‘Reacher’: Who Is Marlo Burns? Meet Christina Cox’s Character

Marlo Burns

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Marlo Burns is a compelling character introduced in the second season of Amazon Prime’s TV series ‘Reacher.’ Unlike many characters who populate the series, she is not derived from Lee Child’s bestselling books but is an original creation for the screen. Portrayed by Christina Cox, Marlo Burns is intricately woven into the show’s narrative, adding a layer of intrigue and complexity. Her role as the Director of Operations at New Age Technologies places her at the center of unfolding events, making her a character of interest and mystery.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Marlo Burns is a character in the second season of “Reacher,” an Amazon Prime TV show, portrayed by actress Christina Cox.
  • She is the Director of Operations at New Age Technologies in the series, a role not present in the original book series by Lee Child.
  • Christina Cox, a Canadian actress of Jamaican descent, has a diverse acting background, including roles in “Better Than Chocolate” and “The Chronicles of Riddick.”

Marlo Burns: The enigmatic figure

In ‘Reacher,’ Marlo Burns emerges as a pivotal character, shrouded in ambiguity. She is the Director of Operations at New Age Technologies, a position that places her in the midst of the show’s central plot. Burns is instrumental in providing critical information to the protagonists, which leads them into a dangerous ambush. This action cements her as a character with dubious intentions, adding to the overall suspense of the series. Her involvement with their friend from the ‘110th MP Special Investigations Unit’, Swan, and her sudden disappearance with her daughter further deepen the enigma surrounding her character.

Christina Cox: The actress behind Marlo Burns

Christina Cox brings Marlo Burns to life with a nuanced performance that reflects her extensive experience in film and television. Born in a suburb of Toronto and of Jamaican descent, Cox has been part of over 38 film and TV projects. Her notable roles include the Canadian movie ‘Better Than Chocolate’ and ‘The Chronicles of Riddick.’ Cox’s background in theater, dance, and athletics, including training in boxing and taekwondo, adds depth to her portrayal of complex characters. Her role as Marlo Burns in ‘Reacher’ showcases her ability to embody characters that resonate with audiences and contribute significantly to the storyline.

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