PV, Additional Cast, and Summary Released for TV Anime ‘Black Rock Shooter: Down Fall’


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On February 11, the official website of the upcoming TV anime Black Rock Shooter: Down Fall revealed its promotional video (PV), an additional cast member, synopsis, as well as the ending theme song. This anime adaptation marks the second anime television series for illustrator Ryohei Fuke’s original characters. The first adaptation aired in 2012 and had eight episodes.

Black Rock Shooter: Down Fall will air on the following channels in Japan: Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi,  BS11, and exclusively on Disney Plus. The anime is set to broadcast on April 3rd. 

You can watch the PV below: 

Black Rock Shooter: Down Fall is set in the year 2062 in a post-apocalyptic universe. Earth is in shambles after a failed attempt to automate the workforce took a dire turn. The AI Artemis, the core and brains of the project, chose to fight against humanity. 

The story follows a young girl named Empress who wakes up in an underground research facility. She has no recollection of her past or who she was. Empress is then given a mission by the Colonel of the Peace Building Army: destroy Artemis’ current production. 


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The additional cast member revealed is Ayaka Asai, who will be playing Monica, a skilled systems engineer and hacker. Singer and voice actress Kanako Takatsuki will be singing the ending theme song for the upcoming anime. The song is called “Before the Nightmare.” Kanako wrote the song inspired by the anime’s fantastic CG and unrealistic fight scenes. A fan herself, Kanako said she was honored to be part of the production. 

takatsukikanako art20220211

More information will be released about the upcoming fantasy anime in the coming days. You can check out its official Twitter account for the latest news. 

Source: Comic Natalie, Official Website  

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