Rumors Have It That Sony Is Reportedly in the Process of Developing an R-Rated Spider-Man Film

Rumors Have It That Sony Is Reportedly in the Process of Developing an R Rated Spider Man Film

The concept of an extended Spider-Man universe under Sony’s umbrella first emerged in 2013, envisioning spin-off films, notably one centered around Venom, in the aftermath of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ However, facing disappointment with the film’s reception, Sony shelved these plans. In 2015, a collaboration with Marvel Studios ensued, bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Despite the generally lukewarm to negative reviews for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU) movies, as evident with films like Morbius, the initiative persisted. Currently, there are numerous live-action and animated projects in the pipeline, focusing on Spider-Man’s supporting characters and adversaries. Ironically, the one element missing from the SSU is Spider-Man himself.

Recent rumors, circulating courtesy of CanWeGetSomeToast and The Streamr on X, suggest that Sony is actively working on an R-rated Spider-Man film.

I must confess, the prospect of an R-rating is somewhat unexpected, especially given that even ‘Venom’ didn’t receive an “R” rating. Nevertheless, there are several alternative iterations of Spider-Man that could align with such a rating, with Spider-Punk being a prime candidate. The circulating rumors also suggest that the film might center around this particular version of the web-slinger.


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Before these speculations are either validated or dismissed, anticipation builds for ‘Madame Web,’ the latest addition to the SSU. Interestingly, there’s a rumor suggesting that Spider-Man was initially intended to make an appearance in ‘Madame Web.’ However, a decision was made to place the film in its own independent universe, leading to the removal of all references to the character. Some rumors hint that this alteration was due to a timeline error, preventing certain originally planned characters from realistically fitting into the movie’s 2003 setting.

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