Scarlett Johansson’s Secret Project Reportedly Revealed, Introducing Another Superhero

Scarlett Johanssons Secret Project Reportedly Revealed Introducing Another Superhero

Scarlett Johansson, previously announced as the producer of a confidential Marvel project, marks her debut in this role. Following her lawsuit against Disney after the simultaneous release of ‘Black Widow’ in theaters and on Disney+ in July 2021, which was resolved two months later, Johansson’s portrayal of Natasha Romanoff has concluded. However, fans can anticipate her involvement in an upcoming MCU project she’ll produce alongside Kevin Feige.

Recent reports suggest that Scarlett Johansson is presently collaborating with Disney+ on a secretive venture. The clue emerged from Courtney Baker, a creative executive at Marvel Studios, who updated her LinkedIn profile, hinting at new developments or responsibilities within the company.

According to Giant Freaking Robot, the project under wraps is a live-action series centered on Blonde Phantom. It remains uncertain if Scarlett will portray Blonde Phantom or if her involvement will be purely behind-the-scenes. However, with the current Multiverse theme, her leading role seems plausible.

For those unfamiliar with Blonde Phantom, she hasn’t been a standout favorite among fans, leading to criticisms dubbing the show as “unrequested.”

“The Blonde Phantom” is a Marvel Comics superheroine who debuted in ‘All Select Comics’ #11 in 1946. Created by Stan Lee and Syd Shores for Timely Comics, she gained prominence during the Golden Age of Comic Books in the 1940s. Louise Grant, hailing from Hoboken, New Jersey, served as a secretary to private detective Mark Mason. Inspired to assist him in solving crimes, she assumed the identity of the Blonde Phantom, donning a black domino mask and a striking red evening gown for her nocturnal crime-fighting endeavors.

Skilled in martial arts and armed with a .45-caliber pistol, she resembled Superman and Lois Lane in her relationship with Mason. Despite his admiration for the Blonde Phantom, Mason remained oblivious to Louise’s true identity. Throughout her adventures, she confronted a variety of foes, including gangsters, monstrous adversaries like Baron Frankenstein, and criminal illusionists.

Blonde Phantom shares many similarities with Black Widow in her approach to crime-fighting, and she frequently appeared as a supporting character in She-Hulk’s adventures.

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