‘Sintonia’ Season 3 Ending, Explained: Will There Be A Sintonia Season 4?


Sintonia became a surprising success for Brazilian TV with its first season. The show is so popular back in its country of origin that now has reached its third season, and the lives of the characters are no less interesting and complicated than before. The show can be a bit cliché when it comes to coming out with plots. Most often than not, the storylines feel like rehashed from other similar stories. Sintonia has never managed to find its own identity in this aspect. It is one of the best Latin American Netflix shows.

However, a fantastic cast of actors is able to raise the same old storylines and the on the nose dialogue to a new level. The show’s main trio is the blood that runs through its veins. Without it, the show wouldn’t have lasted three full seasons. In this new season the characters are still getting into some troubles and the solutions might not be really clear. It is all part of getting older and developing a new life. Can our characters survive the dangers of living in their own way?

The following paragraphs include spoilers for Sintonia Season 3. Read at your own risk.

What Happens To Nando, Doni, And Rita In Sintonia Season 3?

During the previous two seasons, Sintonia has taken upon itself to tell its story using three different points of view. These points of view belong to three friends; Nando, Rita and Doni. The show jumps back and forth between them, and this gives the episodes a lot of dynamism. These changes help a lot as the plots themselves are really not that interesting but just when you are getting bored with one story, the show jumps to another one and so on.

In this season, Sintonio does the same, there is no point to fix something that isn’t broken and the result is once again three storylines that play separate from each other and them clash in the season finale.


Nando has been trying to be a legitimate businessman. However, even when he tries to focus all of his energies into his new business, a gourmet coffee shop, his criminal connections keep appearing, and he cannot get rid of them. Nando and his girlfriend are ready to start a new life, but when Nando’s old boss comes collecting all favors and responsibilities, Nando knows he might not be able to escape. During the entire season, Nando plays two lives, the one of a normal person, and the one of a ruthless criminal.

These two separate lives are tearing him apart.

The same happens with Rita. Rita is very much a character that is also trapped between two realities. Her devotion to the church has make an important member of her community, and she always relies on God when she is lost, and doesn’t know what to do. When her boyfriend is arrested and accused of murder, Rita falls into something she never wanted to be. The wife of a criminal. And yet, the devotion she has to her boyfriend cannot be crushed.

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We see seed of doubts here and there. Especially when her boyfriend begs her to move on, as she doesn’t deserve to be waiting for someone like him. It is a very moving scene because Rita’s love is infinite. And yet, we can’t buy ask if it is the right choice for her. Rita also takes place into a significant plot where she is being pushed by the church into becoming a political candidate, but she decides no to do it at the end. This puts her membership with the church in jeopardy.

However, later Rita understands that she doesn’t need the church to follow the path of God, and decides to go her own way. This road takes her to become the new community leader. A role that fits her completely.

Will There Be A Sintonia Season 4?

The show comes to a climax when Doni, who during the whole season has been dealing with his own feeling of not being adequate for the music industry, and almost loses his girlfriend. Manages to save everything in the last moment. His music is becoming more and more successful with each passing day. It is quite a happy ending for Doni, but his relationship with Nando with take him and Rita into a very dangerous situation.


When the gran opening for Nando’s Coffee Shop arrives, it becomes a great celebration. The three friends reunite to catch up and talk about life. However, Nando receives an unpleasant visit from one of his colleagues in the gang. When his old pal leaves, and Nando returns to his friends, he and everybody else in the building is surprised when the business is raided by the police. They are arresting Nando for his crimes.

Nando, Rita, and Doni all raise his hands in fear. Things become even worse when Nando accomplices arrives at the shop, with rifles. The police and the criminals stand still, aiming at each other. It is here that the screen turns to black as we listen the shooting starting and people screaming. The fate of our main characters is unknown. With an ending such as this, it is clear that there is a fourth season planned. The question is who will die in that shooting, could it be that one of our main characters will die right at the beginning of season 4?

We can only wait and see.

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