All 23 Spider-Man Girlfriends Ranked by Importance

spider man girlfriends

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Spider-Man has been around for a very long time. Many versions of the character appeared in the comics over the years, most depicting Peter Parker as a smart, geeky, semi-awkward guy. However, that doesn’t stop him from having numerous love interests throughout his comic history, some being flirtatious only, while others being more serious.

Here’s the ultimate list of all Spider-Man girlfriends and love interests, ranked by the longevity and seriousness of their relationship as well as how likable the character was in their run together.

All Spider-Man Girlfriends Ranked

23. Jean Dewolff

Jean Dewolff

The police chief Jean Dewolff was never really Spider-Man’s girlfriend, nor was she really HIS love interest. But, as Spidey had learned, he was her great love interest for quite some time.

Sadly, Peter found that out after her demise in the Spectacular Spider-Man #107-110 storyline named The Death of Jean Dewolff. Unfortunately, she’s slain by a shotgun blast from a villain named the Sin Eater.

22. Marcy Kane

marcy kane

Marcy Kane is a character that became Peter Parker’s crush in The Spectacular Spider-Man #66 in 1982. They had a hot-and-cold relationship before Peter expressed his affection, but Marcy turned him down.

Perhaps it wasn’t that bad for Spidey, as it was later revealed that Marcy was a Contraxian alien called Kaina who only posed as Marcy Kane.

21. Cissy Ironwood

Priscilla Ironwood

The story of the relationship between Peter Parker and Cissy Ironwood was bizarre due to how abruptly it started and how fast it just stopped. Cissy showed up as Parker’s girlfriend in Marvel Team-Up #80 in 1979 before being left out of the future storylines.

Cissy and her father appeared once again in Marvel Team-Up Annual #2 and went on a few dates with Spidey, only to be replaced yet again without really explaining where she went. It’s too bad, as I kind of liked the character.

20. Glory Grant

glory grant

Her real name is Gloria Grant, but as she said to Peter the first time they met, “you can call me Glory.” That’s the name we’d later know her by. She appeared for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man #140 in 1975.

She’s introduced as Peter’s new neighbor living in the apartment across the hall. Although their relationship never got anywhere near physical, it was flirtatious right from the start, and it was obvious that both of them had an interest in each other.

19. Rogue


Rogue is one of the X-Men mutants, also known as Anna Marie LeBeau. Although Spider-Man had a long friendship with her, it almost went beyond friendship in the 2009-2010 storyline X-Men Forever.


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Rogue’s physical appearance changes. She and Peter sit on top of a building, talking, and he tries to help her cope with her powers. Parker tells her to follow her heart, which leads to Rogue trying to kiss him. They almost touch lips but abruptly stop when her psychic powers kick in. 

It wasn’t a relationship, but I love Rogue as a character, and seeing how affectionate and friendly Peter was towards her, I had to include their story on this list.

18. Emma Frost


Another X-Men character that wasn’t really Peter’s love interest, but the other way around, is Emma Frost, aka White Queen. In a particular storyline from Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #53 in 2005, Frost is a teenager who’s best friends with Sophia Sanduval, known as Chat.

Sophia was Peter Parker’s girlfriend when Emma realized she had feelings for him as well, doing whatever she could to separate the couple. She revealed Parker’s identity as Spider-Man to Chat, hoping it would break them up. She later redeemed herself by saving their lives after intentionally getting arrested to do so.

17. Michelle Gonzales

michele gonzales

I probably hated Michelle Gonzales the most out of all the Spider-Man girlfriends and love interests. In the Amazing Spider-Man #601 from 2009, Spider-Man was roommates with Vic Gonzales, Michelle’s cousin. At first, she and Peter hated each other, but it later turned into an abusive, love-hate relationship.

As it turned out, Michelle wasn’t even with Peter, but rather Chameleon impersonating him for a while. After Parker learned that and refused to continue the relationship, it led to a break-up only four issues later (Amazing Spider-Man #605).

During their “relationship,” though, Michelle destroyed Peters lab equipment, punched him in the face, and even pulled a gun on him. No wonder everybody hated her, and thank God the relationship was so short-lived.

16. Sarah Rushman

sarah rushman

Sarah Rushman was an Empire State University student that Peter Parker lectured. She also worked as a waitress, and the two developed an interest in each other, going on several dates. However, as it turned out, Sarah Rushman was a brainwashed X-Men member, Marrow, and when she found out who Peter was, their relationship ended before it began.

The whole thing happened in Spider-Man/Marrow Vol. 1 in 2001. It seems like good old Spidey has a thing for the mutant girls, am I right?

15. Lian Tang

lian tang

In the Amazing Spider-Man #1 from 2015, Peter Parker starts a new life in Shanghai, where he opened the headquarters of his company called Parker Industries. He meets and dates a scientific designer/engineer Lian Tang.

Their relationship was sweet until she betrayed him, working for the Zodiac. Her intentions were pure, though, as she wanted nothing more than to help her mother and get treatment for her disease, which Peter later recognized and forgave Tang. She assisted him on a couple of missions after that, but they never went romantic again.

14. Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel

Captain Marvel Comic Cover.0

Yup. Carol Danvers and Peter Parker dated for a while. It was quite short-lived and un-romantic, though. In Ms. Marvel #47 from 2010, Danvers and Parker both worked for the New Avengers. They went on their first date in that particular issue, but as it turned out, it never felt right.


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Well, at least for Parker. As it turned out during the Siege event the same year, Ms. Marvel (later becoming Captain Marvel) might’ve had more feelings for Peter than she initially revealed. When Venom briefly bonded with her, he taunted Spidey and joked about Danvers’ feelings for him. I prefer them having the professional relationship they had going forward, though.

13. Silk


The day Peter Parker got bitten by that radioactive spider, he wasn’t the only one. Cindy Moon was also bitten by the same spider, later becoming Silk. She had her first full appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man and immediately met Peter. They hit it off right from the start – it was kind of an uncontrollable, animalistic passion stemming from their spider connection.


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Although they got physical a few times, they quickly shut it down and remained crimefighting allies. Still, one can’t argue their affection and attraction towards one another were incredibly strong and possibly could grow into a real love relationship.

12. Debra Whitman

Debra Whitman

Debra Whitman was Peter Parker’s classmate at ESU. She had a thing for Peter for a while, but he’s goofy, awkward personality never allowed him to realize that at the time. However, they began dating in Spectacular Spider-Man #46 in 1980, and their relationship lasted for a short period.

However, due to her abusive past, her mental health started declining, especially after – ironically – she began to suspect that Peter was indeed Spider-Man. The light schizophrenia caused their break-up after Debra moved out of NYC. After Parker revealed his identity near the end of the Civil War event, Whitman published an exaggerated book about their relationship.

11. Liz Allan

liz allan

Peter Parker and Liz Allan never seemed to get the timing right. They went to high school together, and while the dorky Parker had a crush on her then, she was in a relationship with the resident jock, Flash Thompson. Later, when they already have jobs and Peter starts dating her best friend, Betty Brant, Liz develops feelings for him, but it never goes anywhere.

The closest thing to a romantic relationship between them came in Amazing Spider-Man #13 in 1964, but Peter missed one too many dates being Spider-Man, so the thing never materialized. She ended up marrying Harry Osborn, Peter’s best friend, with whom she also had a child.

10. Bobbi Morse

bobbi morse

Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird, became Peter Parker’s love interest in Amazing Spider-Man #30 in 2017. They started working together, and Peter designed a new suit for her, eventually beginning their romantic relationship.

However, it quickly turned sour after they prematurely moved in together and realized they had nothing in common privately except for their superhero lives. Still, Bobbi is a highly likable character to me and deserves a top-10 spot on this list.

9. Betty Brant

betty brant

Betty Brant was Peter’s first girlfriend ever in the comics – although not his first true love. Their relationship already started in the Amazing Spider-Man #9 in 1964. Betty worked as J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary at the Daily Bugle, where Peter worked as a photographer.

They had a rocky, on-and-off relationship for a while, but it snapped for several reasons. First, Betty hated Spider-Man and hated that Parker constantly disappeared. On the other hand, Parker IS Spider-Man, which is why he disappeared in the first place. 

Betty later marries another worker from the Daily Bugle, Ned Leeds – best known for briefly being the Hobgoblin (while brainwashed).

8. Silver Sable

silver sable

Silver Sable and Spider-Man had a turbulent relationship in the main Marvel continuity. She was a mercenary – something that Spidey is completely against – but they end up working together at one point. However, during the Ends of the Earth storyline, where Doc Ock plans to destroy Earth, Sable reveals her love towards Parker and sacrifices her life to save his.

While they never went romantic there, it materialized in the “What if Spider-Man had married the Black Cat?” storyline in 1991. After Spidey and Black get married in the alternative storyline, she gets killed by Paladin. It prompts Spidey and Sable to connect by sharing each other’s grief, leading to them ending together.

While Silver Sable isn’t exactly a character you’d pair with Peter Parker, she is an awesome character on her own, so I didn’t mind the connection.

7. Sophia ‘Chat’ Sanduval

Sophia ‘Chat Sanduval

The only continuity where Sophia Sanduval appears is in Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man that started in 2001. However, Chat – as she’s nicknamed -first appeared in Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #53 and started dating Peter shortly after.

Sophia was a mutant girl who could talk to animals. After befriending Emma Frost, she also met Peter Parker, and they soon started dating – even developed deep feelings towards one another. However, Emma also had feelings for Parker, and she wanted to separate him from Chat by revealing her Peter’s identity as Spider-Man.

It didn’t work, as the two continued dating and, as far as I know, still are in the Earth-20051 continuity. Sophia’s a very likable character overall and one of my favorite Spidey girlfriends to date.

6. Carlie Cooper

carlie cooper

Some fans loved her, while the others hated her, but Carlie was never a bad character. The fan backlash probably happened because she was the first Spidey girlfriend after Mephisto erased his marriage with Mary Jane Watson in the One More Day storyline.

Peter and Carlie’s first date was in Amazing Spider-Man #642 in 2010, but they started an official relationship five issues later. Cooper was a police officer and partner of Vic Gonzales, who was Parker’s roommate for a while, but she ended things when she realized Peter was lying to her about his Spider-Man identity. They remained allies afterward.

5. Anna Maria Marconi

Anna Maria Marconi

The relationship between Anna Maria Marconi and Peter Parker was complicated, to say the least – because it wasn’t really a relationship with Peter Parker. It began in Superior Spider-Man #10 in 2013, and it became quite serious. So serious, in fact, that Anna found an engagement ring in their apartment.

She later found out that Otto Octavius’s mind was in Peter’s body all along. Still, she was the one that subtly set Otto on the right path and prompted him to return Peter’s body to him to save Anna from the Green Goblin – something he couldn’t do himself.

The relationship ended there, as Parker wasn’t the guy Anna fell in love with, but they continued to work as allies.

4. Kitty Pryde

kitty pryde

Kitty Pryde was Peter Parker’s beautiful, brief teenage romance in Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, published from 2011 to 2013. The alternate universe saw Parker end things with Mary Jane before developing a romance with Kitty, a member of the X-Men (yes, the fourth on the list!).


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It was great for several reasons – firstly, Peter knew about her mutant powers, and she knew about his Spidey abilities. There was no need to hide, and they dated both as Kitty and Peter and as Shadowcat and Spider-Man. Secondly, unlike most of his other girls, he never had to worry about Kitty’s safety – she always knew how to defend herself.

Finally, they were so cute together, until Peter – of course – blew it all up and ran back to Mary Jane as soon as she blinked.

3. Felicia Hardy

felicia hardy

One of Spider-Man’s most passionate romances came unexpectedly, as he dated the infamous villain-turned-anti-hero Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. They started dating in Spectacular Spider-Man #76 in 1983, soon after Peter and Mary Jane Watson broke up.

He fell hard for Felicia, and she fell for him even harder, and they dated seriously for quite a while. Although their personalities differ, it works in many ways, but they were just playful and quirky most of the time. Felicia even proposed to Peter at one point, catching him completely off guard.

However, Black Cat could never cope with Spider-Man’s identity as Peter Parker, and yet again, Parker realizes that he’s still madly in love with Mary Jane, so they break up. There’s an alternate universe storyline where Spidey marries Black Cat, but it was also short-lived because she got killed not long after they were married.

2. Gwen Stacy

the night gwen stacy died

Finally, we all knew who would be in the top two. Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first true love (MJ appeared before, but Stacy was the first true love Peter ever had). They started their relationship in Spider-Man #53 in 1967 after visiting a scientific demonstration together.

They fell madly in love and even planned marriage and a happily-ever-after together. However, it all fell apart in one of the most tragic, heartbreaking issues of Spidey ever, Amazing Spider-Man #121.


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In a battle against the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn throws Gwen Stacy to fall to her death. Peter tries to save her by catching her with a web. He accidentally hits her foot, and the recoil snaps her neck, killing her on the spot. It’s one of Spider-Man’s biggest failures ever that haunts him to this day.

Stacy reappeared in some alternate universe later, but her death will forever remain one of the most tragic things that ever happened to our beloved web-slinger.

1. Mary Jane Watson

mary jane

Gwen Stacy might’ve been Peter’s first love, but Mary Jane Watson was the one for him. They first met in Amazing Spider-Man #42 in 1966 on a blind date set up by their aunts. They started dating in the next issue, but MJ’s model, partying lifestyle was too much for Parker. 

Later, she matured, and they developed strong feelings for each other, especially Peter, who proposes to her several times before she finally accepts. They get married in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 in 1987.

A deal between Peter and demon Mephisto during the One More Day storyline erased their marriage, as it was the only way for Parker to save his Aunt May’s life. Despite the undoing from Mephisto, Mary Jane and Peter reunited again – finding each other against all odds. The contrast in their personality is what makes them such a great match.

Who Is Spider-Man’s Current Girlfriend?

Currently, Spider-Man is dating Mary Jane Watson again. After Mephisto erased their relationship from history, they reunited after falling in love once again. They were last seen in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 #74 as a happy, unbreakable couple. In the MCU, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is also dating MJ – but a different version than the Mary Jane Watson from the comics.

Who Is Spider-Man’s Best Girlfriend?

Although Spidey’s longest-tenured girlfriend is Mary Jane Watson, his first true love was Gwen Stacy – and for me, she was his best girlfriend, too. She was beautiful, sure, but she could understand Peter’s love for science like no other girl he ever dated. Hadn’t it been for her tragic death, he wouldn’t even end up with Mary Jane in the first place.

Who Is Spider-Man’s Real Love Interest?

Gwen Stacy was Spider-Man’s first true love, but Mary Jane Watson is definitely as real of a love interest to him as Gwen – even more so, since she was the one he eventually married, lost her but fell in love with yet again. One could argue that Felicia Hardy was also a real love interest for him, but their relationship was more physical than emotional.

Who Was Spider-Man’s First Girlfriend?

Spider-Man’s first girlfriend was Betty Brant, a secretary of Peter Parker’s boss at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson. They were dating on and off for a while, but she could never find out that he was, in fact, Spider-Man, as she hated Spidey. Peter disappearing all the time also put a wedge between them, but Parker was never really in love with Betty, after all.

How Many Girlfriends Did Spider-Man Have?

In the main canon continuity, Spidey has had thirteen girlfriends so far. Overall in the comics, though, he had 23 girlfriends, love interests, or flirtatious acquaintances – pretty good for a shy, dorky guy.

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