Steven Spielberg Is Set To Direct A New Movie Based On Steve McQueen’s Frank Bullitt

The legendary Hollywood star Steve McQueen played Lt. Frank Bullitt in the 1968 neo-noir action thriller Bullitt. McQueen played a cop from San Francisco who became determined to find the criminal underworld kingpin who is responsible for the death of a witness that Bullitt was supposed to protect. The movie was directed by Peter Yates, and it won the Academy Award for Best Editing. 

Now, as Deadline reported, acclaimed director Steven Spielberg is set to direct a new movie in which the character of Frank Bullitt will make a big return. The important thing to know is that Spielberg’s movie won’t be a remake, but an all-new movie with a new story for Bullitt. Josh Singer is developing the script, while Chad McQueen (Steve McQueen’s son) and Molly McQueen (Steve McQueen’s granddaughter) are serving as the executive producers.

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Senator Walter Chalmers (Robert Vaughn) is aiming to take down mob boss Pete Ross (Vic Tayback) with the help of testimony from the criminal’s hothead brother Johnny (Pat Renella), who is in protective custody in San Francisco under the watch of police lieutenant Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen). When a pair of mob hitmen enter the scene, Bullitt follows their trail through a maze of complications and double-crosses. This thriller includes one of the most famous car chases ever filmed.” — Bullitt, official synopsis

Steven Spielberg had another great year with his latest movie — West Side Story — which was nominated for seven Oscars, including for the Best Motion Picture of the Year and the Best Achievement in Directing. Spielberg’s next movie — The Fablemans — will debut in theaters on November 23, 2022.

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