Skyrim: Where Is Sorine’s Dwarven Gyro?

Skyrim Where Is Sorines Dwarven Gyro

“Fetch” quests are nothing new in RPG games. Most of the time, they are created as “filler” quests, and most of the players don’t like them at all. They like them even less when the objective item that you are supposed to fetch doesn’t have a clear marker on the map or a good description of the general area that you are supposed to search. Skyrim is no exception when it comes to fetching quests. There are a lot of them implemented in the game. One specific fetching quest that we’re going to cover today is Dawnguard’s “New Order” during which an NPC named Sorine Jurard will ask you to retrieve her dwarven gyro. Let’s see where to find it. 

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  • Sorine’s Dwemer gyro is a few feet south of where she is standing. Nearby places of interest that can help you navigate are the river bank and tree rooted in the rock near the satchel containing Dwemer gyros.
  • The location is close to the unmarked Dwemer ruins of Druadach. It’s important to mention, however, that any Dwemer gyro that you might have in your inventory will count toward the completion of the quest. 

Finding Sorine is an important step toward rebuilding Dawnguard 

As soon as you start the Dawnguard storyline and you decide to affiliate yourself with vampire hunters instead of Volkihar vampires, one of the first quests that Isran will assign to you will be rebuilding the Dawnguard faction. 

As you’ve learned by conversing with Isran himself and other people from his past, including the Vigilants of Stendarr, you might’ve learned that Isran is a difficult person who doesn’t play well with others. 

He is headstrong and determined, and sometimes, his methods are not completely justified, leading to many of his former faction colleagues parting ways with him. 

During the quest “A New Order,” you will be tasked with fidning Isran’s former acquaintances and bringing them back to Dawnguard’s faction so they can reunite once again and take up arms against the vampires. 

You are tasked with finding Gunmar and Sorine. Isran gives you their general whereabouts. Gunmar is wandering Skyrim’s wilderness, and Sorine is somewhere out in the Reach, looking for Dwemer ruins. 

Both Gunmar and Sorine are extremely important when it comes to fighting against the vampires because Gunmar provides you with trained armored trolls that you can utilize in combat, and Sorine holds the secrets of Dwemer engineering, which means that she will provide you with Dwemer Crossbows down the line. 

Sorine is fascinated with the Dwemer, and they are a secret to recruiting her 

As Isran mentioned, you will find Sorine Jurard in the Reach hold. She can be found restlessly pacing around Dwemer Convector south of Mor Khazgur. The trip to reach her is mostly uneventful, and you shouldn’t expect challenging fights, mostly wilderness spawns.  

When you approach Sorine and mention that Siran sent you, she will mention that the two had argued several years ago, and he said some pretty hurtful things to her, although she won’t be specific about the exact matter that the two parted ways over. 


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No matter what dialogue option you choose, Sorine will be adamant that she is not leaving her current project to join Isran, even if her curiosity is piqued by the upcoming danger that the vampires present for Tamriel’s population. She will also complain about how the local mudcrabs, due to the vicinity of the water, ran away with her satchel containing some valuable Dwemer parts. 

Sorine Jurard A new order Dawnguard quest

Sorine is adamant that she will not leave with you for the Fort Dawnguard until she is able to conclude her current research project and to do that, she needs at least one intact Dwemer gyro, so she will not go to Fort Dawnguard if you do not provide her with a Dwemer gyro. If your speechcraft skill is higher than 50, you will be able to persuade her, however, and she will seemingly drop her gyro research and will make her way to Fort Dawnguard at once. 

Where is Sorine’s satchel? 

Sorine’s satchel and, by extension, her Dwemer gyro can be found just a few feet south of where she is standing. The Dwemer gyro can be found along the river bank near the unmarked Dwemer ruin of Druadach near the tree rooted in a rock. 

Sorine Satchel dawnaguard quest new order

The satchel shouldn’t be that difficult to find unless a bug has taken place and the satchel somehow fell through the textures.

Sorine Satchel dwemer gyro location A new Order Dawnguard quest 1300x707 1

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like looking for the satchel, you can always give her any random Dwemer gyro you have found prior to meeting her. 


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Sorine’s Dwemer gyro is not unique in nature. It’s merely a Dwemer gyro like any other. If you have one in your inventory, you can always offer that one up, eliminating the need to look for her satchel. 

Dwemer Gyro Sorine quest new order Dawnguard 1300x1257 1

The primary sources of all Dwemer gyros are Dwemer ruins that litter the landscape of Skyrim. Inside the Dwemer ruins, you can find valuable Dwemer metal items, including the gyros, which most players after some time treat like junk since there are so many of them, even if they are not an unlimited crafting resource like some other resources are. 

Still, any other Dwemer gyro will suffice, even the stolen Dwemer gyros. 

How to add Sorine’s Gyro via commands? 

You can’t add Sorine’s gyro via commands since her specific gyro doesn’t exist. However, you can add any other random Dwemer gyro to your inventory by typing the following command: player. additem 000C8868 [number of gyros you want] 

And this is pretty much it. Once Sorine makes her way to Fort Dawnguard, she will become a valuable source of Dwemer crossbows and will send you on a few quests herself. 

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