‘Sasaki and Peeps’ Anime Review: Is It Worth Watching?

'Sasaki and Peeps' Anime Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Sasaki and Peeps, also known as Sasaki and Pi-chan, appeared in 2018 as an original web novel series written by Buncololi. In 2021, a manga adaptation illustrated by Pureji Osho appeared, as well as a light novel series illustrated by Kantoku. In 2024, this relatively popular isekai comedy also received an anime adaptation, which premiered on January 5, 2024, with a 45-minute episode, thereby starting its run. In this article, after having seen what Sasaki and Peeps have to offer, we have decided to tell you our impressions of Silver Link’s newest series.

Silver Link is not a major studio, but anime fans will probably know it via The Misfit of Demon King Academy, a very popular fantasy series. The studio has, so far, produced a series of fantasy and isekai anime series, so we can say that this genre is its specialty. This is why it doesn’t really surprise us that Sasaki and Peeps was adapted by them and since we do know how they work in general, we also know what we can expect.

The series’ protagonist is Sasaki, who is a corporate worker. Even though Sasaki leads a busy and enjoyable corporate life, at the end of the day, he feels exhausted and unfulfilled. He goes to a pet store on a whim, looking for a company to fill the hole in his life, little knowing that he is about to make a life-changing decision. His new flatmate later reveals that he is actually a strong sage from another world who instantly gives Sasaki superhuman skills and the capacity to travel between worlds when he chooses an adorable bird and brings it home. Sasaki just wants to use her newfound abilities to live a peaceful, comfortable life, but there are a lot of interesting people who can come in the way.


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If this sounds to you like a more or less typical isekai setting, well… you’re right. Isekai is a fairly popular genre in the otaku community. And while there really are some great titles there that have a compelling story, we’re sad to say that it’s mostly the fanservice that keeps this genre going, as Isekai series usually have the largest amount of borderline hentai content among all genres. Sometimes, it’s funny, but in most cases, the fanservice content is really just overkill, and save for the forced humor and ecchi content, the shows have little to offer.

Is Sasaski and Peeps like that? Well… both yes and no. Depending on how well you’re acquainted with the overall series, you’ll probably know what to expect, but anime fans who are not acquainted with the series will definitely be pleasantly surprised. Okay, we won’t tell you that Sasaki and Peeps will blow your mind, but it does play o the standard isekai tropes – the protagonist doesn’t really die and is then reincarnated in another world as the most popular hero every (busty) girl wants to be with, he is not a knight in shining armor (in fact, he goes to the isekai world in his everyday clothes), he exchanges between his regular life and his work in the new world, his companion is a bird, and there are no busty girls in the series (so far).

The animation is quite nice, although we still haven’t seen much of it and we assume that the series will offer us more content in the upcoming episodes, but the introduction was a good start. Sure, the series is probably going to become more of a typical isekai work as it progresses, but even such a relatively mild start to the series (although we still have to wait and see what they do with the schoolgirl whom Sasaki found in front of his apartment – mind you, Sasaki seems like a guy in his late 30s/early 40s!) gives us hope that Sasaki and Peeps will not be yet another empty shell of an isekai series.

With such a promising start, we can actually confirm that Sasaki and Peeps seems to be a series that we can actually recommend, but with a lot of caution, as we know what usually happens in isekai series. This is a fairly refreshing start, genre-wise, so we do hope that the series manages to maintain this level of freshness in the future as well. Isekai fans will certainly enjoy the show, but if it doesn’t repeat the usual mistakes, it could also offer some interesting content for fans of fantasy series as well, especially if you like to laugh from time to time.

Score: 6.5/10

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