‘Silo’: Who Killed Deputy Marnes & Mayor Jahns?

who killed deputy marnes and mayor jahns silo

Deputy Marnes and Mayor Jahns were introduced as secondary characters in the ‘Silo’ series, but despite that, they played a huge role in Juliette’s search for truth. Episode 5 of ‘Silo’ showed us who poisoned Jahns and killed Marnes, but as things are standing, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a greater conspiracy in all of it to uncover, and once again, we have to consult the source material. Let’s see who killed Deputy Marnes and Mayor Jahns.

Editor’s Note: Please beware that the following paragraphs contain heavy spoilers for the events that took place in the Silo Series of books that the show was based on. If you want to avoid spoilers, now would be a good time to stop reading!

Deputy Marnes and Mayor Jahns were killed by Douglas Trumbull, who was, in turn, tasked to kill them by Robert Sims. Sims targeted Marnes, but Jahns accidentally drank the poisoned water, which was something Marnes suspected all along. In the books, Bernard poisoned Jahns’ water, and Marnes committed suicide out of grief. 

Now that we’ve given you the summary of what happened both in the series and in the book, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Deputy Marnes & Major Jahns are responsible for Juliette becoming Mayor 

The first time our attention wandered to Deputy Marnes was in the scene when Holston asked to be let out to go clean and be with his wife. Since losing his sheriff, he and Jahns were inseparable, and it was obvious that there was something more between them than a strictly professional relationship. And it was true; Jahns and Marnes were in love for a long time, almost their whole lives. He even declined the promotion to sheriff because it would mean that they could never be together.

Mayor Jahns deputy Marnes

Jahns was married to Marnes’ best friend, Donald, and despite him dying, they never started the relationship officially. 

It was only after Holston’s death when they set out to find Juliette, that the romance bloomed again, and sadly it was also the last day they would ever spend together.


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In the books, Bernard is responsible for Jahn’s death

We’ve seen in the show that Mayor Jahns passed away in the bathroom. She and Deputy Marnes were on their way up top after interviewing Juliette for the position of sheriff. They made plenty of stops on their way up top, but let’s face it, the only significant stop that they made was with Bernard and his I.T. department.

Jahns drank the poisoned water, and soon after entering her room and making plans with Marnes for the night, she collapsed in the bathroom and died on the spot.

Mayor Jahns deceased

Marnes was devastated, and after some time, he started going around Silo looking for trouble after he figured out that the water was probably meant for him, and he was right. The final confirmation came a few days later when Marnes was found in his apartment, dead, seemingly murdered.

After a brief investigation conducted by Juliette, during which she almost died as well, it was discovered that one employee of the Judicial, Douglas Trumbull is responsible for both poisoning Jahns and killing Marnes, as well as killing George, Juliette’s deceased boyfriend, but we also know that Trumbull was actually working for Robert Sims. Sims killed Trumbull to get rid of the loose ends, as it turned out that he was only complicating things, and now Juliette was aware of who was behind the murders, at least partially.

Marnes murder 1

We don’t know, however, who Sims is ultimately working for, at least in the show. 

We don’t know to what extent the show will follow the books, but in the first book in the series titled ‘Wool,’ Mayor Jahns was accidentally poisoned by Bernard. I’m using the term accidentally because he truly did aim to poison Marnes, but the two switched their water bottles. 

In the book, Marnes is aware that he was the true target of the conspiracy and commits suicide out of grief.  

One major difference between the show and the books is the fact that in the books, Juliette is aware from the start that Bernard is the primary suspect, and she tells him this outright. She also thought it was not a good idea that the murder suspect takes on the role of a mayor of the ‘Silo,’ and the fact that Juliette meddled was what sent her out to clean ultimately. 

I’ve tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, only revealing what you absolutely need to know. For the rest of the story, we’re going to have to wait for June 2, when Episode 6 drops on Apple TV.

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