Spider-Man Fans Started Disliking New Videos On Sony’s YouTube Channel Because Of The ‘No Way Home’ Trailer

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We all know it’s impossible to please everyone, but that goes to a whole another level when it comes to the huge fanbases as the one Marvel has. One thing is for sure, the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home is widely expected, and we all remember how it was before the release of the first trailer. Now, the situation is completely the same, or maybe even worse.

Fans who are expecting the second No Way Home trailer have obviously run out of patience (if they ever even had it) and started expressing their frustration by disliking every new video that shows up on Sony Pictures Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The newest video right now, Don’t Breathe 2 Red Band Challenge has 397 likes and 2.5k dislikes. Before that video, Sony uploaded three new videos about the upcoming movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and all three videos have far more dislikes than likes.

Fans have maybe run out of patience, but Sony isn’t touched by that. Sony will still work how they want and they’ll release the trailer when the right time comes. Some recent rumors are saying that we shouldn’t expect the trailer anytime soon. And expressing frustration like this won’t get us any closer to the trailer we so eagerly want.

If you don’t believe me, just check the comments section on the video below.

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