‘Skull Island’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Do Charlie and His Friends Manage to Escape the Island?


Welcome to the ending explained for Skull Island Season 1. The series is a new entry in the Monsterverse designed by Legendary to bring the most famous Kaiju in history to the screen. The production of Powerhouse Animation Studios has worked in other Netflix series such as Blood of Zeus and Castlevania. However, this series feels closer to Blood of Zeus than Castlevania in terms of quality, not only regarding the animation side of things but also the writing. The series feels like a lesser effort when contrasted to its peers. And yet, the series is entertaining and a good watch for the time it appears on the screen.

The series is developed by Brian Duffield, who also serves as showrunner, and stars Nicolas Cantu, Maw Whitman, Darren Barnet, Benjamin Brat, and Betty Gilpin. The series tells the story of Charlie, who gets stranded on Skull Island, one of the most dangerous places on the entire planet.

The series is part of the Monsterverse, and it seems it might be canon in some way with the rest of the movies. However, the connections are still irrelevant enough to warrant further exploration of its placement in the universe. The series ends up using quite several designs and ideas that have been used in the movies. Creature designs and even the Hollow Earth theory appear from the buildings and temples on the island.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Skull Island Season 1. Read at your own risk.

How Charlie And Friend End Up On Skull Island?

Skull Island is the center stage of the story, and in many ways, it is one of its protagonists. The show is at its best when it takes the time to explore the island and its elements. The flora and the fauna are all quite creative, interesting to look at, and also quite dangerous.

However, Skull Island is not a place you end up visiting just because. People who end up visiting the island often end up there without really wanting it. Which makes sense because no one really wants to visit it. This is a place of death, a place where time stopped and then went in a different direction.

It is in the ocean where we meet Charlie, our main character. He is a seventeen-year-old man who wants to go to college. You could say that is pretty normal. However, Charlie’s life has not been normal. He has been growing up with a father obsessed with searching for and proving the existence of cryptids, animals seen as mythological figures, but that could also be real.

Charlie only has one friend, the son of his father’s colleague, Mike, who also loves the life of adventure they have chosen to live. One night, in search of more creatures, Charlie sees a young lady in the water, and he jumps to her rescue.

Charlie brings the girl to the boat, her name is Annie, and she is clearly distraught. She says she has escaped from a vessel and that they are looking for her. At this time, everything is pretty confusing. We don’t know who she is referring to. Nevertheless, her warnings come to reality when a man boards the boat and threatens everyone on board. He is there for Annie.

The scenario becomes even worse when a giant tentacle goes out of the ocean and grabs the man, along with some other members of the boat’s crew. The monster is giant, and its tentacles split the boat in half.

Everything seems lost during the accident. Annie manages to save Cap, Charlie’s father and then leaves. The next day, Charlie and Mike wake up on a beach, escaping from being eaten by giant shrimp hiding in the sand. It is all pretty crazy. Annie appears and saves them, and she introduces them to Dog, a dog-like, big, agile, and menacing animal.

The trio goes to the island to find more survivors and a way to escape. Meanwhile, Cap wakes on the island as well and meets a woman named Irene, they hit it off pretty well, but it is clear that Irene is hiding something when she reveals herself to be the leader of a mercenary group.

Do Charlie And His Friends Manage To Escape The Island?

Escaping the island becomes the priority of both groups. However, before that, the groups try to outsmart each other as Charlie is trying to protect Annie from being captured again. Mike and Cap meet, and in the end, Annie is captured while Charlie goes on an adventure where he meets Kong, the king of the island and the predator on the top of the chain.

Irene reveals that Annie is her daughter, whom she lost many years before, and this expedition aims to find her and bring her home. Annie is initially reluctant, seeing a nearby island as her true home. She doesn’t even recognize Irene as her mother.

At the start of the season, Mike gets injured during the wreckage, and his body gets worse and worse with each passing hour. He is clearly going to die, but getting out of the Island to find help is not going to be an easy task. A boat is expecting Irene and his soldiers somewhere in the far sea. They call for a chopper, but the tentacle creature destroys it. It is quite a problem.

Charlie has an idea, though; he sees that Kong has a strange attachment to a necklace. He thinks they can use the necklace to bait Kong to the shore, so he can fight and kill the sea monster who is stopping them from leaving.

Charlie, Annie, and Dog go on a mission to grab the necklace and bring Kong to the shore. We see a flashback of Kong, who used to have a human companion. Sadly, she was killed by the sea monster, and since then, Kong hasn’t come near the shore. Now is the time to have his vengeance, and the two monsters begin to fight.

The sea monster is quite big, bigger than we could have imagined. The battle is brutal, but Kong triumphs in the end. However, Kong’s victory creates a massive tsunami that hits the coast and pushes Annie and Dog inland. She hits her head in the process.


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The season ends with Annie waking up in a hospital. Irene is there with her, but we don’t see Dog or Cap anywhere else. Meanwhile, Charlie is being captured by the Skull Island native human population. His fate is unknown. We will have to wait for season 2 to see how these two characters adapt to their new environments.

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