Professor X vs. Doctor Strange: Who Would Win?

Two of the most powerful Marvel characters that rely more on their non-physical talents are Professor X and Doctor Strange, who are both set to appear in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness. While we do know that these characters are powerful in their own right, what if they were to fight? Who would win in a clash between Professor X and Doctor Strange?

From an overall aspect, Doctor Strange seems to be able to do more than Professor X, whose only abilities are his skills as a telepath. However, if Doctor Strange doesn’t have anything to protect himself against Professor X’s telepathic abilities, then he might not win this fight against the mutant.

We all know how powerful Doctor Strange and Professor X are in their own right. Strange seems to be the more versatile of the two because of how his magic allows him to do a lot of different things. As such, there is a good chance he would win a fight against Professor X if and only if he is able to protect himself against Charles Xavier’s Omega-level mutant abilities.


Professor X is an Omega-level mutant with telepathic abilities that are almost unmatched when compared to all of the other Marvel characters with the same powers. That means that, once he literally and figuratively sets his mind on something and doesn’t hold back, he can destroy anyone mentally. While others believe that he is only capable of communicating telepathically, the truth is that he can kill someone in an instant by messing up with their mind.

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Doctor Strange’s powers come from his mastery of the mystic arts, which are essentially magical abilities that regular humans can train themselves to perform. Because of his hard work and intelligence, Steven Strange was able to surpass all of the other masters of the mystic arts to become the best of them. And that’s why he can perform all sorts of spells to the point that he can mess up with the very fabrics of time and space all on his own and without the use of any cosmic tool at his disposal.


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If you look at their powers, you can see that they both specialize in different things. It might be true that Charles Xavier’s abilities aren’t suited for combat, but he can kill anyone if he wants to. Meanwhile, Strange might be the more capable of the two in battle, but not even the mystic arts can do anything against Professor X’s telepathic capabilities.

Points: Xavier 1, Strange 0


Charles Xavier has always been one of the most intelligent characters in X-Men and in all of Marvel because his intelligence transcends the usual bounds of what humans are capable of. This can be attributed to how his powers are based on his mental abilities. On top of that, he is also a genius when it comes to science, as he wouldn’t be a professor if that weren’t the case.

Doctor Strange is no slouch when it comes to his intellect because he is a medical doctor. However, his intellect is mostly related to the medical field, but he did translate his big brain to the mystic arts, as he was able to learn some of the most complicated spells due to how intelligent he is. That’s why he still stands as one of the most intelligent characters on the MCU and is quite possibly the most intelligent living MCU Avenger together with the likes of Bruce Banner.

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Steven Strange is incredibly intelligent, but his intellect is limited to peak human intelligence, considering that he is simply a regular human. However, Charles Xavier’s intellect transcends normal human capabilities because of his mutant powers.

Points: Xavier 2, Strange 0

Physical Abilities

Professor X is quite possibly one of the most useless characters in Marvel when it comes to physical abilities. He doesn’t have any outstanding physical abilities because of the fact that he has been in a wheelchair for as long as anyone can remember and doesn’t engage in combat exercises. Xavier does engage in upper body strengthening exercises, but there is nothing outstanding about what he can do physically.

Even though Steven Strange is also a regular human when it comes to his physical abilities, he was trained to be a fighter when he started learning the mystic arts. He doesn’t stand out in a physical contest, especially because most of what he can do in a fight relies on his magical abilities. However, Strange can still win a fistfight with any regular human, even without using his powers.

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There is no argument that anyone who isn’t physically disabled can win a fight against Professor X when you only talk about physical capabilities. This is why Doctor Steven Strange wins this round.

Points: Xavier 2, Strange 1


In terms of his feats, Professor X is actually quite powerful if he actually puts the effort. He is so powerful that he is one-half of the insanely powerful mutant construct called Onslaught, who was made into reality when Xavier tried to kill Magneto using his telepathy. Of course, one of the most impressive feats that Professor X was able to accomplish was killing almost all of the mutants within the range of his powers when his mental state was declining in the Logan film.

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Doctor Strange, without the Time Stone, was able to hold his own against Thanos with three Infinity Stones. While he was able to fight him on par for a while, he still could not stop the Mad Titan. Still, that is an impressive feat. But in terms of his magical capabilities, he was able to mess up the time-space continuum in Spider-Man: No Way Home even without the use of any cosmic tool.


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Feat-wise, Professor X and Doctor Strange are just about equal because they have both been able to accomplish amazing things on their own. 

Points: Xavier 2, Strange 1


Professor X is more of a specialist in battle, especially if you consider the fact that all he can do is use his telepathy. Once his telepathic powers are negated by a special tool (such as Magneto’s helmet), he is basically rendered useless. While he might be quite powerful when unhindered, he isn’t the most versatile mutant.

Doctor Strange has a wide variety of different spells that he can use, regardless of who he is up against. He can stand up to brutes like Thanos or to other masters of the mystic arts, depending on the spells that he uses. This is why he is quite versatile in a fight, as he has a host of different spells at his disposal.

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Professor X is indeed powerful, but he lacks the versatility that some of the other Marvel characters have. This is why Doctor Strange can possibly do more than he can in battle, especially if you consider the fact that Strange’s mystic arts are quite versatile.

Points: Xavier 2, Strange 2

Professor X vs. Doctor Strange: Who Would Win?

It is incredibly tough to determine who between Professor X and Doctor Strange will win in a fight because you can’t really see how this battle is going to end. Xavier can indeed win the fight in an instant once he gets into Strange’s mind. However, if Doctor Strange can find a way to negate Charles’ abilities as a telepath by using his mystic arts, then he could also easily win the fight. That’s why this fight can go either way.