‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 4 Ending, Explained: Dating Can Be a Mess Even for Superheroes

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

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Another week and another Ending Explained for Marvel‘s She-Hulk Attorney At Law. This week, Jen keeps working on being both her normal self and She-Hulk as she tries for the first time to go on dates with men. The results are horrible, as it seems that normal Jen isn’t attractive enough for the men on the show. Let’s hope the show can balance things out a bit by showing a guy that isn’t a bad person, as so far it seems to be male means being awful unless you’re Wong.

Speaking of Wong. He becomes the highlight of the episodes as the B storyline focuses on him and a former apprentice of the Mystic Arts who is using what he learns to be a magician and a lame one at that. The storyline also introduces a new character into Wong’s life, the always entertaining Madisynn, a party girl who seems to be now a love interest for Wong. Which would be great! The MCU needs a couple of less problematic romantic relationships.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, episode 4. Read at your own risk.

Is She-Hulk Successful At Using A Dating App?

This episode begins with the introduction of Donny Blaze, a magician who seems to be having trouble selling tickets for his show. It is understandable. In a world where Thor, Iron Man, and many other fantastic superheroes exist, seeing magic tricks just doesn’t have the same sense of wonder as in real life. It is fascinating to think about the world-building implications of that. The people in the MCU totally have a different sense of wonder than we do in real life.

Donny Blaze’s name, of course, harkens to Johnny Blaze, the legendary Ghost Rider, who we hope we can see in the MCU in some way, shape, or form in the future. The magician uses one of the mystic rings to open a portal and sends a woman, Madisynn to Wong’s place. Wong then decides to call Jen to make Donny Blaze stop using the mystic arts for cheap magic shows. The entire storyline is pretty hilarious and sets a precedent for copyrighting things that belong to you.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Later in the episode, Titania comes back by suing Jane for an infraction of copyright. The superpowered influence seems to have copyrighted the name She-Hulk before Jen, so this will be the way the character comes back into the show. Meanwhile, Jen has put herself out there in the dating market. She creates a sort of tinder profile, and she seems to be having a hard time getting matches. She goes on a horrible date with a guy, and that was enough for her.

Jen then decides to create another profile, but this time as She-Hulk, the results are much better, she seems to be getting tons of matches, and she goes on several dates with a number of guys. All of them awful, of course, until later she gets a date with a Doctor and things go pretty well. However, when the Doctor sees her in normal Jen form, he decides to leave for some reason. Jen herself admits this is pretty demoralizing for her. No one wants her, they only want She-Hulk.

Who Hired The Wrecking Crew From She Hulk’s Episode 3?

The series is still spending most of its running time establishing Jen and her normal life as a character. This is pretty cool. The episodes are so short that there isn’t enough time to develop all the themes and elements that the show is using to create the story. So at least Jen as a character is getting the development she needs. However, this is a superhero show, and superheroes are only as cool as their villains. So, who is the villain in She-Hulk?

At the beginning of the season, the show established that Jen’s blood is quite special. Unlike Bruce’s blood, which is highly toxic and was only able to create She-Hulk because Jen shares some DNA with him because they are family. Jen’s blood could create other Hulks. This is one of the reasons why Bruce lives alone and far away from most people. He doesn’t want anyone trying to steal his blood to create more like him. It would be a disaster.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

However, Jen is not really thinking about that at the moment, so when the wrecking crew tried to steal her blood in the previous episodes, she doesn’t seem to be thinking a lot about it. However, in these episodes, during one of Jen’s dates as She-Hulk, she dates a man named Todd, and he is special. Unlike her other dates, Todd seems to be quite interested in She-Hulk’s powers and abilities. He even calls her a specimen and declares himself a fan.

During the credits of the episode, the actor playing Todd receives not only the credit for this character but also for some called “Todd-Hulk” This is a huge revelation, done in a very sloppy way by Marvel. This tells us that at some point in the future, Todd will be successful in stealing Jen’s blood, and he will also succeed in transforming himself into a Hulk. The results will be messy, for sure, and this will end up being Jen’s final challenge for the season, a fight against someone like her.

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