‘Somebody’ Ending Explained: Does Kim Som Ends Up with Yun-o?


Welcome to the Ending Explained for Somebody, a new Korean crime thriller that finds its way to Netflix. The streaming service keeps pushing for more and more content to come out of the Asian continent, and we couldn’t be more delighted. The Korean scene, more than any other, really knows how to create excellent films and TV series. The creators especially excel in the realm of thrillers, and Somebody is one that perfectly fits our current environment and society.

Somebody is a series written and directed by Jung Ji-woo, and tells the story of Kim Som, a young and talented programmer that managed to create a wonderful app that in the future developed into a very popular dating app. However, her creation has been perverted, and a mysterious individual has been using it to commit crimes against women, killing them in the process. Now that the police are involved, Kim Som will use her own abilities to track this mysterious individual and learn what he wants.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Somebody. Read at your own risk.

Does The Police Manage To Capture Yun-on?

The series begins with the introduction of our main character, Kim Som. She is, at this point, a very young student. She is also a programmer. She is so talented that she is even hired by criminals to do some very sketchy stuff, like customizing the settings on betting machines. For a school project, she created an AI chatting app that helps those who are shy to communicate with their friends and strangers as well. Only Samantha, a fellow programmer, seems to be interested in the project, and they begin a professional relationship.

The years pass, and we see that Kim Som’s project has transformed into a dating app called Somebody. We see how people meet on the app and eventually find love. It is pretty spectacular. However, Kim Som doesn’t seem to be very happy about her current situation, she looks almost bored with everything that has to do with Somebody. Samantha is happy, of course, the app is successful, and they are making a lot of money. It seems that the years have not made Kim Som any less open to people.


However, not everything is perfect. A number of murders have been going on recently in the city. The police have concluded that the assassin is using the Somebody app to meet women in real life and then kill them. Somebody begins their own investigation internally, but they have to be careful or what they find might hurt the company; they can reveal info to the police, as that goes against their privacy policies. Kim Som begins her investigation and finds a way to attract the killer inside the app. They soon meet in real life.

The meeting is a strange one, as the killer, named, Yun-on, doesn’t kill Kim Som. In fact, he seems to be intrigued by the girl’s intelligence. She identifies him immediately as the killer, but she wants to get to know him. They share an evening together, and there is a clear connection between the two. They are different from everyone else, and they love that fact about each other. They begin a relationship. Kim continues to work in the company and in her future AI project, meanwhile, Yun-o continues to kill through the app, and the police are unable to stop him.

Does Kim Som Ends Up With Yun-o?

The relationship between Kim Som and Yun-o has been developing into something bigger, but Yun-o keeps killing, and the police are getting closer and closer to finding out who he really is. Yun-o starts receiving video calls through the Somebody app. They are not normal calls, though. When the video feed goes on, and he sees that the person on the other side is none other than one of the women he killed in the past. This has been happening for weeks. It seems like Yun-o is being haunted by his victims.

Yun-on grows desperate, and he goes to see Mok-won, one of Kim’s friends who works as a spiritist. He threatens her but doesn’t hurt her. Mok-won later goes along with Gi-won another of Kim’s friends, to present evidence they have managed to find out. The evidence is all the phones that Yun-o has used for his killings, and they can be traced as being used inside the app. Kim dismisses the evidence, and she seems to be on Yun-o’s side. Her friends leave disappointed. They don’t understand why Kim would defend a murderer like Yun-o.


The police are sent to the house where Yun-o lives, and there they find all the phones Mok-won had on her person. Yun-o knows he cannot go back home, but he communicates with Kim, and shows her a place he has been building in secret. It seems that he plans to be with Kim and live together in that house. He designed it so that it would be her perfect house. Yun-o invites her and she accepts. Samantha discovers what is Kim’s secret AI project, and she sees it has to do with doing deep fakes to create people that look perfectly real on video calls.

Yun-o waits for Kim in their new house, but Kim says she can’t go. She sends a video call request, and we see them talking, and sharing their feelings. Yun-o admits she likes her very much, and this makes Kim very happy. However, Kim’s last words seem to be on a loop, and then a hand cuts Yun-o’s eyes and neck. He dies in a pool of blood, repeating how much he likes Kim-Som. It is revealed that the killer is Kim-Som herself. She was the one sending him the haunting video calls. The series ends as we see Kim returning to her normal life. We see her imitating other people’s emotions as they play video games together.

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