‘Shahmaran’ Ending Explained: Where Does the Legend of Shahmaran Come From?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Shahmaran a new drama series arriving on Netflix this weekend. The series comes from the land of Turkey, and it drops the big city landscape in favor of one a bit more rural. In this setting, the magic and legends of the past still live among the people living there, and so when a woman from the city arrives in the town, there are more than just family issues she has to resolve. The series moves from a normal drama mystery, into a romance story, and then into the realm of magical realism as things start going a bit off the rails.

However, despite having such an interesting premise, and being placed in such a unique setting, the show’s pacing really ends up hurting the show and the story. The characters seem to talk mostly in cryptic sentences, and the mysteries devolve into obstacles for things to actually happen. It is quite annoying and frustrating to see that no one wants to talk about important matters, and episode after episode, we are made to wait for things to come to fruition. There is no progression until the very end of the show when revelations arrive far too late.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Shahmaran. Read at your own risk.

Where Does The Legend Of Shahmaran Come From?

The legend of the Shahmaran appears on the show a couple of times, and it does relate to the story the show is presenting, obviously. The show draws some parallels with the legend, and from there we begin to understand what is happening in the show more clearly. The narrative still feels a bit obfuscated, but knowing the content of the legend really helps us give proper context to the characters in the show and a better understanding of their motivations. It doesn’t solve the show’s issues, but it is better than nothing.

The legend tells us that the Shahmaran is a mythical creature. A sort of chimera, half-human, half-snake. The creature at first didn’t know anything about humans, and she has made no contact with any of them. However, one day, she meets a young man named Camasb. This young man is a sort of thief, and he gets trapped in a cave while trying to steal some goods. He decides to explore the cave, and in the process, he gets lost. The further he goes into the cave, the more lost he becomes until he finds the Shahmaran.

shahmaran 1

Camasb finds the creature living in a beautiful chamber full of flowers and serpents. The place is quite beautiful, and the Shahmaran is at its center, living peacefully with the other creatures. The Shahmaran and Camasb begin to interact and not long after that, it becomes clear that they have fallen in love with each other. The Shahmaran teaches Camasb all sorts of things about flowers and how to make medicine with them. However, living inside a cave is no life for a human, and when Camasb decides to leave, he promises he will not reveal the Shahmaran’s location to anyone.

Sometime later, the king of the region falls ill, and the vizier reveals that the only medicine that can save the king is the ingestion of flesh coming from a Shahmaran. Camasb breaks his promise and reveals the location of the creature. However, in an unexpected development, it seems that the Shahmaran was ready for it, and gives himself willingly to save the king, who actually survives thanks to the Shahmaran’s flesh, while the vizier dies. Camasb ends up becoming quite a famous doctor thanks to the knowledge he received from the creature.


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What Happens Between Sahsu And Maran? Do They Fall In Love?

Knowing the story, it is clear that our two main protagonists, Sahsu and Maran, are also being protagonists of the same legend in modern times. However, there is more to it. When Davut, Sahsu’s grandfather, suffers from a heart attack and is about to die, Maran uses his abilities to bring him back to life. He does this in front of Sashsu, who cannot believe what she is seeing when Maran brings his fangs out and bites Davut, it is all very shocking, but the truth needs to come out now or never.

Maran explains the legend to Sahsu, up to the point when Shahmaran dies and the king is cured. Maran then keeps the story going and adds that Camasb became immortal and suffered a lot for being the cause of his love’s death. He tried to kill himself many times, but being immortal, he couldn’t really die. Maran also explains that Shahmaran had a sister, named Lilith. Lilith is often acknowledged as a demon or as the first woman before Eve in some traditions.

Shahmaran 3

Maran explains that Lilith was trapped by Shahmaran in the past in a well, as to keep her fury contained. However, when Lilith realizes her sister was killed, she promises that she will escape her prison and destroy all humanity in the process. A prophecy has been fulfilling itself step by step, and when the prophecy is complete, Lilith will escape. The only way to prevent this is that a marked basilisk, a descendant of Shahmaran, and a chosen human, a descendant of Camasb fall in love together, and this time it is the human who is sacrificed.

Maran reveals himself as the marked basilisk, and Sahsu is the chosen human. Maran reveals that Davut is actually Camasb, still immortal, living to this day. Sashsu escapes, scared at the revelations, and Maran follows. In the end, Maran and Sahsu seem to be really in love, but it is too late, as the prophecy has been fulfilled completely, and thus Lilith is ready to escape her prison. However, Sashsu has also discovered she has abilities. The series will clearly continue for another season, where Maran and Sashsu will have to fight Lilith to save humanity.

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