‘Senior Year’ Ending, Explained: What Happened At The End Of Senior Year?

Senior Year

Senior Year is the new Netflix comedy of the week, and the movie is ready to bring laughs, emotion, and tons of outrageous events at the hands of its protagonist Rebel Wilson. Rebel, who makes a comeback after being away from our screens for quite a while. Wilson is back with new energy, a new look, and all the intention of giving us a good time. If the film is good or not, we would leave that to audience’s discretion, but the movie’s goal is simple and clear.

Rebel Wilson’s has been filled with a lot of ups and downs, her personality is so strong that sometimes she can feel a bit abrasive, and yes, a bit annoying. For almost a decade, she has been on the main roster of some of the most important comedy films, and she reached a bit of saturation. Audiences, and Wilson herself, knew she needed a reinvention, she went away, she lost weight, and she comes back with a movie that is all about not being stuck in the past.

The next few paragraphs are all filled with spoilers, so read at your own risk if you are planning to watch Senior Year.

What Happened At The End Of Senior Year?

At the start of the film we are introduced to Stephanie, a young girl who wants to have a perfect life, she wants to marry rich, and be popular. Her will is so strong that she just does it, she becomes a cheerleader, and starts dating the man of his dreams, Blaine, who already had a girlfriend named Tiffany, but Stephanie’s appeal is just too strong.

Stephanie seems to have it all, she is now the most popular girl in school, she will go to college, she has her boyfriend of dreams. But sadly she is not seeing that has turned away from her very old friends Seth, who is in love with her, and Martha. She has substituted them for the popular kids in school, and that seems fine with her. Of course, everything comes crashing down one day.

Senior Year

While performing at the opening of her Senior Year along with her team of cheerleaders, Stephanie prepares to pull off an impressive acrobatic feat during their choreography. Sadly for her, her teammates are not able to catch her, and she falls to the ground, hitting her head in the process. Twenty years later, she wakes up from the coma that hit put her in.

It is all pretty wacky, Stephanie is a 17-year-old girl inside the body of a 37-year-old woman, and as you can imagine it, things become quite funny. Stephanie starts to learn about all the cool stuff she missed while in her coma; smartphones, google, social media. She also catches up with her best friends Martha, who has become the school’s principal, and Seth, who has come back to town after his divorce and now also works at the school as the librarian.


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Stephanie decides she must go back to school and finish her senior year. She sees this as the opportunity to live everything she missed. Martha isn’t thrilled about the idea, but she enrolls Stephanie in school. There she makes new friends, and she starts seeing how things work in this new day and age. She meets Brie, the most popular girl at school. Brie is the daughter of Tiffany, who ended up marrying Blaine. Blaine still has the hots for Stephanie, and he doesn’t try to hide it.

Stephanie gets into the cheerleading team, and starts influencing them into actually dance, and cheer. She also manages to bring back the Prom dance tradition back. Her plans are coming to fruition. She even manages to become Prom Queen, after Brie throws away the race just to spite her mother, Tiffany.

After Prom, Stephanie brings everybody back to Martha’s house for a party with alcohol. Tiffany calls the cops on them, and Martha gets angry, while Seth is heartbroken as Stephanie seems to be back with Blaine again. Stephanie comes back, and she gets an Uber ride from her idol, a school. She tells Stephanie that there is nothing as a perfect life, and that she must take care of what actually matters.


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Will There Be A Sequel To Senior Year?

Stephanie, having seen that she turned away from his real friends, Martha and Seth, and his father, who were the only ones watching over her while she was in a coma, makes an apology video, sending a message of acceptance. The film closes with Stephanie happy with her friends and family as she finally graduates from high school and is ready to start her new life.

Senior Year

After the credits roll, there is a post credit scene where we see Stephanie planning to go to college, and she is willing to do anything to do it. It seems that while she came to realize the wrong of her ways, Stephanie still has the same drive as before, and she is ready to take on a new challenge.

If Senior Year manages to make big numbers on Netflix, then a sequel could be confirmed in the incoming days. Of course, the plot would be Stephanie going to college and getting into new problems over there, as she enters the final stages of finally becoming an adult and facing adult life for the first time. We will have to wait and see what Netflix says about the future of Rebel Wilson on the platform.