Scrooge McDuck Net Worth (And the Only Richer Character)

Scrooge McDuck Net Worth And The Only Richer Character?

When we were younger and watching cartoons, one of the things that we noticed was how filthy rich Scrooge McDuck is, regardless of which cartoon or comic book he appears in. There are plenty of illustrations of Scrooge McDuck swimming in a pool of money or gold, and this representation has become quite popular when describing wealth or even greed. But what exactly is Scrooge McDuck’s net worth? And are there characters who are wealthier than he is?

Multiple publications have long been trying to estimate Scrooge McDuck’s net worth. Some have placed his net worth at $44.1 billion, while there are those that estimate his net worth at $65.4 billion. He is so wealthy that it is estimated that there is only one character that is wealthier, Marvel’s Black Panther.

Scrooge McDuck may be a fictional character, but he is often described as the personification of wealth when it comes to fictional characters. That is because he has always been described to be so filthy rich that he can actually swim in a pool of money. With that said, let’s take a deeper look at Scrooge McDuck’s wealth.

How Rich Is Scrooge McDuck (Net Worth)?

Scrooge McDuck Net Worth And The Only Richer Character?

One of the most memorable things about our childhood is watching Disney cartoons that are full of different characters with their own unique personalities and characterizations. Even though Donald Duck and the rest of the ducks in Disney usually play second fiddle to Mickey Mouse, they have become quite popular and have earned their own spin-off story and cartoons such as DuckTales.

In relation to Donald Duck, one of the characters that do not play the second fiddle in Disney’s roster of characters as far as wealth goes is Scrooge McDuck in the duck universe. Originally designed to be a one-time-only character in Disney’s comics as a side character in Donald Duck’s own storyline, Scrooge became so popular that he started becoming a regular since his first appearance in 1947.

What made Scrooge McDuck so popular was his ridiculous wealth. He was always described as a shrewd businessman that has more money than he could ever spend in his entire lifetime. In fact, he is so rich that he is often portrayed and illustrated as a character swimming in a pool of his own money.

The fact that the line between the rich and poor and how the common person sees the rich as people as shrewd as Scrooge McDuck made him the popular character that he has always been. But how rich is Scrooge McDuck in terms of his net worth?

If we go by the way Disney’s fictional world describes Scrooge McDuck, he is described to have a wealth that totals “607 tillion 386 zillion 947 trillion 522 billion dollars and 36 cents”. And he was always hesitant to part with the money that he has in his possession. This is why the name “Scrooge” has become synonymous with a person who likes to hoard wealth to the point that those who need the money more are deprived of it.

While we do know that “607 tillion 386 zillion 947 trillion 522 billion dollars and 36 cents” is not a real number as far as wealth is concerned, what we know is that Scrooge McDuck’s net worth has always been unclear to the point that Disney just plays with it and overestimates his value.

However, there have been plenty of different real-life publications that have tried to estimate Scrooge McDuck’s net worth to a number that is actually realistic. In 2011, Reuters estimated his net worth to be around $44.1 billion. Meanwhile, that number ballooned to $65.4 billion in 2013, as reported by Forbes.

Regardless of how much Scrooge McDuck’s net worth is, the fact is that he is a filthy rich cartoon character that has become synonymous with what being miserly is all about. And he will always be the best illustration of what it means to literally swim in a pool of gold.

The Only Character Richer than Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck Net Worth And The Only Richer Character?

The interesting part about the fictional world is that it is full of different characters that are often described to be very rich to the point that they can literally do anything and even use their wealth to take over the world or, on the positive side, fight criminals. We often see guys like Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Iron Man (Tony Stark) as the personifications of fictional wealth because they literally use their money to buy gadgets that they fight crime with.

However, did you know that, as wealthy as those characters may be, they don’t even scratch the surface of Scrooge McDuck’s net worth? Bruce Wayne has an estimated net worth of $9.2 billion. Meanwhile, Tony Stark is estimated to be worth around $12.4 billion. Combined, they don’t even reach half of Scrooge’s wealth.

When you look at it from that perspective, it is easy to see that Scrooge is very wealthy (even though there are several real-life persons who are far wealthier than McDuck). But, as wealthy as Scrooge McDuck is, there is one character who is actually wealthier than he is.

Scrooge may be wealthy, but he is not the wealthiest character. He isn’t even the wealthiest Disney-owned character. That distinction goes to the king of the fictional kingdom of Wakanda, T’Challa, who we all know as the superhero Black Panther.

T’Challa has an estimated net worth of around $90.7 trillion, a number that makes him the wealthiest fictional character of all time. This makes him nearly 14 thousand times wealthier than Scrooge McDuck. And if T’Challa was a real person, not even the combined worth of all of the billionaires in the world can scratch the surface of Black Panther’s wealth. 

The reason why Black Panther is so wealthy is that he is basically the ruler of a kingdom that has 10,000 tons of a fictional metal called vibranium, which costs $10,000 per gram. So, when you put the numbers together, he is by far the wealthiest man ever characterized.

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Why Is Scrooge McDuck So Rich?

Even though Scrooge McDuck isn’t the wealthiest character, he is still so rich, and he still has the distinction of being a self-made billionaire (something that T’Challa cannot claim to be). Scrooge literally went from rags to riches as a person who made it big when he migrated to the United States, where he found a golden rock that earned him his first million. After that, he made his fortune through mining and by buying different properties that allowed him to grow his net worth to what it is today.

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