Regé-Jean Page: Bio, Height, Net Worth, Parents, Wife & More

Rege-Jean Page Bio

Regé-Jean Page is one of the most prominent young actors that surged in popularity after his big role in the Netflix hit romantic series, Bridgerton. Page scored some major roles recently, and with such a talent, it’s almost certain he will score even more.

If you are just hopping on the Regé-Jean Page bandwagon, I’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the young, surging superstar, his life, net worth, family, and upcoming projects.

Regé-Jean Page Bio

Regé-Jean Page was born on January 24, 1988, in London. His Birth name is Regererai Page, but he later changed it for career purposes. He spent his childhood in Harare, Zimbabwe, where his mother was from, but returned to school in London during his early teens.

Acting was actually Regé-Jean’s hobby that he took up at Saturday school while studying sound engineering at the National Youth Theatre in London. It took Page two years of auditioning before finally being accepted at the Drama Centre London, which is a high-end drama school in King’s Cross, London.

His first role came when Page was only 13 years old, in 2001, when he played a character called Tanaka in a TV series called Gimme 6. He had numerous roles over the next 18 years, but nothing that would push him into stardom. Fortunately, he found that breakthrough role in early 2020.

Page became a worldwide celebrity after portraying sir Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, in the mega-popular Netflix romantic series, Bridgerton. However, despite the role pushing him into stardom, Page was never really thrilled about it, saying:

“It’s a huge compliment to know that people trust me with characters that they want an audience to fall in love with, but that person on screen isn’t me.”

That’s probably why we haven’t seen his character return for season 2 of the show. His career took off, though, so I highly doubt he honestly regrets being Simon Basset.

Regé-Jean Page Height

One of the most common questions about celebrities, for some reason, is how tall they are? So, how tall is Regé-Jean Page?

Regé-Jean Page is 5’11’’ tall (around 180 cm), which is around the average height for actors. His co-stars from his newest project, The Gray Man, are around the same height (both Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are around 6’ tall (183-184 cm).

Regé-Jean Page Net Worth

Regé-Jean Page is estimated to have a net worth of about $1.5 million, or £1.1 million. Most of it can be attributed to his work in the movie industry and his recent surge in popularity, but also to some commercial projects and endorsement deals with various brands and companies.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Page was offered $50 000 an episode to return in a guest-star role for Bringerton Season 2, but he declined the offer, stating that he always saw the part as a one-season arc.

It is also unclear how much Page got paid for his role in The Gray Man, but seeing that Gosling and Evans reportedly got $20 million each for their lead parts in the high-budget Netflix project, I think it’s safe to assume that Regé-Jean also got a nice payday, upping his total net worth.

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Regé-Jean Page Wife & Family

I got some good news and some bad news for all the admirers of Regé-Jean Page. The good news is that he is not married as of now. The bad news, though, is that he is in a long-term relationship with Emily Brown, a footballer and copywriter that studied at Manchester University, according to People.

They have been linked since 2019 but only made their first public appearance in late 2021 at the British GQ Men of the Year Awards. Unlike Page, Brown is not that prone to be a public figure and has no active social media accounts (as far as we know).

As for the rest of his family, they mostly keep a low profile. Regé-Jean Page was born to a Zimbabwean mother, who was a nurse, and an English father, who was a preacher. He has three siblings (Regé-Jean is the third child) and was actually in a band with his brother, Tose Page. 

The band was called TUNYA, and their music was featured in a short movie called Don’t Wait, directed by Lanre Malaolu.

Regé-Jean Page Most Notable Roles

As I’ve mentioned, the role that pushed Regé-Jean Page to global stardom was the role of Simon Basset in Bridgerton. It’s still his most notable role, apart from the role he had in the Netflix movie, The Gray Man, where he portrayed a CIA operative, Carmichael.

His other roles include portraying Guy Braxton in a show called Waterloo Road, Leonard Know in a show For the People, and being the narrator in a 2022 documentary called Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. He also appeared in a supporting role in Amazon’s Emmy-nominated Sylvie’s Love.

Regé-Jean Page Upcoming Projects

There aren’t many announced upcoming projects in which Regé-Jean Page is supposedly starring now that The Gray Man is out in theaters. He ought to star in Paramount’s reboot of The Saint; however, the release date nor the official production hasn’t started yet (to our knowledge).

Regé-Jean will also star in a show called Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which is in post-production and should be released in early 2023 and should also appear in Noah Hawley’s untitled heist film that’ll be done under Netflix’s production.

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Regé-Jean Page Personal Quotes

Quotes retrieved from IMDb:

“If we’ve endured white Jesus for this long, then folks can endure a Black duke.”

“I pursued a career in acting, being not very good at anything else at all.”

“I think that different people are objectively attractive in different ways, and a big part of the romance genre for me is in discovering what that true attractiveness is. What is truly beautiful about someone? What is that jewel at the heart of them? How do you dig that out? And how do you get to recognize it, despite all of the glamour and fireworks and bright lights in the way?”

Regé-Jean Page Awards & Fun Facts

Regé-Jean Page has won several awards in his career already, including nominations for the Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Satellite Awards, etc. He also won awards in his categories at the NAACP and the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Here are some fun facts about Regé-Jean Page you probably didn’t know.

  • He appeared in 2010’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 as a Wedding Guest but was uncredited for the role (see photo below)
  • He was a part of a musical duo with his brother Tose, called TUNYA
  • He lived in Zimbabwe for most of his childhood
  • It took Page two years to get into drama school
  • His real name is Regererai, not Regé-Jean

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