Slam Dunk Watch Order: The Complete Guide (Including Movies)

Slam Dunk Watch Order: The Complete Guide (Including Movies)

Slam Dunk is a basketball manga by Takehiko Inoue. It was published in Shūeisha publisher’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between October 1990 and June 1996 and was compiled into a total of 31 volumes. A 101-episode anime television series adaptation was released by studio Tōei animation between October 1993 and March 1996.

Four anime films were also released between 1994 and 1995. A new anime film is scheduled for December 2022. While we’re waiting for the upcoming Slam Dunk movie, we have decided to bring you a full and detailed watch order of the series so you know your way around it.

Slam Dunk watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of the Slam Dunk works in the proper release order:

  1. Slam Dunk (anime, 1993–1996)
  2. Slam Dunk (movie, 1994)
  3. Conquer the Nation, Hanamichi Sakuragi! (movie, 1994)
  4. Shohoku’s Greatest Challenge! (movie, 1995)
  5. Howling Basketman Spirit!! (movie, 1995)
  6. The First Slam Dunk (movie, 2022)

In the next part of this article, we are going to tell you how you should watch the series in chronological order.

How many Slam Dunk seasons and movies are there?

Slam Dunk is an old anime series and it was produced at a time when 100+ anime series were a standard. So, the anime that ran from 1993 to 1996 actually has only one season and 101 episodes. On top of that, four movies have also been produced, that aired from 1994 to 1995, with a fifth movie scheduled for a December 2022 release date.


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In what order should you watch Slam Dunk?

The overall structure of Slam Dunk is not overly complex, but the movies do break the anime series into several small parts. You can watch all of them chronologically, but you have to pick the right moment when to watch the movies, which is why it is important for you to follow our watching order guide, as it will give you a detailed insight into the series.

As for The First Slam Dunk, we don’t actually know where it is going to fit in the series, but based on the title it could be a prequel. This is why we are going to include it on the list at a later date.

Slam Dunk chronological watch order:

Slam Dunk, Episodes 1-20

No.TitleOriginal air date
01“The Genius Basketball Player Is Born?!”
Transcription: “Tensai Basuketto Man Tanjō!?” (Japanese: 天才バスケットマン 誕生!?)
October 16, 1993
02“Go to Hell, Basketball! Hanamichi vs. Rukawa”
Transcription: “Kutabare Basuke! Hanamichi buiesu Rukawa” (Japanese: くたばれバスケ! 花道VS流川)
October 30, 1993
03“Gorilla vs. Hanamichi! Big Showdown!!”
Transcription: “Gorira buiesu Hanamichi! Kyūkyoku no Taiketsu!!” (Japanese: ゴリラVS花道! 究極の対決!!)
November 6, 1993
04“Basketball Player Hanamichi Joins the Team!”
Transcription: “Basuketto Man Hanamichi Nyubu!” (Japanese: バスケットマン花道入部!)
November 13, 1993
05“A Spiritless Afternoon”
Transcription: “Konjō Nashi no Gogo” (Japanese: 根性なしの午後)
November 20, 1993
06“Rukawa vs. Akagi: The Real Showdown”
Transcription: “Rukawa buiesu Akagi: Honmono Taiketsu!” (Japanese: 流川VS赤木·本物対決!)
December 4, 1993
07“Hanamichi Debut! Dunk Explosion”
Transcription: “Hanamichi Debyū! Danku Sakuretsu” (Japanese: 花道デビュー!ダンクさく裂)
December 11, 1993
08“Hanamichi’s Crisis! The Judo-man’s Trap”
Transcription: “Hanamichi Pinchi! Jūdō Otoko no Wana” (Japanese: 花道ピンチ! 柔道男の罠)
December 18, 1993
09“I’m Going to Play Basketball”
Transcription: “Ore wa Basuketto o Yaru!” (Japanese: オレは バスケットをやる!)
December 25, 1993
10“The Commoner’s Shoot is Difficult”
Transcription: “Shomin no Shūto wa Muzukashii” (Japanese: 庶民のシュートは むずかしい)
January 8, 1994
11“Our Love’s Special Secret Training”
Transcription: “Futari Dake no Ai no Himitsu Tokkun!?” (Japanese: 二人だけの 愛の秘密特訓!?)
January 15, 1994
12“Defeat Ryonan! The Fierce Training the Night Before the Match”
Transcription: “Taose Ryōnan! Kessen Zen’ya no Mōtokkun” (Japanese: 倒せ陵南! 決戦前夜の猛特訓)
January 22, 1994
13“Shohoku vs Ryonan. Burning Captain!”
Transcription: “Shōhoku vs Ryōnan, Moeru Kyaputen!” (Japanese: 湘北VS陵南 燃える主将(キャプテン)!)
January 29, 1994
14“Super Basketball Match With Ryonan”
Transcription: “Chō Kōkō Kyū! Ryōnan Dotō no Kōgeki” (Japanese: 超高校級! 陵南ドトウの攻撃)
February 5, 1994
15“Hanamichi Nervously Steps Into the Spotlight”
Transcription: “Hanamichi Kinchō no Hare Butai!” (Japanese: 花道キンチョーの 晴れ舞台!)
February 12, 1994
16“Who is This Guy? Taoka’s Miscalculation”
Transcription: “Nanda Koitsu wa!? Taoka no Gosan” (Japanese: なんだコイツは!? 田岡の誤算)
February 19, 1994
17“The Rebound King Sakuragi Hanamichi’s Distress”
Transcription: “Ribaundo Ō Sakuragi Hanamichi no Kunō” (Japanese: リバウンド王 桜木花道の苦悩)
February 26, 1994
18“Last 2 Minutes! I’ll Be the One to Defeat Sendoh”
Transcription: “Rasuto Ni Bu! Sendō wa Ore ga Taosu” (Japanese: ラスト2分! 仙道は俺が倒)
March 5, 1994
19“Time’s Up! The Decisive Battle with Ryonan”
Transcription: “Taimu Appu! Ketchaku Ryōnan Sen” (Japanese: タイムアップ! 決着陵南戦)
March 12, 1994
20“Basketball Shoes”
Transcription: “Basuketto Shūzu” (Japanese: バスケットシューズ)
March 19, 1994

Slam Dunk (movie, 1994)

Sakuragi and the Shōhoku team will play against Oda from Takezono High School. This is Hanamichi Sakuragi’s second match against Oda, a basketball player who went to the same high school, an hour before the match he meets the last girl who rejected him in high school, Yoko and then Oda, when he wants to hit him, he remembers what Akagi told him about being good for nothing and hits the wall leaving Oda alone.


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Despite playing poorly at first, earning ridicule for trying to compete with Oda, in the second half he changes completely and tells him that his opponent is basketball, making good plays and rebounding, earning applause for his competitive spirit and infecting Takezono with that spirit changing his way of seeing the games.

Slam Dunk, Episodes 21-36

No.TitleOriginal air date
21“Enormous Trouble Makers! Hanamichi vs Miyagi”
Transcription: “Sūpā Mondaiji! Hanamichi VS Miyagi” (Japanese: スーパー問題児! 花道VS宮城)
March 26, 1994
22“History’s Biggest Idiot Combination is Born”
Transcription: “Shijō Saiaku doahō Konbi Tanjō” (Japanese: 史上最悪どあほう コンビ誕生)
April 16, 1994
23“Shohoku Basketball Club’s Last Day”
Transcription: “Shōhoku Basuke-bu Saigo no Hi” (Japanese: 湘北バスケ部 最後の日)
April 23, 1994
24“The Battle for Justice! Sakuragi’s Goon Squad Joins!”
Transcription: “Seigi no Mikata: Sakuragi Gundan Sanjō!” (Japanese: 正義の味方·桜木軍団参上)
April 30, 1994
25“The Man Who Aimed at National Championship”
Transcription: “Zenkoku Seiha o Mezashita Otoko” (Japanese: 全国制覇をめざした男)
May 7, 1994
26“Mitsui, the Problems of the Past”
Transcription: “Mitsui Jūgo-sai no Nayami” (Japanese: 三井寿15歳の悩み)
May 14, 1994
27“I Want To Play Basketball!”
Transcription: “Basuke ga Shitai Desu!” (Japanese: バスケがしたいです!)
May 21, 1994
28“The Beginning of Interhigh Preliminaries”
Transcription: “Intāhai Yosen Kaishi” (Japanese: インターハイ予選開始)
May 28, 1994
29“Hanamichi! Debut at an Official Game”
Transcription: “Hanamichi! Kōshikisen Debyū” (Japanese: 花道! 公式戦デビュー)
June 18, 1994
30“The Introspective Army’s Big Counterattack”
Transcription: “Hansei Gundan no Daihangeki” (Japanese: ハンセイ軍団の大反撃)
June 25, 1994
31“Formidable Enemy Miuradai’s Secret Weapon”
Transcription: “Shukuteki Miuradai no Himitsu Heiki” (Japanese: 宿敵三浦台の 秘密兵器)
July 2, 1994
32“Genius Hanamichi! Certain Death Dunk”
Transcription: “Tensai Hanamichi! Hissatsu Danku” (Japanese: 天才花道! 必殺ダンク)
July 16, 1994
33“Walkout King!? Hanamichi Sakuragi”
Transcription: “Taijō Ō!? Sakuragi Hanamichi” (Japanese: 退場王!? 桜木花道)
August 6, 1994
34“Gorilla’s Secret, Kill with Your Eyes!”
Transcription: “Gori Jikiden: Me de Korose!” (Japanese: ゴリ直伝·眼で殺せ!)
August 20, 1994
35“Hot Blooded Guys”
Transcription: “Otokotachi no Atsuki Omoi” (Japanese: 男たちの熱き想い)
August 27, 1994
36“A Well Seeded School, Enter Shoyo”
Transcription: “Shīdo-Kō: Shōyō Tōjō” (Japanese: シード校·翔陽登場)
September 3, 1994

Conquer the Nation, Hanamichi Sakuragi! (movie, 1994)


It is set during the Grand Interchampionship, before Shōhoku plays Shoyo, Shōhoku must play Tsukubu, one of the darker teams this year. It’s a shock. The Anzai team will face their former student, who is now Tsukubu’s coach, while Akagi and Kogure will play Godai, their former teammate and Tsukubu’s captain.

Finally, Hanamichi Sakuragi is annoyed by the presence of Nango, Tsukubu’s center, who competes for Haruko’s attention. During the match Tsukubu starts winning and scoring easily. Hanamichi is on the bench, but he goes out to play, and when he does, after several scoldings and advice, he begins to take rebounds, which allows him to change the mood of his team in the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, Shohoku ends up turning the game around and winning the game. The game highlights two things Hanamichi accomplished before his expulsion, the ejection of the captain and three-point shooter for an intentional hit that hit him on one of his rebounds, and the fact of matching the rebounding record for a high school player, which is 22 in a single game, but when he is going to break it, in the jump he commits his fifth foul and is expelled, but the ovation he receives for his rebounding performance is impressive.

Slam Dunk, Episodes 37-60

No.TitleOriginal air date
37“Hanamichi: First-time As Starter!”
Transcription: “Hanamichi: Hatsu Sutamen!” (Japanese: 花道·初スタメン!)
September 10, 1994
38“Rukawa’s Counterattack!”
Transcription: “Rukawa no Hangeki!” (Japanese: 流川の反撃!)
September 17, 1994
39“Lightning Flash Ryota!”
Transcription: “Denkōseka no Ryōta!” (Japanese: 電光石火のリョータ!)
September 24, 1994
40“Rebound King Hanamichi Sakuragi!”
Transcription: “Ribaundo Ō · Sakuragi Hanamichi” (Japanese: リバウンド王·桜木花道)
October 1, 1994
41“Shoyo’s Ace Fujima Enters the Court”
Transcription: “Shōyō Ēsu: Fujima Tōjō” (Japanese: 翔陽エース·藤真登場)
October 1, 1994
42“Shoyo Ace Fujima’s Real Ability”
Transcription: “Shōyō Ēsu Fujima no Jitsuryoku” (Japanese: 翔陽エース藤真の実力)
October 15, 1994
43“Has Mitsui Reached His Limit!?”
Transcription: “Mitsui, Genkai ka!?” (Japanese: 三井、限界か!?)
October 22, 1994
44“Mitsui! Stormy 3 Points”
Transcription: “Mitsui! Arashi no Surī Pointo” (Japanese: 三井!嵐の3(スリー)ポイント)
November 5, 1994
45“Imminent Walkout!? Hanamichi’s Pinch”
Transcription: “Taijō Mezen!? Hanamichi Pinchi” (Japanese: 退場目前!? 花道ピンチ)
November 26, 1994
46“Hanamichi, Hot Dunk”
Transcription: “Hanamichi, Atsuki Danku” (Japanese: 花道, 熱きダンク)
December 3, 1994
47“Challenge From a Rival”
Transcription: “Raibaru Kara no Chōsenjō” (Japanese: ライバルからの挑戦状)
December 10, 1994
48“The Guy Who Pledged to Defeat Kainan”
Transcription: “Datō Kainan o Chikau Otoko” (Japanese: 打倒海南を誓う男)
December 17, 1994
49“Takezono, Last Fight”
Transcription: “Takezono, Saigo no Tōshi” (Japanese: 武園·最後の闘志)
December 24, 1994
50“Challenge to the King”
Transcription: “Ō-sama e no Chōsen” (Japanese: 王者への挑戦)
January 7, 1995
51“Outside Calculation!? Hanamichi at His Best!”
Transcription: “Keisan-gai!? Hanamichi Zekkōchō!” (Japanese: 計算外!?花道絶好調!)
January 14, 1995
52“Secret Weapon Against Sakuragi!”
Transcription: “Sakuragi Fūji no Himitsu Heiki!” (Japanese: 桜木封じの秘密兵器!)
January 21, 1995
53“The Gorilla’s Injury! Desperate Situation!?”
Transcription: “Gori Fushō! Zettai Zetsumei!?” (Japanese: ゴリ負傷!絶体絶命!?)
January 28, 1995
54“King Kong’s Younger Brother”
Transcription: “Kingu Kongu, Otōto” (Japanese: キングコング·弟)
February 4, 1995
55“The Guy Who Dominates the Game”
Transcription: “Gēmu wo Shihai Suru Otoko” (Japanese: ゲームを支配する男)
February 11, 1995
56“Ace Maki, Full Throttle”
Transcription: “Ēsu Maki, Zenkai!” (Japanese: エース牧·全開!)
February 18, 1995
57“Anzai, Bet on Victory!”
Transcription: “Anzai, Shōri e no Kake!” (Japanese: 安西·勝利への賭け!)
February 25, 1995
58“Stubborn Guys!”
Transcription: “Shibutoi Yatsura!” (Japanese: しぶとい奴ら!)
March 4, 1995
59“Last 10 Seconds! A Perfect Conclusion”
Transcription: “Rasuto Jūbyō! Kanzen Kechakku” (Japanese: ラスト10秒!完全決着)
March 11, 1995
60“Shohoku on the Edge”
Transcription: “Kakebbuchi no Shōhoku” (Japanese: がけっぷちの湘北)
March 18, 1995

Shohoku’s Greatest Challenge! (movie, 1995)


After titanically losing the match against Kainan, the Shōhoku team and a freshly shaven Hanamichi Sakuragi are challenged to an exhibition match by virtual Ryoukufu basketball strangers. Coach Anzai sees this as an opportunity for Shōhoku to regain his confidence. But, Ryoukufu reveals a new high-caliber championship lineup, a player who practiced in the United States, and it may be one of the biggest tests for Sakuragi and the team so far.

The match is very difficult for Shohoku, because they keep thinking about defeat, but Kogure is in charge of cheering them up a bit, so much so that he falls and suffers a slight concussion.

When Akagi enters, the pace of the match changes completely, and at the last moment, Hanamichi makes a big block and then passes it to Akagi, who scores. Hanamichi makes a feint, but when he nails it, the match was over and it doesn’t count. When they leave, you can see how they regain confidence with a view to their next game.

Howling Basketman Spirit!! (movie, 1995)

Slam Dunk Howling Basketman Spirit 773860542 large

Ichiro Mizusawa, a player from Rukawa’s old high school Tomigaoka, is diagnosed with a crippling leg disease and wants to play one last match with Rukawa. Hanamichi, while her sister tells Haruko about what happened, asks her brother for a match to make his dream come true, but he refuses, and she tells Rukawa he doesn’t show any interest in that.

Hanamichi, when he finds out, intends to help the boy and fulfill his wish. One morning, while they practice, Akagi is at the doctor’s. While checking his injury, the doctor tells him that, little by little, he is improving and that it is not so serious. He remembers Ichiro’s case and asks Professor Anzai to approve of the match, which he does.


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When the match is about to start, Rukawa does not want to play nor is interested in being by Ichiro’s side, which causes discomfort, especially in Hanamichi, who throughout the match encourages and helps Ichiro, and in the second half play, when Ichiro falls with that leg, Hanamichi hits him on the head so that he forgets his pain, and Rukawa tells him not to stop fighting until the end.

In a play in which Hanamichi knocks down Rukawa without a foul, he passes it to Ichiro and he scores, and in the end thanks to a dive from Hanamichi, despite the efforts of Akagi and Rukawa, he ends up tying the match. In the end, Ayako proposes Ichiro become a coach with her.

Slam Dunk, Episodes 61-101

No.TitleOriginal air date
61“Baldy Strikes Back!”
Transcription: “Bōzu Atama no Gyakushū!” (Japanese: ボーズ頭の逆襲!)
March 25, 1995
62“Three-Day Super Training”
Transcription: “Tokkun Surī DEIZU” (Japanese: 特訓3DAYS)
April 8, 1995
63“Battle of the Aces! Kainan vs Ryonan”
Transcription: “Chōjō Kessen! Kainan VS Ryōnan” (Japanese: 頂上決戦!海南VS陵南)
April 8, 1995
64“King Kainan Shows its Abilities!”
Transcription: “Honryō Hakki! Ōja Kainan” (Japanese: 本領発揮!王者·海南)
April 15, 1995
65“The Strongest Match! Sendoh vs Maki”
Transcription: “Saikyō Taiketsu! Sendō vs Maki” (Japanese: 最強対決!仙道vs牧)
April 29, 1995
66“Sendoh’s Bet”
Transcription: “Sendō Isshun no Kake!” (Japanese: 仙道·一瞬の賭け!)
May 13, 1995
67“The Final Battle! Shohoku vs Ryonan”
Transcription: “Saishū Kessen! Shōhoku VS Ryōnan” (Japanese: 最終決戦!湘北VS陵南)
May 20, 1995
68“Savior!? Hanamichi Sakuragi”
Transcription: “Kyūseishu!? Sakuragi Hanamichi” (Japanese: 救世主!?桜木花道)
May 27, 1995
69“Gorilla Goes Astray”
Transcription: “Gori Ihen!” (Japanese: ゴリ異変!)
June 3, 1995
70“Gorilla Dunk II”
Transcription: “Gorila Danku II” (Japanese: ゴリラダンクII)
June 10, 1995
71“Gorilla, Shout of Revival!”
Transcription: “Gori Fukkatsu no Otakebi!” (Japanese: ゴリ·復活の雄叫び!)
June 17, 1995
72“The Greatest Shame of One’s Life”
Transcription: “Jinsei Saidai no Kutsujoku” (Japanese: 人生最大の屈辱)
July 1, 1995
73“Rukawa Kaede, Gambling on the 2nd Half”
Transcription: “Kaede Rukawa Kōhan-sen e no Kake” (Japanese: 流川·後半戦への賭け)
July 8, 1995
74“The Most Dangerous Challenger!”
Transcription: “Mottomo Kiken’na Chōsen-sha” (Japanese: 最も危険な挑戦者)
July 15, 1995
75“Fine Play”
Transcription: “Fain Purei” (Japanese: ファインプレイ)
July 22, 1995
76“The Feeling of Victory”
Transcription: “Shōri no Yokan” (Japanese: 勝利の予感)
August 5, 1995
77“You Guys Are Strong!”
Transcription: “Kimitachi wa Tsuyoi” (Japanese: 君たちは強い)
August 12, 1995
78“Uozumi Jun Revives”
Transcription: “Fukkatsu! Tōshō Uozumi Jun” (Japanese: 復活!闘将·魚住純)
August 19, 1995
79“Blue Waves – Ryonan Fights Back!”
Transcription: “BW (Burū Ēbu)! Ryōnan no Hangeki” (Japanese: BW(ブルーウェーブ)!陵南の反撃)
August 26, 1995
80“Shohoku’s Problems”
Transcription: “Shōhoku no Fuan Yōso” (Japanese: 湘北の不安要素)
September 2, 1995
81“Sendoh On Fire! Shohoku Loses”
Transcription: “Sendō Faiyā! Shōhoku Hōkai!!” (Japanese: 仙道ファイヤー! 湘北崩壊!!)
September 9, 1995
82“Amateur Sakuragi Hanamichi the Man”
Transcription: “Do Shirōto Hanamichi Honryō Hakki” (Japanese: ド素人·花道本領発揮)
October 21, 1995
83“Vice-Captain Kogure’s Determination”
Transcription: “Fuku Shushō (Kyaputen) Megane-kun no Shūnen” (Japanese: 副主将(キャプテン)メガネ君の執念)
October 28, 1995
84“Win or Lose”
Transcription: “Shōhai” (Japanese: 勝敗)
November 4, 1995
85“New Challenge: The National Championship!”
Transcription: “Aratanaru Chōsen! Zenkoku Seiha” (Japanese: あらたなる挑戦! 全国制覇)
November 11, 1995
86“Rukawa’s Ambition”
Transcription: “Rukawa no Yabō” (Japanese: 流川の野望)
November 18, 1995
87“Japan’s Number One High School Player”
Transcription: “Nihon’ichi no Kōkōsei” (Japanese: 日本一の高校生)
November 25, 1995
88“The Basketball Kingdom – America”
Transcription: “Basuketto no Kuni Amerika” (Japanese: バスケットの国アメリカ)
December 2, 1995
89“Rukawa Kaede’s Spirit”
Transcription: “Kikisemaru! Rukawa” (Japanese: 鬼気迫る!流川)
December 9, 1995
90“Shohoku’s Real Ace”
Transcription: “Shōhoku Shin no Ēsu!” (Japanese: 湘北真のエース!)
December 16, 1995
91“The Nationals’ Crisis!”
Transcription: “Zenkoku ga Abunai!” (Japanese: 全国が危ない!)
December 23, 1995
92“Guys’ Friendship? Sakuragi Gang”
Transcription: “Otoko no Yūjyō!? Sakuragi Gundan” (Japanese: 男の友情!?桜木軍団)
January 13, 1996
93“Going Toward 20000 Shoots”
Transcription: “Nimanbon e no Chōsen” (Japanese: 2万本への挑戦)
January 20, 1996
94“Shizuoka’s Fierce Fight! Shohoku vs. Jousei”
Transcription: “Shizuoka no Gekitō! Shōhoku VS Josei” (Japanese: 静岡の激闘! 湘北VS常誠)
January 27, 1996
95“Hanamichi’s Hottest Day”
Transcription: “Hanamichi no Mottomo Atsuki Ichinichi” (Japanese: 花道の最も熱き一日)
February 3, 1996
96“Basketball Shoes Part II”
Transcription: “Basuketto Shūzu II” (Japanese: バスケットシューズII)
February 10, 1996
97“Mixed Feelings, Uozumi Returns”
Transcription: “Atsuki Omoi Uozumi Futatabi!” (Japanese: 熱き思い·魚住再び!)
February 17, 1996
98“Fierce Battle Begins! Shohoku vs. Shoyo/Ryonan”
Transcription: “Gekitō Kaishi! Shōhoku vs Shōyō/Ryōnan” (Japanese: 激闘開始! 湘北vs翔陽·陵南)
February 24, 1996
99“Facing the Strongest Team, Shohoku in Danger!”
Transcription: “Shōhoku Ayaushi! Kyōi no Saikyō Gundan” (Japanese: 湘北危うし! 脅威の最強軍団)
March 2, 1996
100“The Man of Miracles, Hanamichi Sakuragi!”
Transcription: “Kiseki no Otoko Sakuragi Hanamichi!” (Japanese: 奇跡の男·桜木花道!)
March 9, 1996
101“The Glorious Slam Dunk!”
Transcription: “Eikō no Suramu Danku” (Japanese: 栄光のスラムダンク)
March 23, 1996
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