Both Silent Hill Movies in Order

Silent Hill Movies in Order How Many Are There

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Silent Hill is a horror media franchise that centers on a series of survival horror games that first came out in 1999 and since procured three more video games and two live-action movies. Internal group Team Silent developed a notable gaming franchise that was part of the bigger corporation – Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. There are six more games created since 2007 by another developer.

The Silent Hill movies are adapted from the original Silent Hill franchise, and the story is set in the eponymous fictional American town. The first game that inspired the first Silent Hill movie franchise follows Harry Mason as he searches for his missing daughter.

In this article, we will list Silent Hill movies that have been released until now and see if there are future Silent Hill projects in development.

How Many Silent Hill Movies Out There?

There are only two Silent Hill movies released in twenty years. The first movie was released in 2006 and was a long-awaited movie – the studio waited years to acquire rights for this movie to be created. The second movie came six years later in 2012 – Silent Hill: Revelation.

Both movies adapted their plot from the original Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 games.

Silent Hill Movies in Order (At Glance)

As we already mentioned, only two movies were released that were adapted from the notable Silent Hill game franchise. There is a good reason for that – difficulty acquiring rights for the movies was a long process.

This is the list of Silent Hill movies watch order at glance:

  1. Silent Hill (2006)
  2. Silent Hill: Reveation (2012)

We will explain each movie, talk a bit about their development, see if they are connected, and conclude with possible future projects of this movie franchise adapted from the games.

Silent Hill Movies in Order (Release Date)

1. Silent Hill (2006)

Silent Hill Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

The First Silent Hill movie was a long-awaited project and a huge wish from the fans and movie developers. The original Silent Hill game was released in 1999, and its success prompted many people to adapt it to the silver screen. After the long process of acquiring the game’s rights for the movie, the Silent Hill live-action movie could finally be made.

The director for this movie was Christophe Gans, and the writers were the director himself, Roger Avary, and Nicolas Boukhrief. Of course, the source material was from the original Silent Hill game from 1999, with few changes.

The movie follows Sharon Da Silva, who wakes up every night from nightmares yelling “Silent Hill.” Her adoptive parents, Rose and Christopher Da Silva are extremely concerned and decide to take their daughter to Silent Hill, a mysterious ghost town. When they get there, Rose and Sharon end up trapped in an alternate reality full of monsters, cultists, and other atrocities.

Christopher now needs to find his wife and daughter by exploring Silent Hill’s ghost town. However, what he does not expect is his daughter’s connections and reason while she is dreaming about the wretched ghost town.

The movie was commercially successful if you consider the negative reviews from the critics. Despite all of the negative press, Silent Hill still got a cult following, and fans of the game still like the movie to this day.

2. Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

The sequel of the original movie, Silent Hill: Revelation, was released in cinemas six years later, in 2012. Once again, the movie’s creators waited six more years for it to be made, but this time due to the director Gans and Roger Avary dropping out of the project. M.J. Basset was assigned to be the new director of the sequel, with new writers Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody working on the project.

This time, the movie’s source material is the Silent Hill 3 game, but the director understood she had to adapt the plot of the previous movie.

Silent Hill: Revelation is a continuation of the original movie and follows Heather Mason, formerly Sharon Da Silva, and her adoptive father, Christopher, trying to evade the police after Christopher killed a man in self-defense. They are on the run because Christopher is trying to protect his daughter from the religious cult called Order of Valtiel.

Heather Mason finds out on the eve of her eighteenth birthday that her identity is fake and gets sucked into an alternate reality of Silent Hill. Unfortunately, for Silent Hill fans, the sequel did not have the same success as the first installment of the franchise, and the movie performed much worse commercially. Still, the fans hoped for future Silent Hill projects.

Where To Watch Silent Hill Movies?

Silent Hill was available on Netflix and HBO Max a few years ago; however, both streaming platforms removed the movies from their libraries. Since then, only DirectTV has had Silent Hill available for watching, of course, with the subscription.

Do You Need To Watch Silent Hill Movies In Order?

Since these movies follow the same story, you need to watch the movies in order. The second Silent Hill movie directly follows the first movie’s plot and uses the original characters with few additions. The right way is to watch the movies by the release date.


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Are Silent Hill Movies Connected?

The movies are connected in every way – the movies’ plot, characters, and timeline are similar to the original games. Moreover, the movies are adapted closely to Silent Hill games, specifically Silent Hill from 1999 and Silent Hill 3 from 2003.

Will There Be More Silent Hill Movies?

The game adaptations mostly failed in the last two decades, and the most recent horror game adaptation, Resident Evil, is still fresh in viewers’ minds after a poor reception from both fans and critics. Netflix nipped the show at the bud, and fans were disappointed again. Silent Hill had partial success, and even though the first movie was met with negative reviews, it performed decently commercially and gained die-hard fans that are still present today.

The director of the first movie Christophe Gans is a fan of the notable gaming franchise and teased the potential new Silent Hill movie. He told that he is working with Konami in developing the new Silent Hill movie that should be released in 2023. Silent Hill reboot will be independent of the previous movies and will, once again, follow the story of the games, but with a few creative differences that will be unique for this project. 

The news came out of nowhere and shocked Silent Hill fans; however, the movie has the potential to be good, or at least as good as the first movie, and at this point, we will take that opportunity with both hands.

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