Spida Island: Lost Ark Guide To Tokens, Boss & Rewards (With Images)

spida island

Lost Ark boasts a hefty assortment of activities for its players, many of which involve exploring Arkesia’s numerous islands. Spida Island is a great location to obtain special items and even uncover some of Arkesia’s deepest secrets, but many players can find the process slightly perplexing.

Spida Island is an Adventure Island, located off the coast of North and South Vern. It involves a giant egg that needs to be destroyed in order to spawn the island boss, as well as a few secret passages and Mokoko Seed locations.

It can feel complex to get to Spida Island and acquire its amazing rewards. But, getting there and taking advantage of everything Spida Island has to offer can be fairly straightforward with the right approaches.

What Is Spida Island In Lost Ark?

There are various fascinating islands scattered throughout the land of Arkesia, ranging from little island hideaways to larger islands populated with villages and unique landscapes. However, Lost Ark also features some special islands that appear from the sea.

Spida Island is classified as an Adventure Island in Lost Ark, meaning that it involves an event and players can only visit the island when it’s active. There’s plenty to see and do on Spida Island, and players can walk away – or, sail away – with handy items and unique rewards.

How To Get To Spida Island In Lost Ark

Spida Island is a small location in Lost Ark, situated just off the coast of North Vern. It’s nestled in slightly out of the cove between South Vern and North Vern’s edges, towards the North.

Players would have first needed to unlock the sailing ability in Lost Ark before they can travel via ship on Arkesia’s World Map. The sailing ability can be unlocked after completing the Set Sail quest, the final quest in the East Luterra storyline.


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Although this may seem like extra effort, players will need to complete this quest as part of the main questline. The main questline is essential for progressing to the endgame and is vital for unlocking awesome class skills and endgame activities, so accessing the sailing ability to visit Spida Island will be more of a bonus.

Spida Island Spawn Rate

Like other Lost Ark Adventure Island activities, Spida Island is a time-based event. Players can keep an eye on Spida Island’s availability using their Procyon’s Compass – a tool that will display numerous scheduled events and dungeons.

Follow these steps to make sure you catch the Spida Island event while it’s active:

  1. Select the compass icon under the minimap in the upper-left corner of the HUD to open Procyon’s Compass.
  2. Click on ‘Appearance Info’ for ‘Adventure Island’ from the activity tab menu.
  3. Set and in-game alarm in Lost Ark to track when the Spida Island event begins.

Lost Ark Spida Island Guide

Spida Island is home to a ton of exciting and fun activities for players, including a unique boss, secret passages, and the chance to acquire unique Lost Ark items.

Spida Island Task

Spida Island will require players to crack a giant egg as a team, as this is the only way to progress to the rest of the island’s activities to earn the relevant rewards. This large stone egg will need to be mined using the Mining Trade Skill, which can take quite a hefty amount of time.

However, there is a much faster way to break the egg. The fastest way is to reach level 30 with the mining profession and unlock the explosive keg. Around 6 to 8 rounds of explosive kegs from players will break the egg quite quickly.

Below is an image of the giant stone egg being mined with kegs, thanks to Maxroll:

spida island egg

The classic method is simple but quite challenging and time-consuming, although it may still be a fair option for numerous players. Using the Novice Mining Tool or any other mining tool to break the stone egg apart will take over 15 minutes.

After this giant stone egg is mined, a smaller egg will spawn. This smaller egg will also need to be mined in order to spawn a white egg. The white egg will need to be destroyed in order to trigger the Spida Island Boss fight.

Spida Island Boss

Spida Island’s Boss is known as Kagros, and it will appear out of the white egg after it’s destroyed. The boss will spawn just below the egg’s location, situated in the middle of Spida island’s map.

Kagros is a massive spider that will attack its enemies using the hundreds of squirming worms that grow from its body. This boss will predominantly use leaping attacks during the fight, jumping forward and dealing damage to any players in its path.

spida island boss

It will take a full group of players to get through the mining egg phase to destroy the white egg and finally defeat Kagros. Defeating this boss will take around 20 to 30 minutes with a full channel of players and good team composition.

Kagros Drops

Defeating Kagros will allow players to unlock the World’s Largest Egg achievement in Lost Ark. This boss will also stand the chance of dropping the following Lost Ark items:


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  • Secret Map: A secret map that will lead players to Adventure: Pirate Flag, located somewhere in the vast sea.
  • Kagros Card: A collectible Field Boss card in Lost Ark.
  • Overwhelm: A special Skill Rune effect that adds 5% Stagger damage on skill hits.
  • Focus: A special Skill Rune effect that decreases MP Consumption by 10%.

Spida Island Secret Passages

Lost Ark is also home to quite a few secret passages, most of which can be understandably challenging to find. There are two secret passages on Spida Island, and their locations are as follows thanks to Papunika:

Spida Island secret

Spida Island Token Guide

Players can obtain the Spida Island Token, otherwise known as an Island Heart, an item that proves the island has accepted the player. These tokens can be exchanged for some awesome rewards with Opher on the Lonely Island, and the Spida Island Token will be dropped after Kagros is defeated.

Spida Island Merchant

Nardo is Spida Island’s merchant, specifically trading Novice tools in exchange for silver. Below are the tools that players can buy from Nardo, as well as their prices:

  • Novice Foraging Tool: Silver x1500
  • Novice Logging Tool: Silver x1500
  • Novice Mining Tool: Silver x1500
  • Novice Hunting Tool: Silver x1500
  • Novice Fishing Tool: Silver x1500
  • Novice Excavating Tool: Silver x1500

Spida Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are 5 Mokoko Seed locations on Spida Island, which players can use to acquire awesome rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. Finding these seed locations on Spida Island can be quite tricky, as it’s not as easy to spot them.

Only 1 of Spida Island’s Mokoko Seeds is located on land, while the rest are nestled in shallows or water making them somewhat challenging to notice at first. The Spida Island Mokoko Seed locations are as follows, thanks to Maxroll:

spida island mokoko

The 1st Spida Island Mokoko Seed is located in the top right corner of the island, nestled underneath two palm trees.

spida island mokoko 1

The 2nd and 3rd Spida Island Mokoko Seeds are located to the right of the island, near the stones and cliffs. Players will need to go to the bottom right-hand corner of the island and enter the shallow grounds, following the path toward the seeds.

spida island mokoko 2
spida island mokoko 3

The 4th and 5th Spida Island Mokoko Seeds are situated in the water on the left side of the island’s top section. They are located quite close to each other, only requiring one trip to acquire both seeds.

spida island mokoko 45

Although Spida Island may take more effort and time than many other Lost Ark activities, it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Players can obtain useful items, unique collectibles, and even embark along secret passages that will add value to the overall Lost Ark experience.