‘Signed, Sealed Delivered: The Vows We Have Made’ Review: Perfect Timing, Always and Forever

'Signed, Sealed Delivered: The Vows We Have Made' Review

It has been over three years since the audience got to see their favorite four POstables on an adventure in the last movie, ‘Signed Sealed Delivered: To the Altar.’ This franchise started as a television series with its first title before it transitioned into a series of movies in its second entry. Between 2018 when the last chapter aired, and now, there have been numerous efforts calling on the Hallmark channel to invest more in SSD. Fortunately, the production network has heeded its audiences’ call, and a new chapter titled ‘Signed, Sealed Delivered: The Vows We Have Made’ written by the saga creator Martha Williamson is finally here. 

This new movie premiered on October 17 and stars Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe, and Geoff Gustafson. The gorgeous scenes in ‘The Vows We Have Made’ were filmed in Vancouver, Canada.  

Kicking off with a few ‘trust the timing’ moments that were bound to happen. For starters, if Rita, played by Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe, had gotten pregnant, she and Norman, a role by Geoff Gustafson, would have been probably on their way to having the family they have always dreamt of, which makes the experience even better as now they have a new house.

'Signed, Sealed Delivered: The Vows We Have Made' Review

Since Charlie, embodied by Rhiannon Fish, doesn’t have a place where he and Eleanor can stay, he has to give up the little girl for adoption. The predicament the two are in, though, gives Rita and Norman a chance to think about their desires to become parents, and fortunately, they decide to provide a home to both Charlie and Eleanor by adopting them, and now the pair has a roof under their heads and a family who values and loves them.

This noble gesture opens up the doors of blessings for Charlie as, despite spending a long time without a job, he soon lands a lucrative one at DLO. All this satisfies Rita and Norman’s dreams while saving two others’ lives, hence building the unconventional family that makes the couple very happy.

The POstables are back, and after eight years of working together in the Dead Letter Office, Shane, played by Kristin Booth and Oliver, a role by Eric Mabius, are finally about to walk down the aisle. As they get ready for their impending nuptials, they receive a letter covered in syrup from a mom looking for someone named Fred. Naturally, the POstables won’t rest until they’ve solved the case, even if it puts the wedding at risk.

Focusing on the story about the letter, the movie begins with a mother frantically rushing her son to the emergency room in critical condition after he collapses all of a sudden. The little munchkin’s name is Owen, a part by Samson Peake -Ondego, and in the pocket of his pants, there is a drawing of himself and someone named Fred, who everyone later learns is Owen’s best friend.

Robin, embodied by Samantha Cole, the little boy’s letter, tries to track down the presumed best friend, so she writes a letter and encloses the drawing, then sends it to a person she thinks would help her locate Fred. Ten years later, the letter is still undelivered, and it falls into the custody of the Postables.

When the quartet starts investigating their newest adventure, they learn that Owen has Leukemia, but that’s the only information that the foursome manages to gather in the beginning. Stuck and in a quagmire, Shane’s mother, Sharon McInerney, played by Sherry Miller, tries to interpret the drawing. And from her keen comprehension of first graders, she manages to decipher some details from the picture, which reveals that Owen’s friend Fred could be a firefighter.

This indeed, gives the POstabes their first solid lead. The delivery team intensely starts their investigation utilizing every resource available at their disposal, and they eventually unveil that the presumed Fred is indeed a stuffed doll.

This forces the infamous Postables to think outside the box, and with hard work, plenty of digging, and some crafty ideas, they are able to find out that the doll was sent to Owen by his father, who was a firefighter. Sadly, he died in a raging flame years ago while trying to save his colleague.

This clue also leads the four to Owen’s mom, who is now a firefighter herself, and Owen, who is now getting ready to begin a newly developed Leukemia treatment. It’s now mission accomplished as the Postables not only bring Fred back to Owen but are also accompanied by a squad of smoke jumpers who felt encouraged by Owen’s gift, and now it’s their turn to encourage him as he ventures on this crucial health journey. 

The narrative also shines a spotlight on Shane and Oliver’s relationship. Despite the many challenges the couple faced along the way, the twosome is able to hold onto their love against all odds are eventually getting their happily ever after. Oliver is, of course, a troubled man due to a tumultuous childhood.

He has had his own shortcomings, which could have driven Shane away from his life; however, with the assistance of his beloved and her mother, he is able to move past his trauma and embrace the man he wants to be, the husband Shane deserves. The marriage marks the first real family Oliver has ever had, and he is a bit nervous about how he is going to handle this different chapter of his life.

There are teases though that though it looks like a perfect union, just like they went through hardships below, this marriage, just like any other, won’t be a bed of roses, but the lovebirds are hopeful for a blissful always and forever. It’s a pretty admirable situation, and considering how far these two have come to be at this special time of their lives eventually is rather emotional.

All the cast members delivered outstanding performances. Eric, Kristin, Yan-Kay Crystal, Jill, Zak, and Sherry all gave genuine well-grounded delivery packed with heart, humor, heartbreak, and healing, all exhibited excellently in an awesomely authentic manner.

‘Signed, Sealed Delivered: The Vows We Have Made’ is so far the best movie in the favorite fan franchise. Fans and newbies alike will have a blast watching it. It’s well-executed with amazing visuals, great dialogue, and a well-developed storyline. It is a pretty good watch. 

SCORE: 7/10

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