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‘See Season 3, Episode 1’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Queen Maghra?


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See is arriving in its final season on Apple TV, and we’re receiving this third and final installment with a new Ending Explained for episode one, titled “Heavy Hangs the Head”. This episode is ready to begin the final arc of the series. You can feel that the show is leading to a big, explosive ending where the conflict gestates since season one will find a tragic and hopefully satisfying conclusion. Baba’s struggle is still not over. There are a couple more bodies on the road that need to be taken away.

See has received mostly mixed reviews during its three seasons. The show is very much reliant on a very complex narrative structure with tons of characters, factions, and loyalties. It is a bit hard to keep track of every movement and decision made by the characters, so the entry point for new viewers has been rather hard. This is a shame because, while there isn’t anything quite unique about the show in terms of plot, it is still quite entertaining.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for season 3, episode 1 of See. Read at your own risk.

What Happens In The Battle of Green Hill Gap?

Season 2 ended with a lot of conflicted feelings. Baba decided to leave his family back in the capital, as he felt he no longer belonged there. Wren and Haniwa also say goodbye to one another, as they see that their love could not actually be realized under current circumstances, and on top of that, the world between Paya and Trivantes is a sure thing. Paris is dead, Jun is now the general of the Payan forces, and Sibeth is still doing as much evil as she can.

Season 3 opens with the first battle between the forces of the Ganites and Trivantes regions. The battle is violent, and the casualties are many. Wren serves as our point of view for the battle, and we see her desperation as it becomes clear that the Trivantes forces are way over their heads. Wren is almost killed during the battle, and there is no other choice for the army but to withdraw back to their base. It is a dreadful retreat, but one that saved many lives. Wren’s ability to see was key in making this choice.


However, there is further development after the retreat. Tormada, Edo’s science officer, has been working on a weapon for the past few months. A weapon that is being developed using ancient knowledge. Taking into account our own ability to make things explode in our current times, it is easy to say that whatever weapon Tormada has developed would give anyone who has it, in the show’s context, a powerful advantage.

Tormada uses his weapon against the granite forces, and the result is complete destruction. In just seconds, the explosions kill thousands of enemy soldiers, and the Trivantian army is now the owner of the victory. This is great for the Trivantians, of course, but it also means great danger for the rest of the kingdoms in the show. Trivantes now basically has the power to destroy all of their enemies and seize power with basically no opposition. This is a sword of Damocles that will hang over the characters’ heads for the rest of the season.

We can also say that this latest development gives origin to the title of the episode.

What Happens To Queen Maghra?

Season two left Maghra in a very dangerous position. Baba is gone, so she doesn’t have that support by her side. Many in her court are against sighted people, and she knows there will be conflict sooner or later. An assassination attempt is almost a sure thing. Among the people, there is also a lot of brewing discontent. Haniwa manages to escape one of these attempts. She is a sighted individual, and this makes her the main target.

Sibeth on the other hand, is also in as much danger as her sister. The former Queen was only kept alive because she was pregnant with a baby that is possibly also gifted with sight. We haven’t really seen the baby’s eyes yet, but as the discontent against the sighted people continues to brew, Sibeth’s triumph card might become her final demise. Lord Harlan might need to pull his entire diplomatic abilities to the front so that the Trivantes and Baya conflict doesn’t escalate more than it already is. The series insinuates that he will fail in this effort.


Meanwhile, we finally see what Baba has been doing all this time after the final battle of season two, where he had to kill his brother Edo. Baba is now living with his friend, Ranger. He has been living there for several months, and he has managed to build up his strength once again. However, the mental scars resulting from the killing of his brothers and having to leave his family behind weigh heavy on the former tribe leader.

It is here that the show clearly reveals that Tormada will be the final villain of the show or at least the main one in this season. Tormada ends up tracking Bow Lion, who was tracking Baba to bring him back to Baya. Tormada tracks the two and then uses his weapon in the area. The resulting explosions most certainly killed Bow Lion, and hurt Baba. Tormada leaves, thinking that Baba is dead. As he lives, he swears that Baba’s sons and his wife will be next.

Baba here receives his motivation for going back to the battle, one that he most certainly gives his all.

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