s directional – while it can’t tell Peter what the danger is, the Spider-Sense can guide him towards his goal or away from danger.

It’s a phenomenal power that makes all his other powers that much more effective, and it’s ultimately what allowed him to keep his identity hidden for such a long time – alerting him of humans, cameras, etc.

Apart from the abilities I’ve already mentioned, Peter Parker also has genius-level intellect, engineering skills, and acrobatics. He’s a gifted martial artist, too, but his incredible willpower makes him such a deadly opponent for anybody.

Miles Morales and His Powers


Spider Physiology

Like Earth-616’s Peter Parker, Miles Morales from Earth-1610 was also bitten by a radioactive spider when he visited his uncle Aaron Davis, a criminal who stole the Oz-formula-enhanced spider from Oscorp.

Miles gained almost the same powers as Peter Parker, who was Spider-Man in his universe, too. However, this version of Peter Parker dies, and Morales continues his legacy.

Miles’s powers are very similar to Peter’s regarding physiology. They both have superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, balance, and agility. Also, they both have a strong healing factor, wall-crawling skills, as well as their Spider-Sense.

Morales isn’t as intellectually gifted as Parker, though, but he has more powers than not even the original Spidey has, which may put him over the top in their potential fight.


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Morales can camouflage himself and blend into any environment, including water, concrete, wood, or other known material. It also works on his clothes, making him virtually invisible at will.

It allows Miles to sneak up on his enemies or get away from danger when he gets cornered. When you pair that with his wall-crawling abilities, it’s too easy for him to get out of a sticky situation (pun intended).


Another phenomenal power that came from the Oz formula is Morales’s bio-electrokinesis. Through touch alone, it allows him to send a bio-electric shockwave, called the Venom Blast, disrupting the enemy’s nervous system, blasting them away, or rendering them unconscious.

The ability works with touch and punches, but it also works at long range. Miles can send a Venom Beam of concentrated electrostatic energy towards an opponent or charge his web to use it against enemies.

Finally, Miles learned that he could sometimes create a Mega Venom Blast, which works about the same as a regular Blast, but is bigger and stronger. Morales’ eyes glow with bright yellow energy before bursting and destroying everything in its path when using it. 

However, the move requires a lot of focus and energy, leaving Morales exhausted after use, which is why we’ve only seen it a couple of times.

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Vs. Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Who Would Win and Why?

When it’s all said and done, who would be the winner in this fight between two loveable superheroes? The answer is not that simple, and it’s really hard to pick Peter over Miles, or vice versa.

Miles Morales has the upper hand if we’re talking about powers alone. Although most of their powers are more-or-less the same, Morales has additional abilities that Peter never had, such as the Spider-camouflage or the Venom Blasts.

The few times they fought each other in the comics – especially in their first few encounters – Miles knocked Peter unconscious with his Venom blasts. However, even though Parker didn’t know of Morales’ additional skills, he could still outwit him and remove his mask.

That leads us to the strongest argument for Parker being the winner. He’s at least a decade older than morales and has so much more fighting experience against much more dangerous threats. Also, his intelligence is through the roof, whereas Miles’ is maybe slightly above-average. 

He’s still a kid learning how to use his abilities, while Parker already battled countless intergalactic threats and supervillains.

Therefore, it would be a very close fight. Miles Morales has better abilities, but Peter Parker just trumps him intellectually and experience-wise. Remember, even if Morales uses Spider-camouflage, Peter could still sense him with his Spider-Sense, so it wouldn’t play much difference.

If I had to choose, I’d give Parker the win 3 out of 5 times, but no one would win decisively in any of their encounters. In the end, I love both Spidey versions and would hate to see them fight at all, so my answer is that they would be buddies and hash it out with a nice conversation.

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