Rumors: Additional R-Rated MCU Projects Planned Regardless of the Outcomes of ‘Echo’ and ‘Deadpool 3’

Rumors Additional R Rated MCU Projects Planned Regardless of the Outcomes of Echo and Deadpool 3

Until recently, the majority of MCU content was either PG-13 or TV-14 rated, ensuring a family-friendly appeal. However, this trend shifted with the announcement that the upcoming ‘Deadpool 3’ sequel would maintain its R rating, acknowledging the challenge of toning down the character’s signature gore and humor for a PG-13 audience.

The next R-rated project in line is ‘Echo,’ scheduled for release in January 2024. As the first under the Marvel Spotlight banner, the show focuses on character development, making prior MCU knowledge unnecessary. The showrunners have indicated that while ‘Echo’ explores family themes, it will also feature intense violence, evident from the trailers.

Following this, ‘Blade’ director Yann Demange confirmed that the upcoming reboot would also carry an R rating. Marvel appears to be venturing into new territory, potentially in response to the underperformance of movies and shows this year. There are reports that Marvel is contemplating giving the ‘Thunderbolts’ an R rating as well.


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Given the industry’s meticulous approach, major studios, including Marvel Studios and Disney, are expected to gauge the reception of ‘Deadpool 3’ and ‘Echo’ before greenlighting more R-rated projects. According to reliable scooper and leaker Alex Perez, this isn’t necessarily the final word on the matter.

Even if ‘Echo’ and ‘Deadpool 3’ face significant setbacks, the studio is prepared to greenlight another R-rated project, meticulously assessing the worthiness of potential ventures.

Regardless, fans are likely to welcome this shift in the MCU landscape. The constant influx of new heroes and an insufficient number of concluded stories may have rendered the MCU somewhat monotonous. With numerous projects in the pipeline, fans struggle to focus and connect with existing characters before new ones are introduced. Marvel Spotlight seeks to address this issue by presenting stand-alone projects that deliver character-driven narratives and nothing less.

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