Stardew Valley: Forester or Gatherer – Which Profession Is Better?

forester or gatherer which profession is better

Foraging skill in Stardew Valley helps you find useful materials and resources in the world. Either by picking plants on the ground or chopping down trees. What makes foraging such a great skill is the fact that you can raise it as you’re exploring the world. As soon as you reach level 5, you will have at your disposal two professions to specialize in, forester and gatherer. Both professions are great choices, but one is ultimately better than the other. Let’s see, between forester and gatherer, which profession is better?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Gatherer is a better profession in Stardew Valley. It allows you to forage more items, and thus you have more items at your disposal for cooking, selling, and gifts.
  • As soon as you reach level 10, you can pair the gatherer with a botanist, which will make your foraged items iridium quality.
  • Due to that, you will earn more money in the long run, especially if you have an artisan profession as well.

Forester gives you more wood

Forester is one of the two choices you get as soon as you reach level 5 in foraging skill. Forester allows you to gain 25% more wood when chopping, and it applies to trees, stumps, and logs as well. It’s a good choice since it allows you to gather a lot of wood early game, and you know how much wood resources upgrading and improving your farm takes. It’s especially useful when you reach level 10 as then you can choose the lumberjack profession, which makes it more likely that chopping trees will result in hardwood dropping.

chopping wood stardew

Hardwood is not difficult to get, but it’s time-consuming, and you will need to make trips constantly in order to acquire it. With this profession, you will have a bigger chance to acquire hardwood in your backyard, fast. So, if you require vast amounts of hardwood for whatever reasons, you might invest in Forester early on so you can take advantage of lumberjack later. Or you can use the dog statute in the sewers to change professions later when your hardwood needs rise. With everything said, forester is the first choice of level 5 profession only if you have truly specific needs when it comes to hardwood.


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Gatherer gives you more foraged items

Gatherer is the other choice you get as soon as you reach level 5 in the foraging profession. It offers a nice 20% bonus chance at a double harvest of foraged items. This essentially means that you will have more items at your disposal for cooking, selling, and gifts. Although early-game, the yield from this profession will be somewhat small, expect an increase if you choose a botanist at level 10, this will make all your foraged items iridium quality. If you’re breeding pigs for truffles, this is a great investment, especially if you plan on choosing artisan as well as soon as you reach level 10.

gathering goods stardew

This will result in overall huge amounts of money. The gatherer profession gives you a bonus even if you grow the foraged items yourself. This means that you can grow foraged goods in vast quantities and reap the benefits of being a gatherer, as everything will have a significant chance to yield a double drop. Gatherer also applies to the items you would have found at the beach and at the mines as well. It simply affects more stuff in the game than Forester.

Gatherer vs. forester, which profession is better in Stardew Valley?

Gatherer is objectively better, but there are some things to take into consideration.
If you need wood in large quantities early in the game and hardwood later in the game, you can choose Forester as that’s the only thing the profession is basically good for. You won’t generate as much money with it since it’s always a bad idea to sell wood since you never know when you’ll need it. So when it comes to monetary value, the profession is good for making money but indirectly. The takeaway is to invest in this only if you need wood.
If you’re oriented more toward making money, gatherer is a clear choice through and through.

foraster or gatherer

More items mean more money and better relationships with the residents of Stardew Valley since foraged items can, in some cases, be used as gifts, or to prepare gifts. At level 10, if you choose a botanist, your items will be of the highest quality, which means even more money. If you have an artisan level 10 profession, you will need truffles to make truffle oil. If you’re keeping pigs to gather truffles regularly, the gatherer is a perfect choice since it yields more truffles as well. You can’t go wrong with gatherer professions since it affects a lot more items in the game than Forester. There’s no doubt that gatherer is a better and more balanced choice between the two.


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As we’ve mentioned before, If you don’t think that gatherer suits your needs the best, and you suddenly find yourself needing lots of wood, hardwood especially. YOu can always make a trip to the sewers and activate the Statue Of Uncertainty. This will allow you to change your profession for a hefty sum of 10,000 gold. It’s not ideal, but at least you get a choice, as in you’re not locked into a profession that you consider useless. Your needs might change when compared to the early game, and it’s nice to have a choice to change your profession to reflect that.

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